”Mother, are you going to leave me? ” 4 years old lucas asked, his gaze as warm as the cold night breeze on her shoulders. Meghan smiled, her eyes adoring her son, she rubbed his hair gently. ”Never! ” She said firmly and kissed his forehead. ”Where did you get that idea from? ” Meghan asked.

”I heard you are getting married, is it true? ” He asked and she smiled.

”They are just rumors. ” Came her short reply and she kissed his cheek.

”But I fear they don look like rumors to me. ” He quipped, and judging from the way he looked at her, she could clearly see from his eyes that this conversation could prolong further, so she grabbed the coversheet and covered his little body. ”You have to sleep now, its getting late okay? ” She said softly and gave him a light pat on his head.

”Mama? ” he called.

”Yes dear ”

”Promise me you won leave me the same way papa left. ” At his words, the thought collided her heart and mind. Her heart leaping to her throat as she looked at him. His words came out genuine and his expression had a hint of loneliness, pain and longing gaze that lingered on his face. Did he see her fears? and most tears? Her hand traveled to her cheek and she could feel warm liquid streaming down her cheek. She ducked her head to the side. She did not want to increase his suffering with her own. She smiled, head down, she slowly stood and kissed his forehead. ”Get some rest my love. ”

”Mm ” he murmured with his eyes shut. Once she reached the door, she grabbed the door handle and closed her eyes with a deep sigh. She looked back, staring at her son with pity. Just how did she get herself into all this mess? Then she forced a smile and abruptly twisted the handle and left.


Silent tears and low sniffs inside a quiet night, her heart felt heavy as if instant knife kept plunging to her chest. Everyone reminded her of her past, a past she knew she didn live in that world, felt like a blow to her chest. She could barely breath for the pain of it. ”Who am I? ” Her heart broke at the words.

Years back, she didn even know she existed. Since that time, she had gone from moving on with her life to now maneuvering every way so she could get answers. All to know avail. The questions didn ease until dawn began to lighten the sky.

Glistening tears continued to fall off her eyes like a water fountain and yet she couldn stop it. She cried until she fell asleep, not in peace but in pieces.


”My lady, wake up! You must see this. ” Alinas voice quickened in agitation, flipping the cover sheet off Meghans body.

”One more hour! ” She groaned under the pillow and Alina was forced to jerk her upright.

”This is urgent, you must see this. ” She repeated again and Meghans eyebrow furrowed.

She frowned. ”Whats going on? ” Her question came out curiously as she leaned on the headboard, not breaking eye contact with Alina.

”Words cannot explain this right now but you must see for yourself. ” Her voice sounded urgent as she stared at her.

”Ill will prepare your bath immediately. ” She added and quickly left to the bathroom. After few minutes, she said. ”My lady, your bath is ready. ”

Meghan got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. ”Don worry, I can bath myself ”

Alina nodded. ”But don take too long my lady. ” She said and Meghan smiled in response.

Few minutes later, she walked out of the room and stroded through the hallway but stopped when she heard an argument in the emperors room.

”This is what I avoided the most and now, it just happened! ” The emperor roared, pacing back and forth.

What happened? She thought, she pressed her ears to the door and listened to the argument.

”Calm down, we could think of a way to fix this. ” The empress urged calmly, her eyes spontaneously following his figure.

His mood darkened. ”The only way to fix it is to get rid of her. Can you see we are taking risks, but that was not enough, didn you see how half of the city where burnt and destroyed. Hundreds of lives were lost! ” He said fiercely and stared at the empress.

”I warned you but you gave a dumb ears to my warnings. You said I should be patient, do you know see how patience has resulted into something terrible. ” He added and his hands tightened to a fist.

”But she is our daughter! ” She exclaimed back in anger and stood up. ”We can get rid of our blood. ”

”She was never my blood, she is your blood not mine. ” He said firmly.

Her face saddened. ”How dare you deny our daughter. ”

He scoffed. ”You seem to forget so soon that she is just adopted. I wasn the one who made you ** a commoner! ” He growled.

Tears fell off her cheek. ”I should have known that you are not worse than him, a sick addicted sex bitch– ” She was cut off by his hard palm that slapped her cheek. He looked at her in disgust, no sign of remorse of what he just did.

At the other side, Meghan gasped in shock with the heart-breaking revelation. Somehow, she felt amiss and somehow and tinge of relive cross her face. Alina sighted her sudden change of expression and she knew something went wrong.

She rushed to her. ”My lady, we need to leave now. ” She said and Meghan nodded blankly and left but that didn mean questions did not occupy her thoughts.

Her movement seemed to halt when she sighted the terrible scene at her front outside the castle. Half of the city were barely recognizable. Bright flowers turned into dark ashes in the flower garden. A bliss of radiation shone at the disrupted buildings. Her gaze was drawn to the city surroundings nonetheless. The beautiful view of the city has turned into a feasted palace for a beast. It took a moment to realize what just happened. Swingers! It was a reasonable guess.

Her breaths became more and more shallow as she clenched her chest to ease the pain. Then a flash of deja vu schemed across her mind, and her other hand flew to her forehead. She almost fell down but Caithre caught her right on time.

”My lady, you don look alright. I will rush to get help… ” She said but Meghan stopped her.

”Just get me to my room. My head feels dizzy and my body seems heavy. ” She said. Alina nodded and guided her inside.

Just when her feet touched the hallway stairs, a familiar voice spoke. ”Are you happy now that you have destroyed again. ” Mia grunted with a look of hatred, taking each step to face her.

”Mia, I don have time for this. ” Meghan spoke calmly and attempted to walk away when Mia blocked her way.

She smiled. ”Where too, runaway princess. ”

”Lady Mia, am sorry but Lady Meghan isn feeling well right now and she needs to rest. ” Alina said.

She huffed in anger. ”Don you wish to die because I cannot see the reason for your existence. ” She eyed her.

”Remember Mia, its mine not yours. ” Meghan indicated the yours by pointing at her then she forced a smile and walked away, a surge of rage shot through Mia again at the memory.

”I came as quickly as I could. ” The physician said and rushed towards the bed where Meghan laid. ”I heard what happened at the city, and it looked serious than imagined. Is it what I am thinking? ”

He bustled forward, coming to sit before Meghan who looked pale, but his words remained on Clara, the empress. ”Half of the city, Clara. How did it happen? ”

”Swingers! Power of the mood. ” She hissed. ”I wasn in the right senses and didn presume that it could happen so soon. ” How stupid she had been not to guess that something like this could happen!

”Is there any solution yet? ” The physician asked.

She shook her head. ”Not yet. But we are looking into it. ” She said, her gaze on Meghan. Was there a way to save her life? The penalty of this curse where sufferings and slow death.

The physician cursed under his breath. ”How did the meeting with the Teller go? Did he see anything? ”

A tear dropped off her eyes. ”Yes ” She looked up. ”But it has been quite long time since I visited and… ” She grimaced, her fear confirmed. ”It is really bad. ” She stressed.

”Can she escape death? ”

”No ”

”How worse can it be than this. ” He said under his breath.

”Darkness… She is envisioned to face darkness for eternity, devoid of hope and a lost soul. The ten demons are there to stay. There is no turning back. ” She answered. ”The chances has been ruined but there is a hope. ” She sighed and pushed herself gently o to the couch.

He looked intently at her. ”Which is? ”

”T– ” They were interrupted by the shallow and slow breathing of Meghan.

”No! ” Meghan breathed still in her sleep. Empress Clara rushed to her a grabbed her hands. Tears fell off her cheek continuously. ”Whats happening Caulus? ” She asked.

”Its one of the effect Clara, visions! ” he said.

She blinked. ”Why am I feeling the pain then? ”

He breathed. ”Because her blood runs through your veins too, and most of it all, you are a mortal, immune to pain and visions. ” He explained.

”I just wish she never could have came to this world that is nothing but cruel. ” She said and swallowed. ”This is all my fault, I shouldn … I shouldn have done it, I-I was desperate but… ” She lowered her gaze in their intertwined hands. ”… I hope you will forgive me and see the reason why I did what I did. ”

Her words were like a death knell to her hopes and dreams. Then the physician patted her back. ”Clara, we need to leave now, she needs rest. Her face is already becoming pale and her hair is turning white. Her powers need to adjust and rest, it has destroyed more than she could hold. ” He explained and she nodded.

Her gaze on Meghan, she smiled and then looked at the physician. ”Thank you Caulus. ” She appreciated.

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