”Oh lord! ” Her eyes were dreaded in shock and horror. It was after few minutes, then she realized she wasn breathing.

She blinked. Her hands where shaking, she could barely flip another page.

She swallowed, and forced herself to open the next chapter but she found it blank. No diagrams, no words. It was just left blank.

Carrying the book, she held the side and flipped the pages with speed. Nothing where written there. But when she opened the back, she saw blood, and words where written in that blood that covered it. It was in Seven words.

Using her finger to scrap the dry blood off, she brought the book closer to her face. ”M.O.R.G.A.N.A ” She spelled and then pronounced. ”Morgana… ” She felt a tinge of darkness surge through, a dark power tingling her body…

”Meghan what are you doing here? ” It was the empress Clara. Her voice broke her trance. Meghan gaped at her wide-eyed. Her grip on the book loosened and it almost fell on the floor.

Clara fixed her gaze at her, expecting answers, but she was still in shock. Her breath quickened. She knew the gravity of what she had done where really bad, and she was aware she could get punished for it.

Empress Clara walked towards her, and stopped enough to keep a distance between them. ”I asked a question Meghan. What are you doing here? ” She repeated.

Her breath quickened at her mothers reaction. Her face went red with sudden anger. ”Breaking the rules, obviously. ” She responded with a low grunt. She stood up from the chair and were about to leave, when Clara yanked her arm.

”Listen child, don be stupid forever. Someone might walk in anytime and if caught, I won be there to help. ” She warned.

Meghan sneered disdainfully and looked at her side cheek. ”Nice bruise. ” She commented sarcastically. ”Maybe you should keep looking like this all the time. ” Meghan said and Claras face dropped. She released her arm and dropped the book on the desk.

Claras face widened. ”W-where did you get that book from? ” She asked in disbelief.

”Oh, does it matter now? ” Meghan said and Clara tilt her head to the side. ”Found it under the rug anyways. ” She spoke incoherently.

Clara stunned. ”Under a rug? ” Her eyes narrowed to the red rug, still in disbelief. ”That book has been missing for over centuries. How can it be hidden there for so long without knowing… I have been here severally and I came across this rug countless times… just under a mere rug..? ” She explained. ”Are you sure that you saw it… there? ” She pointed and Meghan nodded.

”And did you open it? Are you feeling alright? ” She touched her body, looking for any injuries.

”Don you think you shouldn do that. Aren you afraid I might inflict you with my curse? ”

Clara looked at her. ”Meghan… ” She stressed. ”I know you are still angry with me, but can we for once, keep our differences aside and focus on whats on ground. You are still my daughter. ”

”I was your daughter, not until you kept to yourself who my real father is? ” She said and Clara gasped.

”W-Whatever do you mean? ” She stuttered.

”Shocked? ” Meghan asked and then scoffed. ”Just how many more secrets have you not revealed yet? ” She asked.

”Meghan lets talk about this– ”

”Nothing much…. ” She pointed to the book behind her. ”Just strange diagrams of a mythical creature and a weird name called Morgana… but anyways, suit yourself. Am going to bed. Have a good night. ” She wished and walked away.

After the door shut behind her, Clara walked to the desk and picked up the book.

She stared at it before flipping the pages. ”But she talked about a mythical creature. Everything here is blank. ” Clara said, flipping each pages on after the other just to find nothing. She sighed and then grabbed the book. She turned to back and looked at the strange cover picture.

”Morgana…? ” She muttered.


”Son… you need to wake up. ” Meghan whispered, patting her sons shoulder. His lashes fluttered and his eyes shut open.

”Mama? ” He called and Meghan smiled.

”Yes my love. Wake up, we need to leave now. ” She said, jerk him upright and placed him on her left hand.

”Mama, where are we going to? ” He asked, and she kissed his forehead.

”Faraway from pain. ” Was all she said. She packed his clothes into a small leather bag and walked out of his room.

With slow steps, she tiptoed carefully, not to wake up the already fast asleep servants. Outside the castle, she released a horse from its rein, and guided it outside. Just when she climbed the horse with her son, a voice frightened her.

”Where too, my lady? ” It was one of the dark knight her father kept to watch her. She made sure all of the guards drank the tea she gave them, where did he come from?

”My lady, are you perhaps planning to escape? ” He reasoned and Meghan where struggling to come up with words.

”I-I just um… I just wanted to take a walk… yes, a walk outside the castle. ” She lied.

He arched his brow. ”With your bag? and your son? ” He deemed.

”Oh… What is that?! ” She pointed elsewhere and the dark knight followed her line of sight but before he could look back, Meghan pulled the horses neck and it rushed out into the forest.

”THE PRINCESS HAS ESCAPED!! ” He alerted and at his voice, the other guards woke up from their deep slumber.

”My head recks! ” one of them groaned at the head-splitting thump. His hand flew to his head, caressing it as he stood.

”THE PRINCESS HAS ESCAPED! ” He alerted again, and at the mention of the princess, they rushed out of the castle and pulled out their horses.

”Why did she run to? ” The head guard asked the dark knight, and he reluctantly pointed to the dark forest.

The head guard nodded. ”You would be rewarded for your diligence after she is found. ” He promised.

”On my lead! ” He commanded, as they all pulled their horses at galloped into the thick forest.


”Mama, I-I cannot breathe… ” Little lucas complained, fast breeze whooped his face that he couldn open his eyes.

”Indure my son, we would take a rest soon. ” She promised, and continued leading the horse.

”I can breathe mama. I need to rest. ” He complained again, and Meghan were forced to take a break.

Leading her horse to the other side of the tree trunk, she climbed off it and carried her son down.

”Mama, the emperor is not coming with us? ” He asked. Meghan tied the horse in the tree and faced her son. ”Not at all my love. Do you want him to come with us? ” She asked as she sat him on a huge rock.

”No… but I was worried about our guards. Why are they not here… ” Meghan placed her hand to cover her sons lips when she heard strange noises coming from a distance. Her heart raced.

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