Chapter 6 – Ninja Fragments

Hearing the system prompt, Zhang Miao suddenly narrowed his eyes happily, and the corners of his mouth curled up.


The Ninja Fragment obtained by Kakashi was one of the goals of Zhang Miao’s trip!

According to the system prompt, if he wanted to obtain the Ninja Fragment, he had to defeat the other party or obtain their recognition.
But for Zhang Miao now, defeating a Ninja was completely impossible.
Let alone Kakashi, even if it was an ordinary Genin, Zhang Miao was not their opponent.

Then there was only the second way, and that was to obtain the other party’s recognition!

However, this method was not easy, especially in a world like the World of Naruto, where the strong reigned supreme.
Obtaining the recognition of others was not much easier than defeating the other party.

Zhang Miao also knew this, so he could only gamble!

Gambling that Kakashi would acknowledge him because of Minato!

Fortunately, Zhang Miao succeeded.
When he exposed his identity through indirect means, Kakashi really recognized him because of Minato.

The fact that he could get Kakashi’s Ninja Fragment was proof!

It had to be said that Zhang Miao was really lucky because, in the ninja world, it was normal for people to be cold to others.
Ninjas like Kakashi, who valued relationships, were really rare.

And Zhang Miao also knew this, so he dared to expose his identity to Kakashi so brazenly.

Because he knew that even if Kakashi did not acknowledge him because of Minato, he would not harm him, let alone reveal the secret of his identity.

To this point, Zhang Miao was totally sure.

In summary, Zhang Miao’s “battle” this time was very successful.
Not only did he get to eat delicious fried fish, but he also got the precious Kakashi’s Ninja Fragment.
It could be said that it was a rare opening victory!

On the way, Zhang Miao excitedly asked the system.

“System, I have five fragments of Kakashi now.
Can I recruit him now?”

“[Unfortunately, you can’t]!” In the face of Zhang Miao’s inquiry, the system immediately rejected him.
At the same time, the system also explained to him: 

“[Kakashi is a 5-star Jonin, so you need 400 corresponding Ninja Fragments to recruit him!]”

“400?” Hearing the system’s answer, Zhang Miao almost bit his tongue.
His expression was full of shock.
“Why do I need so much? And I have only heard of a 5-star.
What is a 5-star Jonin?”

“[This is the system’s classification for recruiting Ninjas!]”

In the face of Zhang Miao’s doubts, the system explained to him again.

“The target of recruitment is divided into zero to ten stars.
Among them, only ordinary villagers could be recruited using five ninja fragments.
1-star ninjas are ninja students, and it requires twenty-five ninja fragments to recruit.
Genins are 2-star, and the recruitment requires fifty ninja fragments, and the 3-stars are…”

Without waiting for the system to finish speaking, Zhang Miao clapped his hands again.

“I understand.
3-stars require a hundred fragments, 4-stars require two hundred, 5-stars require four hundred, and so on.
Then recruiting 10-star ninjas requires 12,800 fragments, right?”

“[Yes, the host is right.]”

Hearing the system’s affirmation, Zhang Miao immediately grinned, but the system’s next words immediately made Zhang Miao’s expression change.

“[10-star Ninja is too far away from the host.
The fact that the host can get the fragments of 5-star Ninja is already a miracle.
However, the possibility of collecting the fragments of 5-star Ninja is basically zero.
Please do not bite off more than you can chew.
Please start step by step from zero !]”

The system’s words were like a wake-up call for Zhang Miao.

“Yes, this time, I could rely on Minato’s name and a little cleverness to gain Kakashi’s recognition.
So what about next time? What about next time?”

Recruiting Kakashi requires 400 corresponding Ninja Fragments,

In other words, Zhang Miao needed to defeat Kakashi or let him recognize him eighty times.
He needed to get his recognition seventy-nine more times.

This number made Zhang Miao almost collapse.

“Damn, what method should I use next time to make him recognize me? Do I use my monstrous appetite?”

Just as Zhang Miao was thinking about how to make Kakashi recognize him next time, he suddenly felt his body lighten, and his feet left the ground.

By the time he reacted, his whole body had been picked up by someone, and when he saw the surrounding scenery disappeared in a flash.

This was not the first time Zhang Miao had experienced such a scene, so he was very calm.

“The Anbu is really fast and efficient!”

It was not strange at all that Anbu could find him so quickly.
He even guessed that when he was eating fish at Kakashi’s house, the Anbu had already found him, but for some reason, they did not go indirectly to take him away.

However, these were not important.
A few minutes later, Zhang Miao was brought to his residence.
When the door closed, Zhang Miao heard the sound of the door being locked outside.


Hearing this voice, Zhang Miao immediately shrugged his shoulders.
Then, he slowly walked to a small bed not far away.
Looking at Naruto, who was sleeping soundly inside, the corner of his mouth suddenly revealed a smile.

“Stupid little brother, big bro is back after eating!”

After that, Zhang Miao yawned, then turned over and climbed onto a slightly larger bed next to him, pulling up the blanket.

“I ran for an entire afternoon.
I’m so tired.
I’m going to sleep now!”

The sky slowly darkened, and at the same time, the sound of Zhang Miao’s well-proportioned breathing echoed in the room.

While Zhang Miao was sleeping soundly, Kakashi was still trying hard to think.

“This Flying Thunder God Kunai, where did he bring it from? Did he hide it on his body from the beginning?”

Of course, Kakashi would not have thought that Zhang Miao had a Magical Storage Space on him, and this Kunai was the one he took out from the System’s storage.

In addition, there were two people lying in Zhang Miao’s System space.
Although their bodies were full of blood and they were no longer breathing, their faces had a faint rosy color.
They were lying there as if they were asleep.

If Kakashi saw the two of them, he would be even more shocked.

Because the two people lying in Zhang Miao’s system space were none other than his parents, Minato and Kushina!

Half a year ago, when Zhang Miao just activated the recruitment system, the system put Minato and Kushina’s bodies into its storage space.
When Zhang Miao came back to his senses, he asked the system a question.

“System, how long can the system space keep the bodies?”

The system replied like this.

“[In theory, permanently.
The premise is that the host is alive.
Once the host dies, the system space will automatically be collapsed.]”

Hearing the answer, Zhang Miao’s eyes immediately lit up.

“In other words, as long as I am alive, even in a few decades, Minato and Kushina’s bodies will be the same as now.”


After getting this accurate answer, Zhang Miao almost jumped up in joy.

“That’s great!”

There was a reason why Zhang Miao was so happy.
This was the World of Naruto, a world that was known to be full of exploits, where forbidden techniques were emerging one after another.

And what Zhang Miao thought of was a forbidden technique, the One’s Own Life Reincarnation!

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