In the end, the delicious barbecued-chicken and rice was not given to Li Ting, because by the time Fang Huaining rushed to the library, it would be already be wasted.
After all, this thing would become greasy after getting cold, the taste wouldn’t be good, and it would be uncomfortable to eat.

So, before leaving, he told Wei Ping to give it to other workers without saying who brought it.

    As for the rest, he decided to think about it later…

    When Li Ting returned to the store, he saw a group of people lamenting about how delicious the food at Xiangmitang was.
How it was very expensive and people had to wait in line for a long time to get some.

Most people did not even have a boyfriend willing to spend this much effort, and they were all wondering, Who is willing to buy this much just to chase someone? Anyway, the person being chased must also be someone unattainable.

    Li Ting didn’t join their conversation, only glancing briefly at the big and elegant lunch box in the trash can, then he silently took out the steamed buns he just bought and ate them.

    Another busy day passed, and as the time for the store to close approached, there was a period of free time as usual when there were only two or three customers left in the store.

Li Ting walked out from behind the counter to check the seat by the window in the corner. Some time ago, there was a person who always sat there habitually, mostly showing up in the afternoon, and leaving just before the store closed.

Whenever Li Ting came out to use the computer, he was sitting only a few steps away.
The rustling sound of pages drifted into his ears from time to time, and Li Ting could feel the other party’s presence without even turning his head.

    It’s just that there’s no one sitting in this seat recently…

    Li Ting stared at that place for a long while before turning away.
His eyes returned to the screen, and he continued to download the electronic documents and read. 

Although Wang Fuliang forcibly recommended a book, Li Ting did not want it.
The relationship of giving and taking books from one person is already confusing enough, so he did not plan to add another one.
Also, the information downloaded from the lemon tree website was sufficient for him for the time being.

    Part of the electronic document that Fang Huaining shared with him was scanned from the hard copy of the book.
Needless to say, he was the owner*.
It was probably something he had read before, because the notes that Fang Huaining took at that time could also be found inside.
In the picture, his handwriting was the same as in the small note written to Li Ting, elegant and neat.

[TN: Of the hardcopy of the document, it felt awkward in the paragraph to repeat words.]

    Li Ting looked at it very seriously, especially the explanations that Fang Huaining had added, all the way to the bottom of the page, where something similar to a signature startled Li Ting .

    The letter “F”.


    Li Ting opened another document, and this signature appeared at the end of several paragraphs.

    Li Ting thought for a moment, took out his mobile phone and opened the Little Field app, he first looked through his accounts and memos, and as before, all the records belonging to him were there, very safe.

    He then opened a small game in the same app, and this place had traces of someone else, the one named F.



    Fang Huaining?

    In fact, there was no need to think so much, Li Ting had already guessed that the other person had to be him .

    Then this software was that used by the other party before, is it still used now?

    Li Ting was puzzled and began to search for an answer. He opened the games in the app one by one, and found that the other records were from a long time ago.
Only the two games he played not long ago, where the original number one on the ranking list had been replaced by his L, and been played by that person recently.
At some point, F again came out on top.

    This was dissatisfaction with his own record being broken, so he took his ranking back again? That is to say, he also used the app after giving it to him? Did he see his account records?

    Li Ting couldn’t help but guess.

    However, compared to the worries, Li Ting was actually more speechless about Fang Huaining’s actions.

    This broken game’s ranking list, who cares.

    “Childish.” Li Ting complained.


    The seat by the window was vacant all morning, and it was occupied by a young couple at noon.

    Li Ting stood aside and glanced at it from time to time, then turned to look at the crowd gathered across the road.

    Suddenly the phone at the counter rang, and Li Ting walked over to answer it.
It was a girl calling, saying she wanted to order some hyacinth cake. The beverages and desserts of Hyacinth Xiaoshe were of high quality, among which pudding, milk tea and hyacinth cake were the most popular, but they were only for dine-in and take away, they weren’t delivered.

    The girl’s tone was very sincere, and she pestered Li Ting, begging repeatedly.

    “The delivery place is very close.
It’s on the right side of your store, the Engineering building of University A.
It’s just around the corner.
If I wasn’t unable to get away, I would definitely buy it myself.
Please, handsome guy, can you deliver it to me?”

    Li Ting held the phone and didn’t speak.

    At the same time, Wei Ping came over: “Whose call is it, the supplier?”

    The girl on the phone had sharp ears, and she recognized the voice immediately.

    “Is it Wei Ping? Wei Ping from your store? Ask her to answer the phone.”

    Wei Ping took the device, but her expression was not very good: “It’s you…hey, you are embarrassing me.
I’m a worker, not the boss… I know who you’re doing it for, your intentions are very obvious, but it’s not a matter of helping or not… And there is no one in our store who can deliver… …”

    “It’s fine, I will go.”

    A low voice interrupted Wei Ping, and when she turned around, she saw that Li Ting had taken off his apron and had a packaged cake in his hand.

    Wei Ping was surprised: “You won’t eat lunch? You didn’t come back to eat steamed stuffed buns again, right?”

    Li Ting didn’t answer her, just took the paper that Wei Ping wrote the customer’s information on, opened the door and went out.


    After nearly two months, Li Ting entered this place again.
He took the elevator to the sixth floor, and asked around for the person who ordered the cake.

    Hong Yue happened to pass by, and when she saw Li Ting, she felt that he was familiar.
After she thinking about it, she quickly recognized him.

    “Ah, it’s you…uh…you’re called Li Ting, right? Why are you here? Is it for your part-time job?”

When Li Ting explained why he came, Hong Yue rolled her eyes : “Oh, you’re looking for her., but she’s not here.
I was just about to go up, you can come with me.”


    Fang Huaining hadn’t been able to sleep well for the past few days, he only ate a few bites for breakfast, and kept himself busy all morning.
When it was lunch time, seeing the ordered boxed lunch, he felt it was greasy and hardly touched it.

    Yu Yaoqing* somehow heard about it, so she brought a large bag of snacks upstairs and asked Fang Huaining to pick from them.

[TN: She helped his classmates translate something previously(I think German).] 

Fang Huaining didn’t get the chance time to avoid her, and she came up to him head-on.
The girl was being polite and caring, and he also didn’t want to embarrass someone.
So he just shook his head and refused, saying that he had no appetite and didn’t want to eat anything.

    Yu Yaoqing was not angry, she just smiled and walked away.

    Fang Huaining thought she had given up, but he didn’t expect the girl to come up again with a laptop in her arms, saying that she had a problem and wanted to ask him for advice.

    “I heard that you participated in the design of the system in University A, and our student union also wants to make some changes to the management system… Can you help me?”

A student happened to pass by, and when he heard this, she glanced over in disbelief and expressed sympathy.
Looking towards Fang Huaining, she couldn’t help but say to Yaoqing: “Sister, do you know how much the system in Universoty A had been sold for?”

Yu Yaoqing was confused : “Ah? It cost money?”

“Why would I lie?”

    “How much?” Yu Yaoqing asked, if it’s not too much…

    The other party said: “It’s more than enough to pay for your tuition.”

“And this is Fang Huaining…not a small worker from some unknown shop. Code is wealth.
Under normal circumstances, if there is no impure motive, there is no reason to give someone a program for free.”

This would be more generous than just giving money, because it was a way to continously make money by yourself.

    This made Yu Yaoqing blush like a pig’s liver, obviously she had found the wrong method to approach him.

    “Hold on, sorry, I didn’t know…”

    Fang Huaining said: “It’s not that exaggerated, but you should contact the Management Office for problems with the student union’s system, they will arrange it.”

In other words, there was no need for her to come find him in private.

    Seeing that Yu Yaoqing was loss in embarrassment, just standing there with no intention of leaving, Fang Huaining rubbed the corner of his forehead, and said: “Forget it, just show me, it’s okay to give you some advice… ”     

Yu Yaoqing immediately moved, hurriedly handing over the computer and leaning closer, to whisper: “Actually, there is no need, this system does not need to be hurried, so I won’t bother you.
But I still have some other problems, which are mine own.
My computer is not working well lately…”     

The onlookers were scared away when they heard this.    

 “My god…”     

The person who just got out of the elevator in the distance also heard it, and couldn’t help but yell in her head: She asked Fang Huailing to fix her computer? ! ! !   

“Why do you think that people who can code must be able to repair computers? If you are an interpreter, can you repair translators?”     

Fang Huaining turned around, and saw Hong Yue standing there.
But when his eyes fell on the person besides Hong Yue, the calm Fang Huaining was both startled, and frightened.     

Why is he here? !     

Yu Yaoqing was at a loss due to Hong Yue’s complaints, but Fang Huaining, who was next to her, reacted even more than her, directly throwing the mouse in his hand before quickly moving away from her.   

This reaction made the atmosphere very awkward for a while.     

Fang Huaining looked at Li Ting, and was about to ask him what he was doing here, when Li Ting spoke first.
He took out a piece of paper and read according to the name on it: “Who is Yu Yaoqing?”    

Yu Yaoqing seemed to remember what she had done, and hurried forward: “Oh, yes, I ordered it.
The cake is here.”     

As she spoke, she took the box from Li Ting, and without a hint of shyness from the crowd, she turned around and handed it to Fang Huaining.     

“That… I heard that you go to this store all the time, so I ordered their cake for you.
You didn’t eat lunch, so eat a little.”

    Fang Huaining was stunned, looking at Yu Yaoqing, then at the familiar packaging of the box, then he finally turned to Li Ting not far away.

    Perhaps it was an illusion, but Fang Huaining felt that he saw a flash of gloom in Li Ting’s eyes.

    Fang Huaining’s heart twitched slightly.

    Seeing him not moving, Yu Yaoqing couldn’t help asking: “…don’t you like this?”

    “I only like to their pudding and milk tea.” Fang Huaining continued looking at Li Ting, and asked, “Can I still have it? Is it open?”

    Yu Yaoqing was confused.

    Li Ting looked back at Fang Huaining, and said coldly, “No, you’re late.”

    After speaking, he turned around and left.

    Fang Huaining looked at him leaving, and wanted to chase after him, but he stopped after moving only two steps.
He didn’t know what to say after catching up with him, should he continue to discuss pudding and milk tea with him? Or ask, can you fucking break up with your girlfriend*? !

[TN: Yeah, yeah cuz I’m boredddd~]

    But, the worst was yet to come.

    When Fang Huaining came home, he lay tossing and turning on the bed after taking a shower, unable to fall asleep.
Only thinking wildly about all the details of the day, but to no avail, and finally, he had to open the Little Field again.
In the game records, the number one position that originally belonged to “F” was replaced by the letter “L” half an hour ago.

    There was not even one “F” left in the entire ranking list.

    Fang Huaining: “…”

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