The year had entered October just like that, and various organizations prepared to usher in a joyful small holiday.

The Research Institute of A University was also on holiday.
Knowing that Fang Huaining was resting at home today, Qian Kun and Zhao Pang knocked on the door of his house early in the morning, saying that they wanted to play games with him.
In fact, they had done this several several times before.
Because Fang Huaining had two desktop computers and one laptop, all of which had top-notch configurations, simply amazing to operate.

    However, the ace that was usually cooperative in the past, was obviously out of shape today.
The dungeon couldn’t be passed, the boss couldn’t be defeated, and he even learned to fall to death while flying.

    Of course Qian Kun sensed something was wrong, and asked: “Hey, I say, are you in love or what?”

    Fang Huaining gave him a listless sideways glance.

    Zhao Pang expressed understanding and turned to Qian Kun: “Who told you to start playing so early, we haven’t had enough sleep yet.
Oh, yes, I forgot that you felt uncomfortable staying alone in an empty apartment.”

Qian Kun and Wei Ping had been together since high school, after starting college, Qian Kun moved out to rent a room with her in the place where she had lived for a year already, so now only Wang Fuliang and Zhao Pang live in the four-person dormitory.

    Speaking of this, Zhao Pang turned to Fang Huaining and said sarcastically: “Huaining, look at this guy, just because Hyacinth Xioashe has been closed for a few days, and his wife has gone to other places where he can’t see her, look at his worthless appearance, how dare he come out with this type of appearance…”

    Fang Huaining: “…”

    Qian Kun immediately interrupted: “I can’t see her? No! I just don’t want to be with her! Do you know where she went? She went to that damn foreign salon, where she will sit and speak some nonsensical language for three to four hours.
Who can bear it? Ask Huaining, if it was him, and he wanted to pursue a partner that studies foreign language, will he be willing to put up with it? No matter how much he likes them, he simply can’t bear it!”

    Zhao Pang: “He doesn’t have such a partner, so this hypothesis is not valid.”

    Fang Huaining: “…”

    Qian Kun despised him: “Anyway, people like you* won’t understand.”

[TN: Single people = D]

    Zhao Pang dropped the mouse: “Okay, I don’t want to play with you, this resentful husband, it’s boring.”

    Qian Kun wasn’t particularly eager to play either.
After thinking about it, he said, “Why don’t we go out and find a place to hang out? The weather is so good, and we can’t just stay at home like old people.”

Zhao Pang didn’t care about it, so he looked at Fang Huaining,

    Only to see the latter get up lazily and walk into the room.

    “You guys go, I’ll sleep a little longer.”

    Entering the room, Fang Huaining lay down on his bed, but after tossing and turning for a while, he still didn’t feel sleepy.
He felt the sheets with his hands, and involuntarily touched the phone at the head of the bed.

    Fang Huaining was actually a little surprised when he found out that all his game records had been swept away that day, but after the surprise, he felt guilty.

    In fact, Li Ting probably didn’t know that Fang Huaining was not just the maker, but also the owner of the Little Field app.
In his eyes, this was just an ordinary app, so even if he found out about Fang Huaining’s existence in it, Li Ting would only think that he was another user of this software.

Ordinary users can see the game rankings, but they cannot see each other’s notes and account records.
This is a basic security function of every software, and Li Ting may not doubt him.

    But it can’t be ruled out that Li Ting did that* in the middle of the night because he sensed something, and came out in order to warn the voyeur?

[TN: Destroy FH from the ranking list.]

    If that was the case, then with the temper of the little money fan, he will definitely be very angry.
No wonder he hasn’t updated any information for a few days after that incident.

    This is what frustrated Fang Huaining the most.
Atleast when Li Ting worked at the bookstore, he could still manage to see him, but now that the store was closed, Fang Huaining lost all contact with him, and there was nowhere to go if he wanted to have a chance encounter.

    How can he not be depressed?

    He was about to throw away the phone and force himself to calm down, when suddenly a notification flashed.

    – There is a new note added.

    Fang Huaining was taken aback, very surprised that Li Ting had updated again!

    In order to confirm whether this was true, Fang Huaining nervously opened the app, and it really turned out to be a new note.

It was as if all of Fang Huaining’s previous worries had disappeared.

    So Li Ting didn’t notice anything?!

    Fang Huaining was surprised.

    When he took a look at the content written, he found it was a series of addresses, from near the major subway station to the Southwest Gate bus station and then to the shopping street, everything was very detailed.
But there were only addresses, what was the purpose, and what time, nothing was written, leaving Fang Huaining confused.

    The feeling that he was completely unrelated to the other party’s life slowly rose up again.
This person was unfamiliar, and hard to get close to.

Fang Huaining stared at his phone and slowly sat up.

    Outside the door, Qian Kun and Zhao Bang were secretly discussing Fang Huaining’s situation, whether he was so emotionally unstable because of masturbating too much or being dissatisfied by not doing enough.

Then suddenly the door opened.

    Fang Huaining stood there refreshed and said, “Let’s go.”    

 Zhao Pang: “?” 

Fang Huaining: “Didn’t you say it?”     

Qian Kun was confused: “What did I say?”     

Zhao Pang: “That if you stay at home, you will be single for the rest of your life.”     


Qian Kun and Zhao Pang thought they were out shopping in their free time, but as they walked, they realized that they seemed to be out for a marathon.     

After going back and forth University A, when they passed by the steamed bun shop at the end of the shopping street for the third time, they were so exhausted that even Qian Kun, a sports student, couldn’t help but ask Fang Huaining: “What are you doing?”

“Do you want us to lose a kidney, why are we going on such a rampage?”     

Fang Huaining glanced at the closed Hyacinth Xiaoshe on the street for the last time, and a trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes, but he quickly raised his head and said, “Just walking casually.
Why don’t you go back first, and I’ll take a look around.”    

“Are you still walking?!”     

Fang Huaining waved his hands and walked forward, ignoring the two people lamenting behind him.
After turning a corner, he could see the familiar bus station in front of him.

After hesitating for a moment, he finally got in as the door opened.     

Then endured the bumpy journey all the way to the suburbs, the sun was just setting when he got off the bus.

    On non-working days, this place had returned to its cold and desolate appearance.
The empty roads with only a few buildings and some rural farmland, accompanied by the misty night.

    Fang Huaining’s mind seemed as if it was filled with the clip of a movie, replaying the plot of that night, while walking forward slowly on the road he had taken before.

    After searching around just now, he no longer expected to have a chance encounter with that person.
That elusive little liar, he really couldn’t figure him out.

    But he didn’t expect to see someone else in the field.
A young farmer watering the crops with a bucket in front of him.

    Fang Huaining took two steps forward in doubt.

    The farmer raised his head when he noticed the movement, and was puzzled to see a neat and tidy student standing there.

    “Who…are you looking for?”

    Fang Huaining asked, “Is this your land?”

Could it be that Li Ting is working for him? This is too unbelievable.

    The farmer shook his head and pointed to the distance: “Mine is over there, not here.
I’m just helping someone.”

    “Helping…Li Ting?” Fang Huaining asked.

    The farmer was surprised: “You know Tingting, are you his friend?”

    Tingting? So intimate.

    Fang Huaining frowned: “I…”

What kind of relationship do they have? Can the relationship of knowing someone, but being unfamiliar with them at the same time be considered friendship?

    Fortunately, the farmer didn’t care too much about his hesitation.
He already believed that the other party and Li Ting knew each other, so he said: “When Tingting is away, I help him to take care of this place.
Anyway, all this land is the same.”

“This is really his land?”

    So the little landlord is really a little landlord?!

    Fang Huaining was surprised.

    “Huh? That’s right,” the farmer nodded.
“There, there…and till the other end, they used to be all his, but now they are mine.
He only has this piece for himself.”

    “He…used to live here?” Fang Huaining recalled what Li Ting said, and could no longer be sure of what was true and what was false.

    The farmer picked up the towel around his neck and wiped his sweat: “It was a long time ago…more than ten years.
You came from the city so you might not know, but this place used to be very beautiful.
All big yards and beautiful little courtyard buildings.
Many rich people often came here on vacation, but then the land on both sides was bought by some big companies and all the residents left, so this place became a farmland.”


    But Li Ting always came back.

    Fang Huaining looked at the profile of the farmer, and gradually recalled that he was the one who helped Li Ting push the watermelons when his hand was injured last time.

    “The things grown here, does Li Ting want you to help sell them?”

    Fang Huaining actually just asked casually, but the farmer hurriedly waved his hands: “How is it possible? We can only eat, but not sell.”

    Eat but not sell?

    “So much? Can you eat it all?” Fang Huaining was surprised, it didn’t fit Li Ting’s style of doing things.

    Farmer: “I said the same thing, because Tingting gave us a lot every time he harvested.
I asked Tingting to take some back, but he said he had no one to share it with.”

    Fang Huaining’s heart twitched.

    “Actually, he is very good to us, so I just help a little bit.
His mother and grandmother also took good care of our family when they lived here.
Now that they are gone, we can’t do much for them.
Sowing these fields…”

    As if feeling that he was talking too much, the farmer hurriedly drank two sips of water, while Fang Huaiming nodded and left.

    Before leaving, he heard the farmer mutter to himself: “This fruit will be ripe in less than a month, and I will buy two more baskets to pick it…”

    Fang Huaining slowly squatted down after hearing him, observing the buds on the plant.
Among the many colors of vegetation intertwined together, small buds had already grown.
Some were white, some were green, and occasionally there was a hint of red.

Tender and youthful.

    Fang Huaining recognized it this time, it turns out that Li Ting grows strawberries…

    Following Li Ting’s example from that night, he stretched out his fingertips and gently touched those green leaves, wondering if they knew who they belonged to.
That person seemed extremely cute at the moment.

    So this is why you wanted to spend Mid-Autumn Festival here…

    Fang Huaining looked up at a certain place in the farmland, as if he could see a person in the night with his back turned to him, looking up at the moon.

    A small landowner guarding his property.

    A little lonely, but also a little satisfied…

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