Fang Huaining was also taken a back and looked at Li Ting beside him in disbelief.
He didn’t expect the other party to throw a kick immediately.
Looking at Cheng Peng’s pained expression, it could be seen that Li Ting’s kick was merciless.

Fang Huaining’s mind went into chaos for a moment.
While guarding against Cheng Peng’s counter attack, he was also thinking about the consequences of fighting in public places, and how this would end up as a major incident.

Before he could figure out a solution, Cheng Peng, on the other end, was already angrily rushing towards Li Ting.

Fang Huaining stretched out his hand to stop him, but Li Ting moved faster.
Not only did Li Ting not avoid Cheng Peng, but he also handled him in a straightforward manner.
He grabbed Cheng Peng’s hair with one hand and held his neck in a chokehold with his elbow from behind, restraining him in place in just two or three movements.

But Li Ting didn’t stop there.
Before Cheng Peng could recover, he started moving backwards, and with his thin body while holding a boy who was a much bigger than himself, he walked out easily, passing by many people all the way from the crowded station to the flyover outside.

There, he finally pressed him against the railing.

Li Ting held his head, then leaned down and asked Cheng Peng condescendingly: “Can you repeat what you have just said?”

Hearing the sound of speeding traffic whizzing past below the bridge, Cheng Peng was extremely conscious of the position he was in now.
He felt the noise of the wind in his ears, and his shoulders and chest couldn’t find balance on the thin railing, as if he was about to fall straight down from the bridge with a single push.

Fall down, only to be submerged in the sea of cars, and crushed into pieces.

Cheng Peng’s face was dripping with cold sweat, but his mouth was still somewhat harsh: “L-Li Ting, you fucking dare, you are really-really not afraid..!”

When Fang Huaining chased him down in a hurry, Li Ting was speaking to Cheng Peng without changing his expression.
“What am I afraid of? It’s not like you don’t know I already have a criminal record.
What about it?”

Fang Huaining was startled.

Criminal record?

Sensing that Li Ting was slowly loosening his hold on him, Cheng Peng’s face instantly turned pale, knowing that the other party was not joking around.
He couldn’t care less about saving face, so he immediately begged for mercy.

“I-I’m sorry, Li Ting.
It is my fault.
I’m just talking nonsense.
I won’t mess with your claw machine.”

Li Ting: “What else?”

Cheng Peng: “I…Let’s write off those things from high school, and I will never trouble you again, okay?”

Li Ting frowned, “Did I ask you to say this?”

Cheng Peng was out of breath but didn’t dare to struggle recklessly, and his eyes almost teared up in fright.
“I-I kicked the machine three times, so three hundred yuan! I..I’ll compensate it to you.
I have money in my pocket! You, you take it.”

Li Ting said nothing, just pushed his body forward again.

Cheng Peng screamed, latching his hands onto Li Ting’s body in a desperate state: “You check! I really don’t have a lot of cash on me.” And even if he had it, he couldn’t afford to pay it back.

“I really don’t! I really don’t.” The boy was so frightened that he almost cried.

Fang Huaining looked carefully.
Most of Cheng Peng’s body was safely inside the boundary of the railing; it was only the illusion of danger from his perspective that made him think he was about to fall off the bridge, but in fact, his legs were held down by Li Ting, and the waistband of his trousers was also twisted around his hands, so it was actually quite safe.

Li Ting actually wanted to seek justice for him.
Fang Huaining that it was felt very heartwarming. 

However, the passersby’s on the side had already turned their attention to this fight, and the girl who came with this guy was also crying, attracting more attention.
It was inevitable that the situation would escalate into something more, so Fang Huaining decided to speak up.

“Never mind.”

Maybe it was because he spoke in a low voice, but Li Ting didn’t move.

Fang Huaining had no choice but to step forward and lightly tug on Li Ting’s arm.

Li Ting still didn’t move.

Fang Huaining sighed.

“Li Ting.” He called the other party’s name for the first time, “I’ll get it fixed myself, don’t waste your energy with this kind of person.” As he spoke, he slowly moved his hands from Li Ting’s arm to his hand, prying open his fingers one by one.

Unexpectedly, there was no resistance this time.
Li Ting let go, and Fang Huaining pushed away the beaten down man.

Cheng Peng sat on the ground exhausted.
And after taking a few deep breaths, he stumblingly got up and wanted to run.

“Wait.” Fang Huaining said suddenly.

Standing in front of Cheng Peng, he reached into his pocket with the other hand and pulled out three red notes from inside.

“Get lost.” Fang Huaining said.

Cheng Peng looked at Fang Huaining in shock, then at Li Ting, and suddenly felt that he had been bullied by hooligans and robbers, his heart was full of grievances and limped away with his girlfriend in tow.

Ever since he took out the three hundred yuan, Fang Huaining noticed that Li Ting hadn’t taken his eyes off the banknotes.
He was amused, rubbing the money in his hand before handing it to the other party.

Li Ting didn’t accept it right away but looked sideways instead.

It was only then that Fang Huaining realized that he had not let go of Li Ting’s hand just now, and even tightly entangled their ten fingers together.
Because of the force, there were several red marks forming.

Fang Huaining inexplicably blushed and quickly withdrew his hand.


Li Ting didn’t speak, his eyes turned around from east to west, north to south, and then fell back on the banknote in Fang Huaining’s hand.


Fang Huaining coughed twice and said, “I didn’t buy this watch in China.
During the New Year, I can have it repaired by myself.
I know someone who can fix it.”

Meaning that he didn’t need the money, while Li Ting’s beaten-up old machine might really need someone to come for repairs.

Li Ting studied him for a while; he seemed to confirm that Fang Huaining was not lying and finally stretched out his hand.

After taking the money and putting it in his pocket, Li Ting’s face suddenly changed.
He fumbled around in his pant pockets, but to no avail, he couldn’t find it.
He lowered his head and searched the ground.

Fang Huaining had never seen Li Ting so nervous before and asked quickly, “What’s the matter?”

Li Ting said, “Where’s my key?”

“The key to the house?” Fang Huaining searched together with him, “What kind? Is there anything eye-catching on it?”

Li Ting said: “It has a key chain, just hanging on it.”

Before he finished speaking, Fang Huaining had already seen it.
It was stuck in a corner of the railing, probably fallen when he was entangled with that guy just now.

Fang Huaining picked it up: “Is it this?”

Just as he was about to ask, Li Ting had already snatched the thing from him and checked it carefully.

Fang Huaining observed Li Ting’s expression and noticed that he didn’t seem to care about the keys very much.
What he really cared about was the keychain, which was an old little robot.

A Robot?

Fang Huaining looked carefully and saw that the robot’s limbs were movable.
Although the paint on the surface had peeled off, the original workmanship could still be seen which should be quite delicate.

For some reason, the longer Fang Huaining stared at it, the more that robot looked familiar, even some of the words written on it’s back

Fang Huaining thought for a while and suddenly understood.

“So, you have this too.” Fang Huaining said.

Li Ting was startled, then raised his head: “You know this?”

Fang Huaining nodded: “Of course.”

Li Ting looked straight at him.

Fang Huaining said: “From the Mysterious world, right? Members who have subscribed to this science magazine for more than three years are gifted a set of such robots, right? Six robots are a complete set, and I have it too.”

Li Ting looked at him and asked seriously: “What about your robot?”

“Huh?” This question made Fang Huaining pause.
The toy was obtained than ten years ago.
He thought about it for a moment and had no idea, “I don’t know where I put it.”

After hearing this, Li Ting lowered his eyes and said nothing.

As if an illusion, Fang Huaining seemed to see a faint look of disappointment in his eyes.

Fang Huaining wanted to say more, but Li Ting turned around and walked forward along the road.

Fang Huaining looked at his back silently, feeling as if he had said something wrong.

As a result, Li Ting stopped after walking a few steps, turned his head and looked at Fang Huaining strangely, and the expression on his face had returned to indifference. As if replaying the previous scene, he said, “Aren’t you hungry?”

Only then did Fang Huaining remember, didn’t Li Ting seem to have the intention to invite him to dinner before they met that Cheng Peng? !

Fang Huaining helped Li Ting, and because he had lost a watch as well, it was not a big deal to eat a meal together.
But when it came to the little money fan, it was once-in-a-lifetime generosity, especially since he had even invited Fang Huaining once before.

Fang Huaining pursed his lips to hold back the smile on his face and walked slowly to the other person, saying, “Very hungry.”

Li Ting patted his trouser pocket that contained 300 yuan: “What do you want to eat?”

There were many things that Fang Huaining didn’t like to eat; he didn’t eat things that taste too strong, he didn’t eat things that looked weird, and he didn’t eat things that are too heavily cooked but still said, “Anything is fine.”

Three hundred yuan.
Although you couldn’t eat a luxurious meal, it was enough for two boys to find a decent restaurant to eat.

Li Ting asked again: “Do you eat seafood?”

City A was an inland city, and seafood wasn’t cheap at this time of year.
But Fang Huaining nodded in an easy-going way; cheap was cheap, and expensive was expensive.
It doesn’t matter.

Just as he was thinking about whether there were any seafood restaurants or food stalls nearby, Li Ting, who was beside him, turned around and went into a nearby convenience store.

Did he have something to buy first?

Fang Huaining was puzzled but still followed.

Li Ting entered the convenience store and walked around inside, stopping in front of a shelf.
After comparing for a while, he took out the items and came out to pay. 

One red note was given to the boss.

Fang Huaining looked at Li Ting, and then his eyes slowly fell to the things in his hands.

Two buckets of instant noodles.

Take a closer look…

Seafood flavour.

The boss said: “Fourty-six yuan for a bucket, and two buckets will cost you ninety-two yuan.
Do you want to add two ham sausages?”

Li Ting: “No.”

Fang Huaining: “…”


I was thinking: Look at this! Li Ting really treats Fang Huaining special, willing to spend three hundred yuan on him!

And then he does this 

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