The next day, Fang Huaining went to the research institute on time as usual.
He happened to run into Wang Fuliang in the lobby, as well as a few other seniors.

So as several people took the elevator together, a senior with dark eye bags under his eyes looked at Fang Huaining unhappily: “When I contacted you at 4 o’clock in the morning to discuss a problem from the thesis, didn’t you say you haven’t slept yet? Why do you look so refreshed now? ” 

As his roommate, Wang Fuliang immediately rushed to answer and give friendly comfort: “Xuezhang, you can ask this question to anyone except our Ace.
This guy’s physical functions are different from ours.
He can stare at the computer screen 24 hours a day for over a thousand days and still maintain 2.0 eyesight.
He doesn’t have lower back pain, his thighs don’t get sore, and when he washes his hair, he barely loses a few strands.
He is a completely different type of species.”

These basic qualities poke straight into the hearts of coding peasants like them.
As soon as they exited the elevator, a long sigh that contained envy, jealousy, and hatred was heard which forced Fang Huaining with no choice but to explain.



“I slept for a few hours before dawn, and I also slept on the bus when I came back from the suburbs last night.” Slept quite well actually…

Although Fang Huaining is indeed energized, staring at the computer screen for a few hours is still very overtaxing on one’s nerves.
After working for an entire morning, Fang Huaining walked out of the research lab while pinching the area between his eyes to make a cup of coffee. 

The conditions of the institute are pretty good.
Each floor is equipped with two pantries.
Microwaves and refrigerators are all available.
In fact, the ninth floor that they’re currently on also comes with a coffee machine, which can be regarded as everyone’s spiritual consolation when staying up late.


But that thing didn’t work very well today, the hot water was pretty much empty.
After Fang Huaining tried it, he had no choice but to bring his cup and take the elevator downstairs.

It’s been almost a week since Li Han came to the institute and he was exhausted to a half-dead state every day.
In a place like University A, even the talents from said school themselves are exhausted.
To be frank, interns recruited from outside are mainly for miscellaneous tasks.
It’s impossible to get in touch with the core interns of the real project and they are repeatedly put at war with various basic data every day.
They barely even see the instructors and most of them can only learn trivial experiences from the seniors.

Despite this, supply for similar positions is still unable to meet the demand.
Although Li Han was mentally prepared, he still felt a bit aggrieved by this slavery treatment.


Taking advantage of the absences of the seniors, he asked Wang Qin to some statistics for him while he walked down the corridor for a breather.
Then he saw the elevator door in front of him open and Fang Huaining walking out of it.

Fang Huaining didn’t look at Li Han and went straight to the pantry.

Li Han hadn’t turned his eyes away from him since the moment he saw him.
He stared as the other stood there, making coffee with his head lowered.
Last time, he didn’t get to look thoroughly enough.
This time he saw him, he can confirm the extraordinary superiority of the Ace’s outward appearance.
Wide shoulders, long legs, tall figure, straight posture, and good taste in fashion.
He’s not very showy and revealed a casual fashion in minor details.
Moreover, the watch the other was wearing was the one that Li Han had been thinking about for a long time but temporarily had no money to buy.


Literally perfect in all places. 

Li Han pondered and was about to move forward.
However, other people approached Fang Huaining before he did.

Li Han knew the two who approached him, one of them is a xuejie from his group, named Hong Yue, a student of this school.
The other one is Liu-laoshi from University A’s Research Institute.

Liu-Laoshi patted Fang Huaining on the shoulder, smiled, and said: “Was just looking for you, Huaining.
In two days, you’re coming with me, I borrowed you from your Old Ni.”

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Fang Huaining showed a puzzled expression. 

Lbcu Tef rjlv: “Ole-ijbrtl kbeiv ilxf ab jrx obg sbeg tfiq obg atf uejgjcaffv qbraugjvr’ rewwfg mjwq.”

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Lfjglcu atlr, atf batfg akb raevfcar ktb kfgf vglcxlcu kjafg lc atf qjcags pbxfv, “Ole-ijbrtl, tbk mjc atlr yf olcf? Gbfrc’a atlr mbeca jr rffxlcu bcf’r bkc qgbola ys erlcu qeyilm wfjcr?”

“Am I doing this for me? It’s for recruiting talents for the school.
I have to show our strengths to the outstanding students from other schools and let them know how high quality our students are.” Liu-laoshi pointed at Fang Huaining and said, “Old Ni just finished a round of work, Huaining will be much more useful following me outside than staying in the lab.”

After speaking, he affectionately seized Fang Huaining’s neck: “Alright, you already understand my basic projects anyway.
Ok, then it’s a deal, laoshi thanks you beforehand.

After one-sidedly assigning the task, Liu-laoshi happily left, leaving Hong Yue to wipe his butt.

“Huaining, is it alright? If it’s really a problem, I can help you talk to Liu-laoshi.”


Hong Yue and Fang Huaining are from the same class, she is also a guaranteed postgrad this year.
In this place where boys generally perform better than girls, she can be said to be extremely outstanding.

Fang Huaining thought for a while and shook his head: “It’s okay, I can help.” 

Hong Yue smiled: “Alright then.
I’ll message you the specific time later, okay? The number we added last time is still there, right?”

After she got an affirmative answer, Hong Yue was very satisfied.
She originally wanted to say something else but Fang Huaining already walked out of the pantry after he finished making coffee, leaving Hong Yue with no choice but to give up.

Seeing the other get on the elevator, Hong Yue turned back to the laboratory but was met with Li Han’s face when she raised her head.

“Why are you here?” Hong Yue asked, it isn’t lunchtime yet. 

Li Han could only laugh awkwardly after being caught slacking off, then he immediately put on an expression of a pleaser: “I-, I’m going to the washroom, oh right xuejie, I saw a welcome banner hung on the wall, are there going to be students coming to visit?”

Hong Yue generously did not look into it and said: “Oh, it’s the summer camp for guaranteed postgrads for our school.
The undergraduates recommended by other schools will come for an assessment and the outstanding ones will directly become Ph.D.
or postgrad students of University A.
You’re only in your second year, right? It’s still early for you, you can try in two years.”

Li Han was pleasantly surprised: “Then…although I can’t participate, can I come look around?”

“No can do.” Hong Yue poured him a basin of cold water, “Interns can’t take day-offs.” 

Li Han’s mouth puffed up unhappily when he heard this.

Sure enough, two days later, the Summer Camp of Research Institute A turned into a tough battle.
On the first day, the institute was opened for visitors, outstanding students from all over the country yearning to study at Uni A turned the usual quiet building very lively.
As the competent staff of major mentors, they had to receive guests and do introductions to show the affinity and love of their school.

After the morning passed, Hong Yue and the others were so tired that their legs were trembling.

Especially Fang Huaining, who became the main attraction, got surrounded by campers from all sides as soon as he appeared.
In the few hours, he had to bring people up and down the elevator so much that he was about to wear the elevator out. 

After finally sending away a group of students, Fang Huaining and the xuejies hid in the conference room to rest.
Hong Yue suggested that everyone should grab a bite.

“Let’s call takeout, I can’t walk to the cafeteria.” Someone said.

“It’s summer vacation, the off-campus shops are probably all closed.
Where do I call?” Someone objected.

“There must be some that are open, right?” 

“Well I wouldn’t know.”

Although not a master’s student, Wang Fuliang, who got pulled over to do manual labor due to the lack of manpower, raised his hand during the moment of silence.


“I know a place.”

Hong Yue took the crumpled business card he was holding and looked at it: “Doudou Dim Sum Restaurant? Hm, there are quite a few selections, it doesn’t seem bad.” 

She looked around inquiringly, and her eyes fell on Fang Huaining: “Should we just eat this?”

Fang Huaining was also staring at the business card, and a moment later, he nodded.

As a result, the efficiency of this takeout was very high, and it took only twenty minutes for someone to bring the food up.

Hong Yue and Fang Huaining were checking the affairs for the afternoon.
When the door was knocked, Fang Huaining put down the pen and raised his head. 

However, the one who came in was a relatively unfamiliar guy.
His service attitude was very good, he greeted everyone with a smile and introduced the new menu items and some new offers from the store.

“After listening to you, I really do want to eat the desserts from your store, why don’t we order some more?” Someone said greedily.

“Is there enough time? We have to get back to work in half an hour.”

“It’s enough, it’s enough, I’m calling now to send another employee from our store to deliver it, it also saves me the time from going back and forth.” The guy said cleverly. 

Hong Yue hesitated and looked towards Fang Huaining.
She thought the Ace would not agree.
After all, Fang Huaining always had a strong sense of time and never delayed his tasks.

Unexpectedly, Fang Huaining glanced at his watch and nodded again.

Hong Yue was left with no choice but to call, she said while reading the menu: “Since everyone thinks it tastes good, why don’t we get our meals from them for the next three days?

This was still asked towards Fang Huaining. 

The Ace nodded, being particularly easy-going today.

This time, it took less than twenty minutes; Li Ting rode his small electric scooter to Research Institute A.
He waited a long time for the elevator that was going back and forth between the fifth and tenth floors.
Looking at the ice cream that was about to melt, Li Ting finally chose the stairs instead.

He went up to the seventh floor in one breath.
When he met Li Han around the corner, the other was obviously a little surprised.
Li Han stared at his uniform and squeezed out a smile after being stunned, but he didn’t come forward.

Li Ting was too busy to acknowledge him anyway.
He continued upstairs and made it to the conference room on the ninth floor just in time. 

Fang Huaining admitted that he had been distracted for a while wondering if the second person that Doudou sent out for takeout would be the one he’s thinking of.
However, when the door opened and he saw the other person actually standing outside, he was unexpectedly stunned for a moment.
He couldn’t help thinking that the other should be able to recognize him this time, right? Will he talk to me? What would he say? And how should I respond?

Fang Huaining pondered thoroughly, but everything he expected to happen did not happen.
Li Ting glanced at him, but it was just a glance.
After that, he put down the food, and then turned back and walked out without saying a word.
He even thoughtfully closed the door for them.


And left.

Fang Huaining: “…” 

The attitude of this store just now was clearly very friendly and kind, so how come it changed so drastically when it came to him?!

Quite hard to predict.

On one side, Hong Yue saw the Ace loses his usual modesty and took the first step to pick out a large cold drink from that takeout bag to place in front of himself.
She said while laughing: “I thought you don’t like sweets?” She remembered hearing Fang Huaining’s habits from others and it shouldn’t be so.

Fang Huaining made an “mn” sound, dug out a mouthful of ice, and slowly sipped it into his mouth, then said: “It’s hot, I’m cooling down.” 

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