Oriental Sports Stadium.

When the entrance opened at nine o’clock in the morning, the seats were full in less than thirty minutes.
Most of them were fans from various families who came to show their support, holding colorful banners in their hands.
Before the game started, they were already searching around for their idol’s figure on the field, and the cheers were quite feverish in its intensity.

The 《Star Movement Association》 is a celebrity competitive sports program jointly organized by M&E Media and sports stations.
The retired coach of the national team serves as the referee, while celebrities from all social classes are its participants.
Because of the large amount of traffic and high show rating in the first season, the program decided to hold the second season in one go.
They invited as many little flowers1 and little fresh meats2 as they could, taking advantage of the program’s current popularity.

For the sake of exposure, some artists in the entertainment industry who are still in the developmental stage will mostly agree to any invitation.
Although they are not as good as first-tier artists, all their fans add up to a lot of the program’s hype.

The seats in the stadium are ready, and the participating artists are warming up backstage.
They are roughly divided into men’s and women’s groups.
Among them, the most eye-catching are Shen Xilin, one of the four national little flowers, and Su Ge, the lead singer of the TR men band group, who is currently on fire.
The support colors of the two of them each accounted for half of the audience, which was quite spectacular.

Before the start of the competition, the backstage of the stadium was busy.
There were a total of 32 participants in the men’s archery category.
The first round of ranking matches had already come out, and the next elimination round was about to kick off.

“Hurry up, hurry up, everyone is here! There are still seats, so field staffs hurry up and make sure!”

“Makeup artists, makeup artists, Ya Li’s eyes are a little bit off, quickly fix her makeup.
It would be her turn to go on stage soon!”

Su Ge is practicing archery in the background.
He ranked first in the ranking competition.
He is also a big favorite to win the championship this year.
In addition to this, his popularity is strong enough that in just a few days, he has been frequently searched for; and as there is a tendency to go out of the circle after a few years, the coach also paid a lot of attention to him.

Everyone was busy with their own affairs, but there was a man lying on the bench in the lounge not far away.
He covered his eyelids using the back of his hands, as if he were sleeping.
He was wearing blue sportswear, and the thing is, he was obviously also an artist participating in the competition yet the people who came and went around didn’t seem to notice him.

The lights above his head poured down, illuminating the corner of the lounge, but the man lying on the bench seemed to be in a muddy dream and it was difficult to get out.
His figure curled up uncontrollably, accompanied by a slight twitch, his hair was already slightly sweaty.

“Xi Nian has been deceiving fans for so long.
It turns out that he not only has a bad character, but also bribed paparazzi to smear his opponents.
No wonder he rose to power so quickly!”

“I vomited, but he is still an actor, so surely he didn’t climb up through improper means, right? How deep is his background?”

“I’ve always found it strange.
Xi Nian hasn’t had any black material since his debut.
It’s simply abnormal to be clean.
It turns out that he is the same as Lu Xingzhe.

The Movie Emperor of the new generation of actors, this is what others call Xi Nian.

The number one nosy paparazzi in the entertainment industry, this is what others call Lu Xingzhe.

The two people were originally unrelated, no one knew that they were involved with each other.
The people were only made aware not long after Xi Nian won the Best Actor award, and someone suddenly posted on the Internet about his previous scandal when he first debuted.
His reputation was then ruined overnight.

The computer screen is flashing in the caliginous night, and the overwhelming black material keeps popping up, almost as if the posters were trying to drown people.
At first, it was just the fact that Xi Nian bought paparazzi to suppress competitors in the past, and then gradually the gossip evolved into various versions.
Unspoken rules, plastic surgery, playing big names…

Some were real, some were fake, some Xi Nian has indeed done, some Xi Nian didn’t, but it doesn’t matter now.
When he ascended to the stage, he was full of glory, and when he fell to the bottom, he was also full of dirt.

People in the entertainment industry have such days.
No one cares when they are tepid.
When they become famous, there will be countless pairs of eyes aimed at them, reaching out in the dark in an attempt to push them into the abyss.

Xi Nian just won an international award last month.
It was supposed to be the time of feeling triumph, but he does not know who was secretly taking action to investigate all his past history.
Overnight, peeling stickers sprung up like rain, and it couldn’t be suppressed.

Xi Nian sat in front of the computer for a long time, the phone was sitting on the table, it kept vibrating all the time, and countless calls came.
Finally, because the battery was exhausted, it returned to silence again.

“Did you do this?”

With a low and hoarse voice as well as indifferent eyes, no one could imagine that the gloomy man in front of him was Xi Nian, a quite high-spirited newcomer actor in front of the screen.

Beside him stood a young man in a black hooded sweater, most of his figure was hidden in the dark, and his sense of existence was extremely low.
If he didn’t speak, you wouldn’t even notice his existence.

Hearing Xi Nian’s words, the young man raised his hand and pulled the brim of his hat.
His complexion was whiter than ordinary people, but he had a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes.
His eyes were too dark, making people feel that he was not a good person.
He was notorious in the entertainment industry━the paparazzi, Lu Xingzhe.

He stared at Xi Nian motionless, and after a long time, he finally reacted, but as if he had heard some joke, he suddenly laughed: “Why?”

Why does he think it’s him?

Lu Xingzhe laughed so hard he couldn’t straighten his waist.
He bent over to support his knees, took a breath, and asked with a half-smile, “Just because I was kicked away after you used me, so you think I have a grudge and want to retaliate against you?”

His hands were slender and clean, with thick calluses on the joints.
He was used to holding cameras, but it was these hands that brought Xi Nian from an obscure little star to the limelight while also doing all the dirty things for him.

Lu Xingzhe stretched out his hand and clicked on the computer, because of the excessive force, there were some water ripples on the screen.
On the screen was a scandal about Xi Nian and the popular actress, Qiao Zhi, embracing late at night on the street: “This was your gift to me.”

Lu Xingzhe looked at him with a playful smile at the corner of his lips, and said silently, “I have to send you one too, as a courtesy……”

Xi Nian didn’t have many emotional ups and downs from the beginning to the end.
He didn’t get up from the chair until he heard this sentence.
He got up, raised his hand and grabbed Lu Xingzhe’s collar, pressing the person against the wall.
His breathing was very oppressive, in a deep voice he asked: “Is it really you?”

Lu Xingzhe was choked by him, nearly unable to breath, his hands hanging on his side with his fists clenching and loosening, but in the end, he didn’t do anything.
He raised his eyes and sighted Xi Nian staring at him with scarlet eyes: “…it’s me.

Lu Xingzhe smiled like a sick man, arrogant and proud, saying something that one didn’t know whether it was true or not: “It’s me.”

“Don’t you want to be a big star the most? Don’t you care about your future the most? Didn’t you always dream of getting rid of me? I won’t let you get what you want……”

They are bed bugs in the gutter, they are grasshoppers on a rope3, they can only stay in the corner where the sun is not seen, and they will rot day by day, where they will never see the light for the rest of their lives.

Lu Xingzhe deliberately stepped on his sore spot, Xi Nian grabbed his hand, pulled him over and pressed him on the sofa with a blank expression.
Putting his knee against Lu Xingzhe’s left leg, sinking a little harder, he asked in a raspy voice: “What about you? You don’t have what you want?”

Lu Xingzhe has a disability in his left leg.
This action caused the blood color on his face to fade instantly, and his body convulsed with pain.
Xi Nian clung to his ear, one hand sticking in along the hem of his clothes, but it didn’t bring the slightest temperature, only endless coldness.

Lu Xingzhe didn’t know where the strength came from, he suddenly struggled desperately, and was finally held down by Xi Nian.

“Didn’t you come here today just to let me fuck you?” Xi Nian pressed him on the sofa, biting his hard on his earlobe, causing a tingling pain, breathing hot with a slight vindictive meaning to remind him: “How enthusiastic you were in the past, what are you pretending to be now……”

The couch, the bed, the floor, everywhere had left traces of their lovemaking.
Lu Xingzhe had touched Xi Nian’s body many times, and he forced Xi Nian to touch it.

A foul-smelling and invisible paparazzi, trying to tie a person with the fame and fortune of the entertainment industry, how ridiculous it is to say it out loud.

Lu Xingzhe didn’t know why, but when he heard the words, he suddenly stopped struggling.
He closed his eyes forcefully, cold sweat rolled down from his forehead, hugged his left leg and knee tightly, and then curled up on the sofa, suppressing the shortness of breath caused by the pain.

Xi Nian looked at him condescendingly, paused for a moment, and then slowly released his hand.

Lu Xingzhe didn’t know why, he could still laugh in such a situation.
He was limp on the sofa, pale and weak, still as bad and proud as before, his eyes narrowed, and he was as cunning as a fox: “If you want to fuck me, tell me earlier, it’s not like I won’t agree.”

As he said this, he stretched out his hand and hugged Xi Nian’s neck, forced him to bow his head, and kissed him almost bitterly.
Lips and teeth bumping.
The smell of blood permeates, in addition to pain.

Cold sweat fell from the side of Lu Xingzhe’s pale face, and the dark eyelashes were wet and sticky.

This was the first time he kissed Xi Nian.

Because Xi Nian does not like to kiss Lu Xingzhe.

Xi Nian looked at him fixedly, his fingertips tightened, he then pushed him away without warning.
The folds on Lu Xingzhe’s collar slowly stretched out, becoming flat.

Xi Nian didn’t know why but he suddenly took a step back and his figure fell into the darkness again.
The night view outside the floor-to-ceiling window made him extremely lonely, and there was a moment of nothingness.

The hot search entries on the Internet are still being constantly updated, countless abuses and ridicules piled up into a mountain.
It is difficult to achieve one’s success, but it is all too easy to ruin another……

Xi Nian has only been in the entertainment industry for a few years, but he has already won things that others may not get in his entire life, such as gold awards and popularity.

However, under the premise of getting all this, Lu Xingzhe’s help was inseparable.
After all, no one could have imagined that these two people who were so different from each other had ever been together.

It’s not just a matter of false love, it’s a matter of getting what you want.

Xi Nian used him to gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry, but when he became famous, he wanted to kick him away.
It’s only natural to think about it.
After all, no one likes a notorious paparazzi, especially if this paparazzi is holding all the leverage over him.

Xi Nian had a clear goal from beginning to end.
Since he entered the entertainment industry, he would never be the one who was obscure to everyone.

He is ambitious.

His city is deep4.

He was desperate to climb up the ladder—

He also went the wrong way.

There is no airtight wall in the world5.
The things Xi Nian has done, one by one added up and, in the end, this became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel6; like a high-rise building crashing down, unable to recover.

It’s not something anyone can endu

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