In the end, the staff miscalculated the bad weather as after more than ten minutes, the rain not only didn’t stop, but it rained harder and harder.
The game had to be suspended, so it had to be rescheduled.

Su Ge’s mood, which was not good, became more and more gloomy, and he brushed off the rainwater that accidentally splashed on his shoulder, frowning he said to the assistant holding the umbrella beside him: “Prepare a set of clean clothes, I want to change when I get back to the car.”

Noting that Su Ge seemed to be leaving, the assistant hesitated, “But Brother Lun wants you to interact with your fans before you go, or there will be no content in today’s newsletter.”

Su Ge gave him a look: “Interaction? How should I interact with them? Now it’s raining so hard, I’m cold and even if you’re not cold, are you saying you’re going to be responsible if I get sick?”

Generally, when the event is over, the stars will interact with fans off-site, and fans are willing to wait so long because of this, the assistant was caught in the middle of the two contrasting opinions, stumbling he insisted: “But this is what Brother Lun said……”

Brother Lun was the gold medal broker of Shanxing Entertainment, and he was quite a man of means.
He was the one who chose Su Ge.

Su Ge’s wings weren’t hard1 enough to fly solo, so he muttered impatiently when he heard the words, sorted out his cuffs, and walked to the auditorium accompanied by his assistant. 

When the fans saw him coming, their appearance of being tired dissipated and they waved their cheering light sticks at him excitedly, and their voices came one after another.

“Su Ge! Su Ge!”

“Su Ge, I like you so much!”

Li Xixi was drenched in the rain just now.
When she heard someone calling Su Ge’s name, she immediately cheered up and squeezed into the front row.
She held the gift box in her hand high and handed it forward, blushing excitedly: “Su Ge Su Ge, this is for you!”

The gift box has been protected by her under the jacket, and it still felt dry to the touch.
The assistant wanted to pick it up when he saw it, but Su Ge picked it up by himself.
He smiled softly at Li Xixi and said, “Thank you for your gift.
I will keep it well.”

“Okay…… okay……”

Facing his smiling eyes, Li Xixi’s brain exploded into a blank.  She was so dazed that she couldn’t stand still, and she had completely lost her thinking ability.
She didn’t even know when Su Ge left, but her companion gave her a push: “Xixi, that’s enough.
Look at this silly picture of you.
Let’s hurry home, I’m freezing to death.”

Xi Nian didn’t go.
He stood in the corridor smoking.
The sky outside was getting darker, which was in stark contrast to the bright lights in the corridor.
He probed out the window and looked out,only to get a cold rain dripping down his neck, that made him stand up straight again.

Xi Nian had a heavy smoking addiction in his previous life.
When he was approaching the rising stage of his career, he was under a lot of pressure so he smoked once and the result was, he kept smoking and couldn’t be left without a cigarette.

Sensing that his mood was not quite right, the system flew around Xi Nian:【You earthlings say that this kind of thing called cigarettes is harmful to your health.】

Xi Nian dusted off the ashes, and his handsome face was blurred in the smoke: “You nag too much.
There’s so many treacherous people in the world yet I do not see you caring, must you follow me like a hanged ghost?”

The blue light on the system’s body flickered, and the sound of electric current pierced, as if thinking: 【Because, equivalent exchange.】

 It said to Xi Nian: 【It’s easy to get rid of the system.
As long as the host voluntarily gives up the opportunity of rebirth, the Interstellar Headquarters will match a reformation host for the system again.】

Xi Nian paused: “Then what?”

The system was confused: 【Then you will die.】




Xi Nian stood up straight unconsciously when he heard the words, and in a panic, he pressed the cigarette butt on the trash can to extinguish it.
The moment the soot spread out, it was as beautiful as a spark, but then it was extinguished into ashes again.

Yes, he was already dead in his previous life.

Xi Nian never realized that he was dead, and this was the first time that it was really pointed out by others.
He wiped his face and was at a loss.
He turned to the lounge, and didn’t want to continue this topic.
However, the system has not perceived this and continued to ask: 【Dear host, do you want to give up the chance of being reborn?】

Xi Nian glanced at it: “Who wants to die if he can live?”

There was a corridor on the way to the lounge.
When Xi Nian took out his personal belongings from the locker, he saw Su Ge walking over accompanied by several assistants, several of whom had their arms stuffed full of gifts from fans.

Su Ge was holding a pink-blue box in his hand.
He opened it to take a quick look at it.
When he saw that it was only a glass bottle with a straw star in it, he frowned and said he was bored, before he threw it into the trash can beside him.

The assistant side-eyed it and saw that the star was folded beautifully: “Is it all right? After all, it was sent by a fan, isn’t it a bit of a pity to throw it away ……”

Su Ge was not interested: “What would be a pity? I could buy a lot of them on the street.”

Xi Nian, who watched this from the side, raised his eyebrows, and saw Su Ge and his assistants walking into the elevator, only then did he stepped out.

It seems that the system seemed to be very fond of shiny things, it glided to the trash can by flapping its wings.
Seeing the colorful stars in the glass bottle, it became puzzled:【The stars are so beautiful, why doesn’t he like them…?】

Xi Nian was waiting for another elevator.
When he heard this, he perfunctorily responded: “Because it’s worthless.”

There are so many gifts from fans, and it’s impossible to keep them all.
Some artists accept them on the surface, but who knows whether they are lost or burned in secret?

The system doesn’t know if it’s because of anger, the blue body is a little red, like boiling water: 【That can’t be thrown into the trash can either.】

Xi Nian sneered, “Tell that to Su Ge, not me.”

The chubby body of the system landed on Xi Nian’s shoulder, and this time the strength was very light:【Aren’t you going to pick it up……?】

The ambilight glass bottle lies quietly in the garbage, and it won’t be long before it becomes dim and fragmented.
That’s how people are.
If they get more things, these things won’t be rare and when they’re not rare, people begin learning to abandon them.

Xi Nian has little sympathy.
He folded his arms and lifted his eyelids indifferently: “First, I won’t pick up things from the trash can, second, it’s not mine to pick them up, and third, the gifts from the fans of Su Ge has nothing to do with me.”

The system reluctantly touched the trash can lightly, and there was a clanging sound in the empty corridor.
At first glance, it seemed like it was haunted: 【Pick it up, okay.
I helped you once, you help me back too.】

This is true.

And Xi Nian didn’t like owing favors the most in his life.

Hearing this, he glanced at the system with a blank expression, then looked around, remained silent for a few seconds, saw no one, and then cursingly took out a tissue from his backpack and walked to the trash can to rummage through the trash, but he didn’t turn it over for a long time.

Xi Nian was on the verge of being irritated: “Where’s the bottle?!”

The system remembered that it had just knocked down the trash can, and the glass bottle was somewhat heavy, so its tone wavered: 【It may have fallen to the bottom……】

Xi Nian simply wanted to kill the ball, he took a deep breath, simply directly to the trash can across, with a cell phone flashlight shone for half a day, and finally saw the shiny bottle, wrapped in tissue paper pinched out, tight frown has not let up.

Xi Nian just wanted to smash the ball, he took a deep breath, and simply turned the trash can horizontally.
He used his mobile phone to use the flashlight to light the can.
Finally, he saw the shiny bottle, wrapped it in a tissue and pinched it out, his brows wrinkled tightly not loosening.

Damn, at this time if a person witnessed this scene, tomorrow the whole entertainment industry will think he has the fetish of going through the trash can!

Xi Nian went to the bathroom next to him to wash his hands.
As for the glass bottle, it was washed and placed on the bench.
It was none of his business who picked it up.
Anyway, he had already done his duty.

After such a delay, it was almost dark.
Xi Nian took the elevator downstairs, and then drove home.
When he got in the driver’s seat, he said to the system: “I already returned the favor to you.
Don’t bother me with this kind of thing next time.”

Right and wrong, black and white, surplus and deficit, earthlings always seem to draw a clear line, but there are many things in the world that are indistinguishable.

System: 【Then do you owe someone else?】

As soon as it rang with the mechanical sound of an electric current, the car suddenly fell into silence, the window of Xi Nian was not closed, so the branches outside were blown by the wind, and the chill spread in directly along with it.

Xi Nian didn’t speak, he didn’t know what to think of, his eyes were far away for a moment, and then he stepped on the gas pedal and left the stadium at a fast speed.
A black car that was parked quietly in the corner unhurriedly followed him up.

The system easily disrupted Xi Nian’s thinking in one sentence.

Does he owe anyone else?


Then who does he owe? The fans who had been deceived after all this time? Or Lu Xingzhe?

But Xi Nian always felt that the two of them already got what they wanted.

The night poured down like splashing ink, Xi Nian drove around the surroundings one after another, his restlessness was visible to the naked eye.
When he came back to his senses, he inadvertently swept through the rearview mirror, only to see a black car following behind.

Xi Nian squinted his eyes, not sure if it was a coincidence, he left the steering wheel and drove directly into a secluded street, and it didn’t take long for the black car to follow closely.

Xi Nian had basically determined that the other party was following on purpose, parked the car on the side of the road bluntly, then opened the door and got out of the car, and strode over.

Lu Xingzhe has been a paparazzi for so long and has rarely been spotted.
When he saw Xi Nian walking this way, he knew that the situation was not good.
He quickly started the car and prepared to leave but who would have thought that he was a step slower, and the door was directly opened from the outside.

Xi Nian leaned over his arm on the roof of the car to support his weight, and when he saw the person in the driver’s seat, he was not surprised: “Come down.”

Lu Xingzhe licked the deep crimson lower lip, appearing unimpressed as he lazily slumped into the back of the chair: “I’ll go down if you want me to? Do we know each other?”

He ignored the fact that when he said this, he was still wearing the jacket that Xi Nian had given him today to protect him from the rain.

Xi Nian got used to his slippery loach-like character: “Why are you following me?”

Lu Xingzhe simply moved his injured leg and got out of the car.
He didn’t wear a hat, and his facial features were exposed to the air.
He was so beautiful that people didn’t dare to look directly.
He stood still with the car door ajar: “Are you the only one who can use this road?”

This look really deserves a beating.

Xi Nian asked, “Then what are you doing here?”

Lu Xingzhe casually made up a reason: “Work.”

Xi Nian suddenly laughed slowly when he heard the other, chewing this one word repeatedly: “Work?”

His eyes skimmed over Lu Xingzhe’s slender figure and swirled at his white collarbone, then reached out and pinched Lu Xingzhe’s chin, forcing him to get closer to himself, his hot breath diffusing in Lu Xingzhe’s ear, causing the other to feel an itch: “Then do you know that at this time and place, who those people who stand on the street and come out to work?2“

Xi Nian has never been stingy with his malice.

Lu Xingzhe grew up as a wild disobedient child, what nasty words have he not heard? So when Xi Nian retorted those words, it did not cause him to be angry at all.
On the contrary, it incited him to faintly smile a little, highlighting the gleam on his phoenix eyes, and condescendingly challenged him: “I’m standing on the street, so what are you doing? Are you here for prostitution?”


Adapted from a mother bird and a baby bird, if the latter’s wings are not yet hard, they still need to rely on their parents to hunt for them because they couldn’t stand on their own yet.


In Ancient China, some of those who sell their flesh stand on the street of the redlight district to catch the eye of a customer especially if they’re not one of the top hostesses or hosts of the establishment.

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