PTB Ch.3 – The Shadow of Death

Ignoring the disobedient members, Lanhuai swiftly gave instructions to the core team.

“Elementalists, set up a flame protection barrier,” he commanded.
“Hunters, rangers, archers, move to the front and form an air defense formation! Everyone switch to long-range weapons and drink fire potions!”

His trusted comrades were still powerful as ever, and within moments, they had formed a circular air defense system.
The outermost layer was a line of anti-aircraft firepower consisting of sharpshooters, rangers, magic archers, and hunters.
With the longest range, they were able to effectively attack from the air.

The second layer was made up of mages, necromancers, elementalists, storm attendants, and other magic units.
When the black dragon approached, they could unleash their destructive magic and deliver a powerful blow to the black dragon.

Various healing and support occupations were positioned in the inner circle, with a high-level elementalist responsible for using the flame protection barrier in the core position.

The black dragon soared through the air, its deep roar sending shivers down the spines of the adventurers below.

Murphy taunted, “Hehehe, small humans, struggling in vain for survival.
The moment you entered my territory, your demise was sealed! You came here seeking glory and treasure, but all you will find is death and destruction.
Tremble in fear and beg for mercy, and I may grant you a quick death.”

Yanhuo God couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with this black dragon? Why is he so talkative? Is he really a player?”

Qingfeng Lanhuai nodded, “Definitely a player, probably a show-off.
Don’t worry about him, just get ready to activate the barrier.
Otherwise, we’ll all die in no time.”

In the blink of an eye, the black dragon swooped down again.

Qingfeng Lanhuai urgently shouted, “Dragon incoming! Elementalist, get ready to activate the shield! Archers, release the arrow rain!”

Several flame protection barriers were activated simultaneously, creating a massive red magic shield that immediately shielded a large number of players in the central area.
Long-range professionals fired a barrage of arrows, launching a direct assault on the black dragon.

However, the black dragon didn’t seem to be bothered and countered by unleashing a cloud of dragon’s breath against the rain of arrows.
The hot dragon fire collided with the magic barrier, creating a dazzling red halo.

The elementalists in charge of supporting the barrier frantically released magical energy to protect their comrades.

“120 meters, 100 meters, 80 meters, all casters attack!”

The air was filled with a mixture of flames and lightning as magic illuminated the sky.
But the black dragon anticipated the attack one second in advance and suddenly turned when it was less than a hundred meters away.
This caused most of the intense attacks to hit empty space.

Instead, the dragon flew towards players who were not protected by magic, unleashing another wave of flames.

Having participated in dozens of crusades, Murphy was well-versed in the tactics that players used.

Usually, bows and arrows only dealt single or double-digit damage to him, which was not considered a great threat.
However, it slowly consumed his life points, which was a disadvantage for an adult dragon with more than 80,000 health points.

The real threat was the high-level magic, especially the powerful control magic, which even giant dragons dared not ignore.
However, it didn’t matter to the dragon because he was in the air and could freely choose when to enter the battlefield.
The casting distance of magic was generally relatively short, so as long as he kept a good distance, he would not be defeated.

At this moment, he was in a playful state of mind, circling around the large magic shields, occasionally diving down and spraying deadly dragon breath at the unprotected adventurers amidst the barrage of arrows.
Every time the dragon’s fire fell, there were inevitably screams.

“Maintain formation, maintain formation, everyone, get inside the barrier!” Qingfeng Lanhuai shouted loudly.

In reality, there was no need for Qingfeng Lanhuai to call out.
After all, high-level elementalists were a rare profession.
With only eight shields available for over 300 adventurers, it was impossible to protect everyone.

People pushed and shoved to get into the circle, hoping to survive the dragon’s fiery assault.

However, the black dragon did not give them a moment’s respite.
It continued to swoop and bombard, flames engulfing the wilderness.
The sound of screams, magic explosions, and the sickening sound of human flesh being burnt to a crisp filled the air.

“This is a disaster!” Qingfeng Lanhuai felt his head spin as he watched the chaotic scene.
“All melee occupations, switch to long-range weapons for air defense.
If you’re a meat shield, don’t crowd in.
Support occupations, come inside! Quickly add up the buffs!”

He tried his best to shoot an arrow, calculating its trajectory in advance.
He thought it would hit, but the arrow flew across the sky, landing five or six meters behind the dragon’s tail.

“Are all the long-range occupations dead? Can’t you hit a target as big as this dragon? You guys are useless!”

With all his might, he shot the arrow, having carefully calculated its trajectory beforehand.
He had thought it would hit the target, but to his surprise, the arrow flew past the dragon’s tail by several meters.

“How could this black dragon be so fast?” Qingfeng muttered, momentarily speechless.
But then he quickly came up with a plan.

“Hey, all of you!” he shouted to the necromancers and conjurers who were standing around doing nothing.
“When the black dragon comes closer, wait for my signal and use curse magic together!”

The dragon swooped down once more, its massive body incredibly agile.
It skillfully maneuvered under a cloud of flames created by the burning cloud technique, dodged a destructive meteor and two lightning balls, and withstood several spell-extending arcane missiles.
Its reinforced dragon’s breath broke through the outermost flame protection barrier.

In an instant, more than 20 bustling adventurers were burned to death, and an entire regiment was wiped out.

The black dragon soared above the ground, its fearsome power and lethal attacks causing the adventurers below to scream in terror.
With the help of his comrades, a warrior leaped into the air, intent on delivering a decisive blow.
However, Murphy activated his Devour skill, rendering the attack ineffective.
“Mmm, this chicken is quite crunchy,” he remarked.

As he took to the skies once more, Murphy gazed down at the panicked adventurers with a sense of pride.
He was determined to emerge victorious from this battle.

To build his dragon’s nest in the vulnerable Burning Plain, Murphy relied on the dragon clan’s formidable anti-ground capabilities.
While dragons possessed the ability to fly and breathe fire, they were vulnerable to swarms of enemies.
To bolster his anti-ground fighting skills, Murphy had devoted all of his talent points to strengthening his dragon breath and flying abilities, at the expense of melee skills, dragon language magic, and dominance enhancement.

Although this choice had come at a significant cost, the results were impressive.
His talent, 【Smart Wings】 allowed him to move freely in the air and evade enemy anti-air fire with ease.

【Extreme Speed Flight】 allows him to fly much faster than ordinary dragons, making it difficult for enemies to hit him with magic and arrows.

With his 【Scorched Earth】 talent, Morpheus can directly destroy the terrain with his dragon breath, and his continuous spray of dragon breath can even penetrate through flame protection barriers.

His 【Wildfire Riddle】 talent allows his dragon breath to spread and destroy enemy formations.

Thanks to his 【Bone Corrosion Dragon Flame】 talent, Morpheus’s dragon breath causes continuous damage after igniting targets, and this power cannot be dispelled.

Morpheus is a perfect biological combustion bomber.
None of the adventurer teams that have attempted to attack him in recent days have survived the dark plain.
When the shadow of the black dragon falls upon the earth, death inevitably follows.
This is where Morpheus gets his name.

When a hero confronts him, they may cast their halberd into the sand in despair, refusing to drink the fire resistance potions in front of them and shunning their cloak of flame resistance.

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