black dragon soaring over the mountain, Midnight Dharma God chuckled, “Tsk tsk tsk, Morpheus is truly cautious.
Despite the commotion over yonder, he still assigns men to patrol the area.”

“Qingfeng can’t wait any longer.
That black dragon is even more formidable than expected, and we must hasten to our destination before the battle concludes.” He signaled to the adventurer behind him, and the team resumed their journey.

Every few minutes, the black dragon would fly over to survey the surroundings, but with the high-level phantom technique’s cover, it easily evaded the opposition’s detection every time.

After fifteen minutes, the team finally reached the base of Longshuo Peak.

Dawn Excalibur surveyed the entrance of the dungeon above him and nodded.
“This is it.
From the information I’ve gathered, Morpheus the black dragon’s abilities are primarily focused on dragon breath and flight.
Even if we manage to defeat him, we cannot retain him.

If we trap him within the dungeon, we can take him down.
But this black dragon is shrewd.
If the situation becomes unfavorable, it will flee immediately.
Hence, we have only one chance.
Everyone log off now.
The Black Dragon will be streaming at twelve o’clock.
We will convene at three o’clock in the morning and enter the dungeon together.
Dismissed!” In an instant, dozens of people vanished from the spot.

Meanwhile, the battle on the dark plain was reaching its conclusion.
The army of invading adventurers was all but vanquished, with only the elf ranger and a few companions left to contend.
Abandoning his bow and arrows, the elf ranger now wielded two scimitars, soaring back and forth.
An ogre fell to the ground in an instant.

The ranger profession was highly esteemed, akin to that of heroes in martial arts films.

However, even the most skilled ranger couldn’t withstand the onslaught of hundreds of monsters.

As the ranger’s strength dwindled, the monsters suddenly retreated, making way for a colossal beast to descend from the sky and land in front of the elf.

The black dragon gazed down at the bloodied elf with pride.
“Tell me, little elf, what compelled you to defy my dragon power and trespass into my domain? Answer truthfully, and I’ll grant you a dignified death.”

At the same time, a private message was sent.

(“Hey, buddy, let’s have a friendly chat.
Why did you come here to die in the Dark Plains? I can return the equipment you lost later.”)

The elf glared at the black dragon.
“You vile monster, wicked beast! Everyone must face punishment.
For justice, glory, and the victory of the alliance, I will not surrender, even in death.”

(“Don’t get too cocky.
I went to the temple of the Goddess of Luck to get a buff before heading out, so my gear won’t drop so easily,”) the elf ranger retorted.

The black dragon snorted in response.
“You’re a stubborn one.
Your hollow slogans are of no use to me.
If you’re so persistent, then so be it.”

(“Well, since you put it that way, there’s nothing to say.”)

The dragon unleashed a blast of fiery breath, causing the elf to scream and burn to ashes.
The wind scattered the ashes, leaving not a single hair behind.

With Qingfeng’s death, the battle came to an end.
The black dragon surveyed the area, and its monster servants bowed their heads in submission.
The corpses of adventurers littered the wilderness, along with scattered equipment and supplies.
The dragon’s flames continued to burn, creating a tragic scene.

Meanwhile, in a dimly lit room, Qingfeng removed his gaming helmet and let out a long sigh.
Despite being mentally prepared, he still harbored some hope that he could take down the black dragon directly and wipe out its army.
He couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Just then, his phone rang, and he picked it up to check the caller ID.

[Transfer Reminder: Your friend XXX initiates a transfer to you, transfer amount 100,000.]

Seeing the string of zeroes, Qingfeng whistled happily.
Looks like bringing the whole guild to serve as cannon fodder did the job well.

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