“It’s over.”

“What?” Yu Zhou asked.

“Yang Guang.”

“Oh, then… let’s watch something else.” She picked up the remote and filtered through the screen, suddenly asking Xiang Wan: “Don’t you find my days boring?”

“I eat and sleep every day, watch TV, write novels, gossip, and play mahjong occasionally.” Yu Zhou sighed.

Xiang Wan smiled.

Yu Zhou glanced at her: “I know, you’re new here, everything is fresh for you.
You’ll feel differently in a few days.”

Xiang Wan felt strange, she always felt that this girl had some self-disgust.

But in fact, she was fair and bright, even in loose T-shirts and shorts, she looked young, clean and attractive.

“Sorry, I have nothing to entertain you.
There’s nothing at home, I don’t like anything.” Yu Zhou switched between various TV programs arbitrarily, “I don’t enjoy activities such as shopping, dressing up, going out for fun and socializing, or even pursuing a celebrity, none of them motivate me.”

Xiang Wan took a sip of water and recalled: “In the past, I rarely went out even during holidays when I was at home.
I didn’t go out to worship Buddha, nor did I participate in the Lantern Festival.
The beautiful and talented people, the gorgeous lanterns, the riddle guessing, and the heart-to-heart exchanges, none of them appealed to me.”

Oh, no wonder she was so comfortable at home.

At least there’s TV, right?

“Let’s watch for a while, I’ll take you to the garden downstairs in the evening, take a walk, just inside the community, no need for a health code.
If you feel bored in the future, you can also go down and take a look.”

Xiang Wan answered: “Thank you.”

“How about it? A royal treatment, there is even the imperial garden.” Yu Zhou raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Xiang Wan leaned her hand against her face, with her arm propped up on the sofa armrest, looking at her: “You look very elegant.”

“Handsome?” Yu Zhou raised another eyebrow.

Xiang Wan turned away: “Too much.”

In the noisy music, she turned her head inexplicably, looking at the screen and then at Yu Zhou: “The girl inside, has a resemblance to you.”

“Huh?” Yu Zhou glanced at it, “The one in Sisters Who Make Waves? She is Kelly Yu.”


Yu Zhou was overjoyed: “This is my sister.
Look, we’re both surnamed Yu.
She went to participate in the variety show and left the cat with me.”

“Is this true?”

“This is…” Yu Zhou shrugged and said, “It’s false.”

Xiang Wan gave her a look that seemed both angry and not angry.
Yu Zhou leaned against the wall with both hands behind her and looked at Xiang Wan.
Suddenly, she felt a strange feeling, as if she had become a playboy who was flirting with the lady.

Wow, the word “flirting” may sound a bit earthy, but it was quite appropriate at this time.

She was happy for a while, and her phone rang again.
This time she tapped the screen a few times with her finger before picking it up to unlock it.

It was WeChat notice, and she was invited into a group by F.

No one in the group spoke, and F privately chatted with her again: “Ms.Yu!”

She only called out a title, waiting for Yu Zhou to ask.

“?” She sent back a question mark.

“Ms.Su has invited a voice acting director! Peng Xiangzhi!!”

Two exclamation points, one less than when Su Chang joined, it seems that she has learned to be calm.

Yu Zhou really wanted to reply to her, Ms.F, you are at least the producer of the Zhi Er app, a well-known audio drama platform, holding many big IPs, and also cooperating with dozens of celebrities.
How can you still be so… passionate?

After thinking about it, she realized that perhaps F was trying to stir up the author’s passion.

Or to put it another way, F felt that Yu Zhou was so lucky that she couldn’t remain calm for long.

That’s true, a novel with less than 700 collections couldn’t even be counted as an IP.
If it wasn’t for the current audio drama fever, where would she have the opportunity to make one.

She had also heard of Peng Xiangzhi, a famous voice director from the Three Sounds Studio.
She had been deeply involved in the film industry for many years and hadn’t directed audio drama for three to five years.

Five years ago, the audio drama she directed, “The Aspirations of Mankind”, was a classic in the circle, and it was still an unforgettable one that many people were constantly thinking about.

The combination of Su Chang and Peng Xiangzhi was almost equivalent to the combination of popularity and word-of-mouth.

And it was Su Chang who invited her, making it hard for Yu Zhou not to think that there might be a meaning of escorting in this move.

The word “escorting” was really irresistible.
Therefore, even with ten times the courage, Yu Zhou dared not let her thoughts linger in this direction for more than one second.

She opened the new group and F began to host it.

After introducing one by one, she found that it was a group chat of the production team, including director, screenwriter and post-production specialist, as well as the author, Yu Zhou.

She breathed a sigh of relief, no Su Chang.

She wanted to say again, see, this is Su Chang, she invited someone over and had no intention of joining the group chat herself.

Everything was done in an official way.

A few people greeted each other cordially.
Peng Xiangzhi came late, probably because she was busy.
The first sentence was like this:

“Hello everyone.
The leading actresses are Su Chang and Zhou Ling.
The supporting actors are Gu Qi’an and Qing Shen.
I’ll invite other supporting actors as needed.
Screenwriter, send me the character setting.
As for the script reading, I’m free on Saturday and Sunday night after eight o’clock.
How about you?”


“No problem.”

Yu Zhou didn’t dare to speak.

“How about the author?” After a while, Peng Xiangzhi asked.

“Ah, I have no problem.” Yu Zhou hurried to say.

She wanted to say sorry, she didn’t know that the author would also participate, so she replied late, but before she finished hesitating, she saw Peng Xiangzhi send a message: “Well, then it’s settled.
Have good cooperation.”

“Have good cooperation.” Yu Zhou said.

She was so swift and resolute, Yu Zhou was a bit nervous. 

So nervous that she was still lost in thought during dinner.
They ordered takeout again for dinner, and Xiang Wan ate slowly, making Yu Zhou doubt if she had actually ordered lamb leg.

After finishing the meal, they packed up the takeout, tied the plastic bag and placed it by the door.
Yu Zhou went to the kitchen to wash her hands and said, “Let’s go for a walk and digest the food.”


“Wash your hands too, and I’ll find you a set of clothes to wear outside.” Yu Zhou pulled out a few tissues and wiped her hands.

“Okay.” It’s still this word.

What a lady of high standing, really obedient, Yu Zhou sighed, even better behaved than Wan wan.

Yu Zhou pulled out a clean short T-shirt and checked out a few headbands on the dressing table.
She was going to tie her hair up because her hair was long and she was afraid it would be hot outside.

She didn’t need a headband herself because she didn’t like going out.
These headbands were left over by Su Chang.

Yu Zhou carefully looked at it and found a few black hairs on it.
She pulled them off, rolled them into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

Soon, Xiang Wan changed her clothes and came out.
Yu Zhou stared at her and found that her chest was strange.
She still didn’t wear a bra.

“You,” Yu Zhou laughed, feeling a little embarrassed, “You can’t go out without wearing that.”

How embarrassing.

Xiang Wan stared at her, but said nothing.

“Let me show you.” Yu Zhou coughed twice, took the bra and put it on her short-sleeved T-shirt.
She put her arms through it and turned it around to buckle it at the back.
She finished it with a hook and a pull.

She leaned on her shoulders and turned her back to Xiang Wan, gesturing for her to look carefully.

Then take it off and give it to Xiang Wan.
Her fingers point to the corridor: “Go put this on.”

Xiang Wan lowered her head and took the bra, practicing how to hook the circle with the small hook while walking.

When she came out, her face was a little red and she walked a little slower, but her chest was not as abrupt as before.
Yu Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

She also asked her, “Did you put it on properly?” Don’t forget to hook it properly, or it may break after leaving.

Xiang Wan took a deep breath and nodded.
She walked to the door and put on a pair of slippers that Yu Zhou had prepared for her.

“This bustier is a little small.” She lowered her head and said softly.

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