t, I can still enjoy my life inside.

But when I’m alone, I’m often too lazy to move.
I don’t even go downstairs.

It’s a bit of a pity.

Fortunately, this lady appeared.
Her graceful posture while walking amidst the trees and flowers transformed the ordinary terrain into an elegant scene.

Yu Zhou put her hands in her pockets, walked a little behind Xiang Wan.
Xiang Wan noticed and turned her head to wait for her steps.
She asked, “Why are you always behind me?”

“Ah?” This question had never occurred to Yu Zhou.
She was not used to walking side by side with people.
She only liked to look at the back of people.

Xiang Wan turned around to face her: “If there is a personal maidservant, she should follow me half a step behind.
For an ordinary maidservant, it’s three steps, and for a boy servant, the distance is even further.
You and I have no difference in identity, so you should stand by my side.”

Yu Zhou was a little dumb.
No one had ever seriously told her the rules of standing to people.
No one had ever cared whether she was standing by her side.

So she looked at Xiang Wan in the moonlight for a long time.

Then she said, “It’s not that I don’t want to go with you.
Look at this stone road, it’s not wide enough for two people to walk together.”

Xiang Wan lowered her head and looked at the narrow path.
Then she frowned: “This path should be widened.”

“Yes, the Prime Minister’s Mansion should allocate a sum of money.” Yu Zhou laughed.

Xiang Wan raised her head to look at her.
Yu Zhou glanced at her with a smile and passed by her, then walked to her front.

Xiang Wan was stunned and then kept up with Yu Zhou.
The two of them came down from the small hill and walked to the slightly wider road where the lights were shining.

Then they walked side by side.
One had her hands in her pockets, while the other was hanging arms down, taking a leisurely stroll.

When they were about to walk to the end, Yu Zhou raised her chin and pointed to the west: “This is the west gate.
You see the black iron gate over there.
We just came in from the east gate.”

“There are also south and north gates.
As long as you don’t go out, you can stroll around at will.
There is a cultural square in the community.
Some elderly people often play chess, write, dance or practice swordplay there.
You can go to have a look if you are bored.
On the south side of the central lake is the place for fitness.
There is some fitness equipment and slides for children to play with.
If you are interested, I will take you there tomorrow.
Today I’m tired.”

After a careful introduction, Yu Zhou turned and walked back.

She introduced very comfortably, with a bit of “this inch of land is the territory that I have established for you”.

If not now, then when should I show off? These added values are all reflected in the housing price.
I can’t use them on a daily basis anyway.

The two of them strolled back and met several neighbors walking in groups of two or three.

“Since you have resigned from your official position, where did you get the silver to buy this house?” Xiang Wan looked at the garden,which could be compared to that of the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

“To tell you the truth,” Yu Zhou sighed, “I am a rich second generation.”


Here we go again.
Yu Zhou glanced at her: “Just like you.”

“Ancestors’ legacy?”


“Not like.”


Xiang Wan stood at the elevator door while calmly looking at Yu Zhou.

Okay. “I had saved up some money myself, my mother chipped in the most.
Initially, I was planning to buy a small unit, well, Su Chang put in some money so we ended up buying this one.”

Yu Zhou lightly kicked the marble brick at the elevator door with her foot.

At that time, Su Chang said that she also wanted to move in, so a bigger place will be more comfortable for the both of them to live in.

She knew that Su Chang was good at making money and came from a wealthy background, the sponsorship money was nothing.
Thinking that the two of them had been together for a few years, it was only a matter of time before they lived together, so she didn’t refuse.

Later on, when they broke up, she wanted to sell the house to return the money to Su Chang with interest.

Su Chang said, no rush.

She didn’t say don’t need to return it, she said, no rush.

The real estate agent also advised her, the house was bought less than two years ago, so if she sold it now, the taxes would be high and it wouldn’t be worth it.

Later on, her fund took off so she made some money.
After resigning, she counted her savings, withdrew her accumulated fund from her years of work, and added in the copyright fees from her novel.
In total, it was roughly the same amount.
She transferred the money to Su Chang’s account, which fell just a bit short of the interest.

Su Chang didn’t reply.

It’s okay not to reply, or anything would be awkward.

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