River Burn

A sharp scent of incense welcomed Paul and Edgar into the drawing room, followed by Lord and Lady Throckmorton and their two sons, Elliott and Edward. On the walls was a riot of framed photographs, good memories from the past. One of them was a photograph of Paul, Edgar, Elliott, Edward and Elliana on Ellianas tenth birthday; with huge smiles lighting up their faces their faces, their arms holding each other tight. On Ellianas nose there was a bit of frosting, and they remembered how she wasn aware of that smear until the whole party ended.

The room was simple, a small wooden bookshelf filled to the brim was near the door, and the walls were a warm brown color while the door was pitch black. In the center of the room was a round table where all of them sat around. Lady Throckmorton called for tea.

”I found this clenched in my mothers fists, ” Paul said, pulling a necklace out of his brown trench coat. It was a dark golden chain that carried a ruby pendent.

Lady Throckmorton took the necklace and the deadly coldness of it made her shiver. ”Its a Tanzanian ruby, ” she said and threw it on to the table. ”A thing of rare beauty, but now it smells too much of death. ”

”It doesn belong to the vampires in our territory. They made it perfectly clear that it wasn theirs, and that they were not involved, ” Edgar said.

”Don trust the cold bastards, ” Lord Throckmorton snarled, clenching his fists. ”There isn a chance of them not knowing of any new blood-drinkers who cross their territories. ”

”Yes, ” Lady Throckmorton agreed. ”If it was a foreign troop of vampires, the locals should be aware. You cannot enter anothers territory without an invitation or permission. ”

”Whoever it is, I believe this necklace will lead us to them, ” Paul stated.

”I think I might know someone who could help us find the owner of the necklace, ” Elliott chimed, gathering everyones attention on him. ”I know of a warlock in Fallshire, who has a reputation to be a good dealer of jewels. ”

”Well then, ” said Edward. ”Paul and Edgar may join Elliott to go to Fallshire. The rest of us will hold our guards in Throckmorton and check on Birdwell. ”

Lady Throckmorton raised her hand, silently retorting her son.

”Firstly, we need to hold the funeral for the Birdwells. ” Lady Throckmorton held Edgars hands and said in a lower voice, ”We must ensure them a peaceful rest. Then we will slaughter their killers with no mercy. ”

”But that will slow us down, ” Edward protested. ”Mama, you can carry it on with Papa. ”

”Im not capable of mourning freely until we destroy those cold hearts, ” Paul agreed, standing up from his chair. ”I need to know why they killed everyone. We always had a good faith and distance with the vampires— how dare they? ” Paul gritted his teeth, frowned his eyebrows and clenched his fist.

”But I want to be there at the funeral, ” Edgar muffled, his eyes on his lap in an attempt to avoid Pauls eyes.

Pauls eyes darkened, ”Edi, we have to get them when they might be closer to us. ”

”I want to be there, ” Edgar repeated in a hard voice, his eyes still avoiding Paul.

”Its his choice, Paul, ” Lady Throckmorton said, ”You cannot force a boy to not attend his own familys funeral. ”

”Im not forcing him, ” Paul lashed out, his eyes flashing angrily. ”Why waste our time carrying flowers for our already dead family when we should be on the run to find the killers? ”

”Paul, you can get going with Elliott, ” Lord Throckmorton announced. ”Edgar can stay for the funeral. Your family would be pleased if at least one of you can be there before they rest forever. ”

Paul tried to find Edgars eyes hidden by the dark. Edgar didn want to look his brother in the eye. Their whole family was dead. He was still trying to believe hes not going to see them anymore. While his rage matched with that of his brother, Edgar knew he had a duty to their family to be present when they were being laid to eternal rest.

Paul took a deep breath and counted from ten to one in his head and spoke, ”If that is so, Im not leaving him behind. Well leave after the funeral. ”

Edgar glanced at his brother, who caught his eyes. The hard irises softened as they locked gazes, sharing a look of mutual desperation. They were together in this, they only had each other now from their immediate family.

Paul nodded at Edgar and left the room, his steps heavy with the weight of the world.

Elliott patted Edgars shoulder, ”All is for better. Both of you can perform the rituals for your family, together. ”

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