Vanessa left the mall and headed back home. She wanted to get prepared to attend the party that Kendra talked about. She knew she would need a dress but she couldn get one that she wanted with her little notes unless she was hiring one. She stared at the notes that were in her hands. She knew they were the ones she was supposed to buy a dress with or hire. Counting them together, they were only twenty dollars. That wasn enough to get a good dress to grace the event. She left her stepmoms house and headed to Joshs House. The door was unlocked, she quietly pushed it and walked inside.

Kendra was standing some inches away from Josh. They both looked at her and Kendra walked out of the house just looking at her with bored eyes. She didn say a thing to Vanessa instead, she threw a parcel in her face and walked out.

”She was looking for you, where have you been? ” Asked Josh when Vanessa walked into the house with a box in her hands.

”Sorry, I had gone to get the headsets that Sofie wanted. ” Vanessa lied that Sofie had asked her to get the headset and She paid for them. That was the dumbest explanation she gave. Josh didn look at the headsets, he knew that it was of no use to that.

He asked Vanessa to prepare for the party because Kendras car was to pick them up at four in the event. Vanessa looked at him. There is no day Kendra had visited their house. She has never stepped even in the area. She always claims that she can come into the house because the area was way below her class. Seeing her today in this place made her question herself. She didn know what they were saying before she came in but she didn want to think that Kendra and Josh had a thing going on. She knows Kendra can fall for Josh since he didn have a lot of money like Xander.

Sje opened the parcel and looked at the dress. It was a blue dress with a gown sweeping the floor. The out gown was the main thing holding the dress together. Vanessa smiled looking at the dress. It looked more expensive than she could afford.

”You need to take it back when you are done, those were the instruction. ” reminded Josh. Vanessa groaned. She thought the dress was hers, but now she has to return it. She thought of wearing some jeans and sneakers to the party than hiring a dress that was going to cost her all that. In her second plan, she still had to wear the dress to avoid annoying Kendra.

Placing the dress in the room she got a call from Sofie. Josh looked at her phone but didn say anything. Vanessa smiled at him and picked up the phone from the table.

Sofie was excited on the other side as she called her name. She loved being so cocky when she is talking to Vanessa. Vanessa knew that already and she was not planning to fall for fit it.

”So, are you coming we search for a dress? ” asked Sofie. Vanessa looked at the dress on the chair and she knew she can wear anything apart from that. Today was not the day to start an argument with Kendra. She informed Sofie that she got a dress and was going to meet her at the party.

Sofie was a bit disappointed but promised to come over for a makeup session which Vanessa agreed to. Josh watched the way she was excited to meet Sofie. He didn like Sofie even a bit after the wedding night. The way she was making advanced moves toward Vanessa and trying to push him away from her.

”I can get a makeup artist for you, babe, ” said Josh.

Vanessa knew to want it meant when Josh uses the words abe in his sentence. Its either he wanted to promise her another thing that he was not going to fulfill or he was going to start an argument about Sofie a hundred times.

”Please, can we stop that now? I know it will be cheap to get that from Sofie than from you. What about that? ” asked Vanessa. Josh was not happy with her, Vanessa made sure that she used her soft tone to avoid more drama with him.

Josh excused himself and told her to meet in the occasion venue since he had something to work on. Vanessa wanted to ask why she is using air quotes while talking about work. Instead, she kept quiet. She held the headsets from the box and made a scratch on it to look old just like Sofies.

Sofie arrived early than she had thought. She was from school and didn mind leaving his backpack lying around Vanessas room.

”So you live here with your baby boy? ”

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