Realm of Illusions

Crystal Cave Crisis

Millions of light-years away from Earth, a protectorate starship is escorting a bunch of students to a nearby exoplanet for field study. Professor Mahavir is responsible for teaching them about the newly discovered planets atmosphere composition, vegetation, and any intelligent life evolution patterns found during the excursion. They will also perform simulated and live gene experimentation on the native vegetation.

”Professor, did we find any new metals or ores on the planet? ” asked Ethan.

”We discovered many noble elements. And the noble elements are in solid forms. ”

”Wow, thats a discovery. We are so lucky to be stationed here. ”, Indira exclaimed.

” Yes, we are. The most unscientific thing is that the noble elements are in crystal forms. ”, the professor replied.

”Waaaaaahhhhhhh ”

”Waaaaaahhhhhhh ”

”Waaaaaahhhhhhh ”

The alarms on the ship blared suddenly. ”Please return to your seats immediately. ”, the captain advised. Reluctant to part away from the exotic planet scenery, the students sat neatly after the professors nagging.

”Ariel, Deploy the quantum thrusters, set the destination for the Protectorate base. ”

”Yes, captain. ”, replied the Universal A.I.

The miners are tunnelling into the caves containing crystal ores at the planets surface. ”Commander, there seem to be photon emissions from the ores as we dig in. Should we change from quantum drills to Giga-excavators? ” asked a soldier.

”Carry on; there are no radiations detected. We are nearing the core of the crystal structure. We can excavate the whole motherlode once we scan the whole cave for anomalies from the core. ”

” Yes, commander ”, he saluted and withdrew.

In the core of the cave, three objects radiating green, purple and golden lights are dancing around each other. However, if you look carefully, you can observe a golden Ankusa(elephant goad) revolving around a Green Lotus(33 petals). And the purple sphere sat in the centre, projecting a barrier around them.

They are phasing from one crystal statute to another. As the quantum drill made a precise hole into the inner hall(core) filled with crystal statues, a booming sound wave reverberated throughout the galaxy. The drill shattered, spilling the quantum fluids everywhere.

The three mysterious artifacts dashed into the cave walls. It almost looked like prisoners in the jail sprinting from the wardens when they were caught escaping.

”Commander Otto, hurry to the mining site. The drill exploded; we have casualties. ”, the deputy urged.

”Oh no, how did this happen? ”

”There seems to be a lot of pressure built up inside the cave core. We measured it in the testing operations, it was low, but suddenly it blasted out. ” the soldier replied, panicking.

”Man, wasn this planet rated D(low danger)? I thought I would have a peaceful posting this year. Deputy Aiden, do not inform the starship docking today of the details; for now, there are high-grade identities present in their roster this time. We can afford to mess up their schedule. ”

”Aren they just a bunch of students starting their studies? ”

”What do you know? There are shifters and a deviant this time. We have a combat corps legion playing nannies today. ”

”Then, lets contact the general for now and relay the full details. We will follow his orders. Just tell the ship not to visit this mining base and transfer their tasks to any subsidiary base. ”

”General Mahendra Varma, what do we owe the pleasure to grace your presence? ”, Professor asked mockingly.

”Cut the crap, geezer. There is an issue on the ground. Here are the details. Read them and decide whether we should turn back or continue. ” the general transferred the information from his quantum bit to the professor.

The professor frowned, ”Hmm, I thought it was just thunder from the cloud rain. Though it may become a

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