General Rana worked in the combat corps for 25 years. He was known for his fierce battle styles and ruthless strategies to eliminate threats against the protectorate. He was assigned to protect the three crucial people of the protectorate during this mission. He was just finishing the classified files on the shifters. He was amused to find some of the facts written inside the files.

”General Rana, we have a code black ”, shouted the Captain of the combat corps Stellar Ship.

General Rana questioned calmly, ”What is the situation on the surface? Any casualties? ”

”We don have any reports on the damage yet. But the shifters are still missing. We just received pods of many students; the professor is tallying all the students. ”

”What of our deviant? ”

” She is on the ship but passed out from intense shock. Her pod was the first to reach and warn us of the imminent danger. The pod also contains the shifters quantum signatures. ”

Scan the whole planet; even a molecule should not escape. Search for the life signs on the surface.

The crystallised land was slowly turning into transparent waters on the planets surface. Magi and Amaris were experiencing excruciating pain as their bodies were being destroyed and constructed simultaneously.

The transparent waters soaking their bodies provided some numbing to relieve the pain.

They looked at each other pitifully. Amaris said with his facing twitching,

” Bro looks like we are **ed. Huh ”

”Yeah, it feels like we just went on an excursion in hell for an hour, ” Magi said and groaned.

Magi was slowly descending into the waters due to the weight of the heavy elephant goad.

”I am going under, brother, look after Atis, and promise me to live a life full of bang enough for both of us ohahaohahaohaha ”, Magi said happily and laughed.

He made a peace sign and slowly drifted into deep waters.

”Goodbye, brother, go in peace. I will keep my promise If I live to see the sun. ”

Magis body sunk deep into the ocean and disappeared from Amariss vision.

When the green lotus piercing Echos spine bloomed, ultimately, a crescent blood moon rose from its centre and shone crimson light on Amariss body.

Echos body, exposed to the moonlight, started crystallising, and the lotus under him turned liquid and seeped inside him through the spinal column.

His body formed a fully crystallised outer layer. Inside the heavy crystal, his body was morphing, his cells mutating infinitely, and green fluid seeping through all his organs, tissues, skin, blood, and bones.

Finally, the crescent moon descended inside the crystal, forming a crescent moon tattoo on his forehead. Inside the crystal, his bodys transmutation has stopped. Echo, who couldn bear the pain, passed out the moment the outer crystal layer formed and was snoring peacefully right now.

Aboard the combat corps ship, everyone was running around to preserve peoples life who was on deaths door. Some of the students were missing their limbs.

The limb missing a part of it wasn bleeding at all, but at the edge of the cut, it was crystallised.

General Rana was holding the Professor by his collar and spoke in angst, ” You knew something was wrong on the planet; even when commander Otto warned of the situation, you still barged in foolishly. ”

What is your response to the students parents? You dumb Mthrfkr, what do you think the protectorate will do when it learns that we lost the two shifters? Idiotic pride is costing us so much pain.

He threw him away. From the moment humanity stepped toward the cosmos in its search for extra-terrestrial life, the human body evolved continuously under extreme conditions in space.

Each evolution was unique in its way, some drastic but most advantageous. Hundreds of different races started sprouting up on each planet depending on their living environment, actions, and works.

Each race wanted to reach the peak and rule them all. Particularly, races evolved in the direction of their physiques, organs, and strength and resorted to brutal wars immediately. The battles continued around the galaxy region for 900 years.

In the year 903 of the galactic wars, a race that evolved in the direction of Brain development joined the fray. Their weapon technology was leaps and bounds apart from the other races.

Once their evolution in the bodys neural system stabilised, they possessed the ability further to enhance their other body parts in any favourable direction.

They decimated entire systems and conquered all the other races in just two years. No one knew from which planet they came from or which star system they belonged. They just popped up suddenly and tamed every human being present in the galaxy.

They convened all the higher races and formed a council of 17 races(the top-ranked races in war to win), with the Shifters(what they called themselves) ruling over them all. Thats how the Protectorate came to form.

The Shifters were the new hegemony. They didn intervene in any matters of ruling the galaxy. Any decisions regarding functions of the protectorate were left to the 17 higher races.

The shifters only had three rules, one does not harm any one of them, two do not destroy any habitable planets environment, and finally, number three do not exterminate any race to extinction.

In the 5000 years of the Protectorates existence, the three rules were broken 179 times. Of them, the first rule was broken 19 times directly or indirectly.

Each time the people responsible for it were wiped out from top to bottom, everyone belonging to their organisation disappeared within a day of the news.

This time on the planet, two new budding Shifters and a potential deviant were present. The latter was safe, and the former two were missing.

The planet has wholly transformed into transparent waters. In the middle of the ocean present in the cosmos, Magis body was sinking downwards.

His consciousness was slowly dimming, darkness consuming his thoughts and his body deforming at a visible rate. Magis whole body broke down entirely and vanished from the Oceans deep waters.

On the surface of the ocean, a crystal coffin was floating seamlessly. It was emitting bright light rays in its surroundings. The waters in the ocean were being sucked into the coffin continuously.

After the coffin emptied all the water in the Ocean, a phantom image of a pure white ocean and a mountain at its centre flickered for a few seconds, and only the coffin was left.

General Rana ordered the officers to bring the coffin to the classified lab immediately after witnessing the phenomenon.

He contacted his superiors immediately. A gigantic brigadier warship transitioned to their coordinates within an hour and captured all the people present at the site.

The coffin was collected by the shifters personally. They were present in transparent gold combat suits. Their bodies were exhibiting a deterrent aura suppressing everything around them.

They performed every scan in their arsenal—Atomic, Spectral, Quantum, in all available frequencies. However, none provided answers.

In another part of the universe, or who knows where Magi opened his eyes. His whole body was sweating, and horror painted his face.

Was this hell/heaven, or the afterlife, or was he born again? But he possessed a childs body; his surroundings resembled a civilisation in a medieval setting.

While running around a stone mansion in fear, a few words greeted his vision.

Welcome to Wisdom System, Host.

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