With a strange gaze, Talaea struggled to remove her arm from Royina’s grip as she hung her body over the edge of the crib.
It wasn’t easy for her to get her arm out, especially since the crib was a bit too high for her.


Her legs and hips wobbled as she tried to put her feet on the chair.
Mia, the baby in front of her, was so cute with her small and chubby buttocks that Talaea forgot for a moment about rescuing her and just stared at her.


Talaea, who had been trying to do it on her own, eventually turned red and requested Mia’s help.


“Mia, can you help me?”


Only then did Mia grab Talaea’s waist and pull her out of the crib.
Talaea took a deep breath and looked at Mia before turning away.


Talaea had a tendency to try to do things that were impossible for a child’s body and only ask for help when she had no other choice.
It seemed that she was not pleased with having to ask for help this time either.

As it was something that helps the child’s independence, most of the time she just watched over without interfering but felt sorry today for not helping until Talaea asked herself.


“But how can our little lady be so cute even when she’s pouting?”


Unable to resist any longer, Mia hugged Talaea and kissed her cheek, admiring her puffed-up cheek and triangular eyes.


“Why are babies so cute?”


“Because they’re babies.”


She humored her for a moment, but eventually Talaea became annoyed and pushed Mia’s cheek away, saying so.
Talaea was the least baby-like baby Mia had ever seen.
But it was amusing how she seemed to know she was still a baby.


“Of all the babies I’ve seen, you’re the cutest and most adorable.”


“What about Rona?”

Since it was a job that helped the child’s self-esteem grow, most of the time Mia watched and gave a little help, but today, she felt sorry for not helping until Talaea spoke up, mixing in her own feelings.


“But how can our little lady be so cute even when she’s pouting?”


Mia couldn’t resist any longer and hugged Talaea, pinching her cheek as she looked at her puffy cheek and triangular eyes as if she was cute.


“Babies are cute by nature.”


After briefly indulging her, Talaea eventually became annoyed and pushed Mia’s cheek away, saying that way.
Talaea was the least baby-like baby Mia had ever seen.
But it was really funny to see her reaction as if she knew she was still a baby.


“You are the cutest and most adorable baby I have ever seen.”


“What about Lona?”


“Of course, Lona baby is also cute and lovely.”


At Mia’s answer, Talaea’s eyes widened for a moment, as if she had a wicked thought, and asked while making innocent eyes.


“Then who do you like more, Lona or me?”


It was a variant of the classic question of “Mom likes, Dad likes.”




“Since you’re always with Lona these days, you must like her more, right?”


“No, no! The baby needs more attention because she’s still so young.”


“Then do you like me more?”






Mia knew that Talaea was teasing her.
But since she couldn’t help but answer, she whispered softly in Talaea’s ear.


“I like Miss Tilly more.”

When Mia sincerely answered a joking question, an unmistakable joy appeared on Talleia’s face.
Now that she had given her answer, it was Mia’s turn to get revenge for being teased.


“Not yet.”




“Well, Tilly and I spent four years together, and you and I have only just met, so it’s natural that Tilly is better.
But little by little, Ronan will become better too.”


Talleia’s eyes began to narrow again.
Mia secretly giggled as she continued to tease Talleia.


“So you’ll be a good girl until the end, so you don’t lose my love, right?”


“You get an A+ for manipulation.”




“It says to describe your own thoughts, but in reality, the examiner has their own grading criteria, so they don’t care about the thoughts of the describer.”


“Um, okay?”


Mia, who thought Talleia would get angry, didn’t understand her cool judgment.
Talleia looked at Mia’s bewildered face and smirked as she spoke.


“But don’t worry.
If you get fifty more points from Royina later, your combined score will be 100.
When Royina can speak, ask her to give you fifty more points.”


Talleia, who didn’t reveal the unfair nature of the Korean scoring system where the average score is still 50, grinned at Mia who was still tilting her head.


From that laughter, Mia realized she had inadvertently touched on Talleia’s sore spot.
Since she needed to lighten Talleia’s mood before running into a difficult situation, even though there was a little snack time left, Mia asked the maid to bring Talleia’s snack.



“Miss, hello.”


Although I didn’t fully understand the conversation, it seemed like the nurse realized that I was disappointed with her playful response.
It was a belated attempt to score points, but I willingly accepted the bribe.




“Is it delicious?”


The nurse wiped away the cream on my mouth and smiled proudly.


“Our young lady eats snacks and meals well and is so pretty that you can’t even imagine.”


I opened my mouth again for another bite.
It was a sinful taste that would undoubtedly make me gain weight, but as a passive child, I hadn’t gained weight yet, just increased the size of my stomach.
I was in the process of paving the way to becoming a great pig, preparing for the inevitable weight gain.
To the nurse, who was unaware of my grand plan, I was just a pretty child who didn’t discriminate against peppers and carrots.


“What are you going to do after you finish your snack?”


“I’ll sleep well.
Sing me a lullaby.”


At the sound of her father saying she should go to bed, Yumo smiled, but her smile revealed her worry.
She seemed concerned because she was sleeping too much.
At one point, she even called a doctor to ask why she slept so much.
The doctor answered that there was nothing wrong with her body and that she might just be predisposed to sleeping a lot.


Since then, her father didn’t bring it up again, but he would wake her up if she slept too long, showing his concern.
On those days, even if she was grumpy and irritable because her sleep was interrupted, Yumo would just accept it.
He wanted to tell her not to spoil the child, but since he was the one causing the fuss, he couldn’t say anything.


“Well, I’m usually strict anyway.”


Besides, he was already grown up mentally, so he wouldn’t develop bad habits.
As he talked about his worries about Yumo, he muttered to himself, “What lullaby should I sing?” Then suddenly he looked at the clock and had to change his plans.


“Why are you like that?”


“I don’t want to sleep.
I want to play with Daddy.”


Today was a holiday, so he could visit Yurian, who was working at home, at any time.
He had finished his snack and Yurian had been in his office for more than four hours, so he had to pull him out and make him exercise.


So he decided to teach Yurian how to play like a child today.
Originally, playing like a child required a villain, a hostage, and a hero, not a mother, father, and baby.


“Dad, hello!”


As I burst into Yuri’s office without any warning, Yuri looked surprised at first, but then smiled brightly when he saw me.


“Tilly, did you come to see Dad?”


“Yeah, let’s play.”


“Our pretty one wanted to play with Dad.
Where should we go to play?”


“The garden.”


Yuri seemed to want to carry me, but I insisted on walking and dragged my rabbit doll along with me as we headed to the garden.
After surveying the garden, I tied the rabbit doll to a suitable branch and climbed up on a rock, using the rabbit’s ears to shout to Yuri.


“I’ve kidnapped your rabbits! If you want to get the hostage back, you have to follow my orders!”


Yuri, who had come to the garden to play with his lovely daughter rather than work, was a little surprised to be threatened like this.
But to play along, he asked what he should do.






“Do some warm-up exercises and run around this mansion once.
Got it?”

Upon my command, Yuri turned around to check the mansion behind us.
The mansion was divided into the main building and the annex, and we were currently in the central garden.
Behind the annex was a lake and a forest, so going around it once was almost impossible, especially for Yuri who lacked exercise.




“Oh! Don’t you want to get your hostage back?”


As I threatened the pitiful rabbit with a twig, Yuri looked at me with an even more confused expression.
It might seem like I was playing a prank on Yuri since he didn’t have any friends, but my intentions were not just a simple prank.


During the time Roxanna was pregnant with Royana, Yuri gained weight rapidly while eating together.
Unlike Roxanna who recovered her original body condition soon after giving birth to Royana, Yuri seemed to have no intention of exercising.


Sitting on his knees every day, I knew.
I knew that he was gaining weight around his belly and thighs because of sitting for long periods of time while working.
Just like my senior year in high school.
And such weight doesn’t come off easily.


“I have a question, um, so…”


“Call me the Demon King.”


“Yes, Demon King.
First of all, what kind of rabbit is that?”


“He’s a prince from a neighboring country.”


“What is the reason that I have to rescue the neighboring country’s rabbit prince?”


“The neighboring country’s rabbit prince has value for my father’s country.”


“What? Then it’s not really a good thing even if the rabbit prince is rescued, right?”


“That’s just the way the world works.”


I stood tall with my hands on my waist and shouted confidently, and Yurian grabbed his stomach and started laughing.
Actually, this story was quite realistic for Yurian right now.
As he said, it could mean taking on unnecessary responsibilities, but if done well, it could provide a pretext for intervening in the Kingdom of Celis.


Yurian never does anything that results in losses.
He may appear crying and foolish in front of his family, but he is a person with so much ability that he was able to wrest real power from nobles who had held it for centuries, in just ten years.
However, it remained to be seen whether this incident would result in a loss or a gain.


Yurian’s eyes momentarily became sharp, but when our eyes met, he smiled foolishly again, raised his hand and asked.


“Then I’ll ask one more question, Your Majesty.
What benefit would I gain if I rescue the hostage?”


“It’s simple.
We would gain the neighboring country.”


“I don’t want the neighboring country, Your Majesty.”

“Then just give the kingdom to the prince.
There’s nothing wrong with becoming friends with the neighboring country’s king.”




“If you’re trying to rescue a friend, then the condition doesn’t have to be the whole mansion, just running around the garden once will do.”


I pretended to be merciful, extending my chest.
Actually, I had no intention of making him run around the whole mansion from the beginning.
I had intended to lead the story as in the original setting for the protagonist, but the most important thing was the health and fitness of the rich father with a big belly.


Yurian, who was considering the condition of running around the garden, accepted my threat with a calm mind.
I ran alongside Yurian under the pretext of supervising.
Yurian was faster, but my stamina was better.
After completing a lap, Yurian breathed heavily as if it was difficult.


“Now you’re going to let the rabbit prince go?”




I released the rabbit and approached Yurian, touching his belly.
Now that we had started exercising once, it was time to give him shock therapy to exercise steadily.


“Daddy’s belly is bigger and softer than the rabbit prince!”


Yurian looked at me in shock, and I gave a pure smile and spoke firmly.


“Lose weight.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Once again, in today’s playtime, the great demon king maintained the peace and happiness of the household through hostages and threats.

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