Chapter 48.
Our Prologue (9)

Thanks to Karina and Owen who stood by her side, Chloe was able to avoid spending time on her own.
Nevertheless, she couldn’t do anything about the sinking feeling within her.


After being left on her own by Gerard, Chloe realized her position.
A supporting role in a beautiful love story.


The main characters would be leaving this banquet hall and writing their own story.
However, she had to stay here and endure the cold feeling of an unrequited love that no one knew.


When did she start having a crush on Gerard Blanchett? What was she so excited about?


‘Why did he say that my painting was appealing?’


His words were so sweet when he saw the painting that has been criticized by Catherine.


‘Why does he keep smiling at me?’


From the day they drank together, her heart pounded at his face that was adorned with a smile whenever they made eye contact.


‘Why did he take me to an art supply store when I didn’t look happy?’


They had a lot of fun that day.
Just thinking about him reminded her of that day and kept her smiling like a fool.


‘Why did he place a kiss on the back of my hand?’


The back of her hand where Gerard Blanchett placed a kiss on had burned for the rest of the day.


Therefore, it was all Gerard Blanchett’s fault.


She must have misunderstood because he treated her kindly for no reason.
As though she was the main character.


“There he is, Gerard Blanchett.”


Karina spoke in a low voice.
Chloe turned her head at that remark.


She was heartbroken for no solid reason when noticing his pale face.
He had seen Leila and Frederick kissing each other outside.
The scene of Gerard witnessing the kiss they shared appeared in the book she had been dreaming about.


Should she have told him not to go? In all honesty, it wasn’t entirely out of goodwill that she didn’t prevent Gerard from leaving the banquet hall earlier.
After watching such a scene, she held a wicked hope that he would give up on Leila.




However, Chloe felt horrible when seeing Gerard’s hurt expression.
She didn’t wish for him to feel this way.


She was fond of Gerard Blanchett, so she hoped a happy ending would eventually come his way, too.
If his happiness could only be fulfilled by Leila, she didn’t want to be greedy for him anymore.


‘Let’s stop hoping he will be hurt by Leila, and take advantage of his painful state as an opportunity for me to approach him.
Let’s not do that anymore.’


She wished for him not to be hurt more than the wish of staying by his side.
She decided to support his love.


She came to quite a strange conclusion.


Chloe exaggerated the conclusion she came up with as though it was the result of her noble love.
However, it was her subconscious, which was accustomed to giving up.


“Why does he look like he’s about to die? Let’s hear what the h*ll he’s going to say.”


Karina crossed her arms and glared sharply at Gerard.


“Sister, let me talk to him first.”


Chloe stopped Karina.
She didn’t want Gerard to get a scolding when his mind was already messed up.


“No, I want to hear how that smart Marquis will explain this.”


Karina said with a snort.


Chloe looked at the Crown Prince beside her for help.


“Huh? Karina, let’s get out of the way so that they can talk on their own.”




“I’ll summon Gerard later and say every harsh thing that comes to mind.
How dare he leave my sister-in-law alone in the banquet hall? I can’t let this one slide!”


“Never mind that.
I’m going to talk to him now.”


Karina said without taking her eyes off Gerard.


“Wait a minute.
Isn’t this the waltz that you like so much, Karina? We have to go and dance together.
Shall we, my love?”


“No, Your Highness! Wait!”


Owen wrapped his arms around Karina’s waist and dragged her to the center of the banquet hall.
He didn’t miss the opportunity to wink at Chloe right before they took their leave.


“You… have to complain to him properly, got it?”


Karina warned Chloe as she was being dragged away.
Chloe smiled awkwardly.


“I got it.”


Gerard, who walked up to Chloe, appeared exhausted.


“Your expression… Is everything all right, Sir?”


“Uh, young Lady Roem.”


Gerard looked reluctant, as if he felt guilty about what he was going to say.


“I’m not feeling well, so I think I should go home now.
I’m sorry, young Lady.”


“…Don’t mind me.
Go ahead and return.”


“I’m really sorry about this.”


Chloe knew.
Gerard would leave the banquet hall and head straight to Stein Residence.
And he would confess to Leila tonight.


It was the fate he set for himself.


“No problem.
Please go ahead.”


And Chloe had no choice but to respect his decision.




However, things got strange.
After the Imperial banquet, Gerard Blanchett visited Chloe Roem and began seeking dating advice from her.


“Young Lady Roem, what should I do?”


“Sir, won’t it make sense if you think about it yourself?”


Chloe answered while lifting her teacup.

“No, because Leila won’t meet me.”


Gerard explained, pressing his temples as though his head was throbbing.
Leila never met with Gerard after hearing his confession.


What on earth should he do in this kind of situation? He felt as though he had been thrown into a maze without knowing how to escape it.
It was hard to believe that Leila, his only friend and first love, disappeared.


“Even when I visit the Stein Residence every day, she doesn’t want to meet me… I don’t know what to do at this point.”


“Wait, you’re paying her a visit everyday?”


Chloe asked out of surprise.




Gerard remained calm as though he didn’t understand what the problem was.


“You’re really doing that?”


“But, there’s nothing wrong with it…”


Chloe didn’t know where to start, so she couldn’t speak easily.


“After being confessed to, Leila proceeded to avoid you, right?”


“Yes, it was like that.”


Gerard was taken aback when Chloe guessed that he had confessed to Leila.
Did Leila tell her about it?


“And isn’t Leila’s action, avoiding you, her answer to your confession? Leila might think that you’re not respecting her decision by visiting the Stein Residence every day.”


“No, but! Then… Do you mean I have to wait?”


“Leila needs time to organize her thoughts.
Don’t push her too hard.”




“And why don’t you also take some time to think while you’re waiting? Now that you’ve got an answer from Leila, I think you have to show respect to her answer.”


Gerard was in a dilemma after hearing Chloe’s calm words.
Certainly, as she said, he also thought it was necessary.


He couldn’t afford to be relaxed now.
Therefore, he kept doing things that he wouldn’t do normally.
He certainly needed to get a hold of  himself.


When he heard what Chloe Roem said, his emotions that were about to burst could finally be held back.
His rational thoughts began to suppress his emotions as he listened to her soft voice.


“Phew, I see.
As you said, young Lady, I think we both need time.”


“Yes, that’s great.”


Chloe smiled lightly at Gerard.


Gerard suddenly thought about something.
He could understand why Leila sought advice from Chloe.


Chloe had an amazing talent of easily making people feel comfortable.


At some point, Tuesday Tea Time had turned into Gerard’s dating counseling session.
Leila avoided Gerard, so all of that time became Chloe and Gerard’s.


Tuesday Tea Time continued even without Leila.
Gerard’s worries were endless, so it was quite different from when it was canceled due to Leila’s absence.


Something shifted between them.
However, they didn’t realize it.




Chloe helped Gerard wholeheartedly.


She made an opportunity for Leila and Gerard to meet.
Not only that, but she also pushed Gerard forward when Frederick and Leila fought.


He couldn’t hand over the herbs he personally acquired when Leila got poisoned, so she delivered them for him.
He couldn’t even give her a present because he was afraid she would feel pressured.


‘Is this really the same person who used to visit the Stein Residence every day?’


Chloe, who came to see Leila, grumbled while waiting in the drawing room of Stein Residence.


“Young Lady Roem, please let me lead you to young Lady Leila’s room.”


Chloe replied with a nod and followed the servant to Leila’s room.


Knock, knock.


“I’m coming in, young Lady.”


The servant knocked on the door engraved with colorful patterns and opened it.




Leaning against the headboard of her bed, Leila looked bright when she saw Chloe.


Leila looked beautiful, but also somewhat sickly.
Her skin was dry and her lips were chapped.
Nevertheless, Chloe was relieved seeing her complexion had returned to normal compared to the last time she visited.


“How are you feeling, Leila?”


Chloe hurriedly walked up to Leila and clasped her friend’s hand.


In fact, Chloe knew Leila would be poisoned through the book in her dream.
However, all she did was tell her to be careful with the food she ate.


She knew the poison wouldn’t put Leila in danger, and this event was necessary to deepen Leila’s bond with Frederick.


However, when she saw her sickly friend, she felt remorse.
If she had done more, Leila wouldn’t be sick.


However, she wasn’t sure if she could handle a twisted future.


Chloe was confused.
It was so difficult for her.


“My health is improving a lot.
Derick has not left my side.”


Leila smiled heartily as if showing Chloe she was getting better.


“Actually, I was with him until a while ago, but when he heard you were going to visit, he went left for a while.”


Leila kept talking about Frederick.
Leila’s eyes sparkled when she talked about Archduke Anata.


Chloe knew what Leila’s gaze meant.


Her gaze resembled Gerard’s when he was looking at Leila.
And how she looked at Gerard.


It was the gaze of someone in love.

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