Lewis Hebron will be used as the name.
This is to differentiate in reading because if they are read out loud, they are the same.
Just like what the author used.

루이스=Lewis, this is what the author used in the 2nd chapter.
루이=Louis, this is what the author used in the first chapter.

The Duke of Vreio hired five professional translators to study ancient books before.

The books they translated was limited to practical knowledge that the duke needed, such as magic and swordsmanship.

Due to that, these fairytale books are left without a translated version.
Reading them would be quite a challenge, and above all, I had no old books to read more.

Right now I am reading,

It was an ancient book classified as a fairytale by the Duke of Vreio’s librarian.

Among the fairytale books I read, there are some that were used as introductory books by those studying ancient languages.
They were simply written with only very basic words.

However, was not used as an introductory book for ancient language.

The content was lacking and there were a lot of words that could not be interpreted yet.

But these aren’t a problem for me.
I have already interpreted this more than 90 per cent.

“If you could truly grant my wish, I could really offer my soul!”


A handful of blood came out of my mouth.

Time is running.
There should be no more delays.

Even if it was just a fairytale, I have to try it as long as there was a possibility.

I turned over the pages.

There was nothing special about it.

This fairytale is saying that neither evil nor good beings brought threats to the world, and that good and evil gods joined forces to seal ‘someone’.

The myth was similar to the creation myth of the ‘Armans’, which was the main religion of the Kingdom of Xenon in the last few centuries.

The last chapter was full of unknown symbols and letters.

No one paid attention to it, except me.

A magic line was created by combining symbols and letters.
But I couldn’t implement it because I didn’t even have a handful of magic.
If my interpretation is correct, this magic asked for life, not mana.


The page was splashed with blood.

The paper, which looked as if it would crumble right away, illuminated as soon as blood was on it.

‘What’s this pattern?’

I looked at the pattern on the paper that touched the blood.

No, I think I am familiar with it.

Two diagonal lines intersected and soared sharply, and the same-shaped line was reversed and interlocked.

At the center of the lines, drawn in different direction, was a diamond.

‘This, this is….’

It was similar to ancient magic.

I had to live.
No, I must live.
Now that I’m faced with a bit of possibility, I have no reason to hesitate.


The light wafted.

It wasn’t a book, it was an ignition in my head.

I wrote down the contents that were quickly organized in my head on the floor.
I drew a magic pattern with my fingertips, not a pen.
The magic pattern was not complicated.
I didn’t need ink either.
It was more meaningful if I were to draw it with the blood that I shed.


I felt like I could soon see something beyond human limits.
The limit seemed to be in my hands.

As soon as I was about to faint, I felt something hot in my stomach.
A terrible pain that made my eyes turn upside down.

“You, you….”

I saw a murderous look in his eyes.
It wasn’t a vision.
My mind was sharper than ever before.


Someone tried to kill me, and his attempt was a success.
The triumphant look in his eyes proved it.

At that moment, someone whispered in my head.

‘Your wish is at my command.’

* * *

I felt a lump in my body and felt heavy.

My back was sore, and I smelled something fishy.

When I woke up, I saw a low ceiling.

‘What? Did I lose my mind and fall asleep in the barn?’

I was lying in a bed.

I forced myself up and looked around.

This was a shabby room for what the duke can afford.

When I opened the door and went outside, I heard a buzz.

Someone was coming.

“Young master, are you up?”

A woman in shabby clothes greeted me with a smile.

Dare to make eye contact with the duke’s son, it was clear that she had not been properly educated as a maid.

“You are…”

I tried to point out the maid’s mistake, but I soon remembered who she was.

Somehow I knew that woman is named Maryam.

Baroness Hebron worked for the Duke.
She took care of me before I was locked up.

“Maryam? Why did the baron’s servant—!”

Suddenly, I had a headache.

Memories and emotions that I didn’t know poured in at once and filled my head.

“Young master?”


“Young Master!”

* * *

When I came to my senses, I became the eldest son of Baron Hebron.


My father, the Duke of Vreio, called him the grass-eating Baron Hebron.

He was once the Marquis of Hebron, one of the founding contributors to the Kingdom of Xenon, but was told to become a baron due to the family’s decline.

Hebron was a family living in a hurry to collect taxes and pay them to the royal family every year.

In such a humble place, I became Lewis, the eldest son of nineteen.

Lewis Hebron (루이스) and Louis Vreio (루이)

Born in the same generation, with the same name but talent and environment were completely different.

“It’s completely erased!”

Even a poor male young master had a study room.

Inside there were mostly manuscripts, but some books recorded the blood ties of high-ranking nobles, including the royal family.

The Duke of Vreio.

Following the list of Xenon’s royal family members was the Duke of Vreio.

The list was updated annually.

If a family pays taxes to the royal family, t

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