roducing someone to me.
Your brother is gay! His vision is different from us straight men’s.”

“His vision is better than yours—a straight man’s, I can assure you.”

Chong Zhen took out a crumpled packet of cigarettes from his pocket and handed over one of the cigarettes.
He Wei looked down, only to see that the shreds of tobacco were exposed: “Did you pick it up on the road? It’s all crumpled.”

“Sorry to say, but didn’t you tell us to go and be Spiderman? I put the cigarette in my trouser pocket, and it became like this after untying the safety rope.”

“Did you find anything?” He Wei wiped the cigarette and lit it up, and Chong Zhen waved his hand: “Now is the rest time.
The case will be discussed when we return to the bureau at dawn.
Can you have any other hobbies besides investigating cases? No wonder you still don’t have a partner after all this time.”

He Wei smiled lightly, took only a few puffs of the cigarette, and had already walked to the door of his dormitory.
Chong Zhen held a cigarette in his mouth and put his hands in his trouser pockets: “Didn’t Old Zheng say that he would change your dorm room after he was promoted? How come there has been no movement until now? Why don’t you urge him?” 

The “Old Zheng” he mentioned was Zheng Furui, the chief of the Shengzhou City Bureau.
The former captain of the criminal investigation unit had just retired this year, so Chief Zheng brought He Wei up and offered to change dormitories.
The bureau had planned for a new dormitory two years earlier, and it was built according to the popular small single apartment and was also arranged for him.  

That’s what was said, but there were no movements in the follow-up.
Three months passed in a flash, and the small apartment was still unoccupied.
He was not in a hurry and didn’t care at all; it was just a place to sleep for him.
The new dormitory was some distance away from the bureau, and it would just delay him in handling the case. 

“What’s there to rush? It’s not that you’re moving, so be positive.” He Wei opened the door, “See you tomorrow morning; don’t be late.” 

In this 15-square-meter dorm, things were arranged extremely neatly.
Large furniture consisted of only a bed, a wardrobe, and a desk.
The sheets were not wrinkled, the quilt looked like a block of tofu, and the color was monotonous black and white.
The whole room was spotless, from the window sill to the floor, so clean that it was almost lifeless.     

Chong Zhen took a look and shook his head: “It’s still the same; how does it smell like a single man? Cleanliness is a disease, and it needs to be cured.” 

He Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
He told him to go back to his doghouse.
Thinking that the other party usually throws his socks and forgets to wash them for a few days, where did his confidence come from? 

After closing the door, He Wei went to take a shower, and when he came out in a quarter of an hour, it was already daylight. 

Well, there was no point in sleeping.
He Wei took out the transcript made by Yun Xiaoxiao and looked it over carefully.     


At eight o’clock in the morning, the Municipal Bureau was already busy.
He Wei was carrying the steamed buns and soy milk bought in the cafeteria.
The colleagues he met along the way greeted him one after another, “Morning, Unit Captain He” and “Hello, Captain He”.
He also ran into Heng Luzhou, the second in command of the anti-drug unit, head-on, who was rushing out with his people in a hurry, and was about to go on a mission.

“Leaving so early?” He Wei asked, and Heng Luzhou rushed over while putting on his coat: “Yeah! I’ve received a reliable tip that the leopard has come out of the mountain! I’ve been after him for more than two years, and this time I have to arrest him back with my own hands!”

He Wei told him to walk slowly, wishing his brother a successful completion of the mission.
He had just inserted the straw into the soy milk when Heng Luzhou flew past him, and in the blink of an eye, the steamed stuffed bun and soy milk in He Wei’s hand disappeared.  

“I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so how can I have the energy to fight drug dealers?” Heng Luzhou took a bite of the steamed stuffed bun and waved at He Wei, “Thank you, A-Wei; I’ll treat you to dinner later!” 

“……” He Wei looked at his empty hands, then at the door, only to see that the robbery suspect had disappeared.
He murmured to himself: “I’ve already been robbed a few times; if you talk about treating me, you should really treat me.”  

He walked into the big office with empty hands.
Everyone was busy with their work.
Xia Liang was watching the surveillance video as he ate the cake in his hand.
But as soon as he looked up and saw the captain staring at him, he quickly put the cake in his hand into the drawer: “I will definitely watch the surveillance carefully; don’t worry, Captain He.” 

He Wei didn’t mean to stop him from having breakfast at all; he was just thinking about whether to buy another breakfast or not.
At this time, a box of yogurt was handed to him.
He Wei raised his head, and the owner of the white wrist bent their eyes and smiled at him: “I just witnessed Brother Heng’s robbery scene at the door; this is for you.” 

“Thank you.” He Wei took a glance at it.
It turned out to be mango yogurt, so he didn’t reach out to pick it up.
“I’m allergic to mangoes.”     

“You allergic to mangoes too?” Zheng Youqing was surprised, “Captain He, do you have an allergic constitution? Last time I bought you lychees and pineapple, you also couldn’t eat them.”     

He Wei nodded.
He was naturally allergic to many foods.
Sometimes it showed on the skin, causing skin rashes; sometimes it showed in the body, causing throat edema, difficulty breathing, etc.
Especially with the seafood, the allergy was the most serious, so he couldn’t even touch it.
This might be part of the reason for his cold personality.
Food was one of the most important things for the people.
God tied his mouth, and he couldn’t eat many things and satisfy his most basic appetite, so his desire for other things was even shallower.   

Zheng Youqing returned to his seat and took out a box of strawberries from the drawer: “Can this be eaten?”

In the transparent plastic box were delicious, plump strawberries.
He Wei took one and stuffed it into his mouth: “Has the trace inspection report come out?

“A part of it came out.
At dawn, Sister Lan asked Luo Ying to send some, but there are still a few identification results that haven’t come out.”

He Wei covered the strawberry box, returned it to Zheng Youqing, and asked Yun Xiaoxiao to call the forensic department for an immediate meeting.

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