Shen Chi carefully avoided the street corner and saw no one before walking out.


It’s only four o’clock in the morning, so it’s normal for everyone to be at home at the end of December.


In December, there was still snow on the streets of Taiyuan that hadn’t completely melted in the last few days.
He squinted and looked up at the gray sky and smiled coldly.


His current body did not have a keen sense of heat or cold at all.
In fact, in a few years, this kind of weather would be a luxury for humans.


December 31.


The day of the end.


At this time, almost everyone is still asleep.




Shen Chi did not hesitate to smash the glass of a small clothing store down the street, and as he expected, the alarm, which was only for decoration, did not ring at all.


During peacetime, stores with fake alarms could be found everywhere.
He casually swept the rows of floor-to-ceiling glass store’s interior and didn’t even see a single fire extinguisher.
Moreover, Shen Chi had observed that the camera hanging above is not powered at all.


Even if the camera had captured it, who would pay attention to the theft of a clothing store after today?


Feet in fine black boots stepped in.


Shen Chi stopped in front of the full-length mirror of this small clothing store.


The look in the mirror was no stranger to him.
He was wearing a worn-out military jacket and a dark v-neck.
He looked agile, handsome, and slender.
But in reality, it seemed the whole body was low-key gorgeous, and even the accessories were incredibly sophisticated.


The eyebrows, in particular, were familiarly handsome and elegant, but the gentleness was gone, leaving only a cold indifference and a bit of gloom.


Anyone who had lived through fifteen years of the end of the world and three years of being sliced and studied in a research institute would never have that soft expression again.


Putting the Qian ji xia into his backpack, Shen Chi tried hard to smile before pulling out a not-so-stiff smile.


(T/N: Qian ji xia is a cosplay prop)



Once again, he’s still dressed as a tang with the game system and skills, but he’s no longer as naïve as he was.


The price of trust recently was too high, and behind the seemingly beautiful pursuit, there were actually many crises and difficulties.


So what if he had a game system, so what if he had game skills? His abilities were both a blessing and a curse.
He was different from all those humans who had awakened their powers, and because of this difference, the high profile brought him endless despair.


Therefore, this time, he just needed to live his life quietly and never give his trust easily again.


He would never end up like that again, never!


The person in the mirror was still smiling.
His smile gradually became more natural.


But it’s just a disguise.
A decade or two in the end times, as long as you’re not too stupid, you will always do it.


He hid the headdress and tied it in a simple bundle with a black loop from the sales counter.
Then, he put on a knit sweater, pants, a pair of faux calf leather boots from this little clothing store, and a gray trench coat that’s not too thick.
After all, it’s winter, so there weren’t many thin clothes.
But the reason Shen Chi came to this store was that there were some off-season discounts.
He wrapped up some of his clothes, pants, and shoes that he could fit into his leather jacket, pants, and boots; in a thick canvas that was laid out on the counter, threw in all the leather gloves in the store, hesitated for a moment, and then opened and stuffed four or five down jackets in there.
The pile of clothes was packed into a big bag, and with one hand, it was put into a game backpack that was invisible to the others.


He didn’t have a lot of compartments in his backpack for a single item of clothing, but if he were to pack a large bag, he would have a “bag of clothes” in his backpack, occupying o

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