Escape from the playground (2)


Perhaps others had not seen it, but he had seen it clearly, as most of his attention was on Zhang Kaiyi.


  He saw with his own eyes as Zhang Kaiyi seamlessly broke a few small stones on the stone pier beside him, and then quietly threw them on the ground.


  The woman was unlucky; it was she who stepped on it and sprained her foot.


  Zhang Kaiyi was such a selfish person.
Perhaps he simply doesn’t want to take a burden with him.
With his intelligence, although he cannot see the scene outside, he possibly also knew that it is no better than this amusement park.
This is the end of the world, there is no pure land or heaven.
Therefore, he must make preparations early.
If he were to bring these people out, they would want to follow him all the time, and it won’t be easy to raise them.
From his heart, maybe he only wants an expert like Shen Chi and some still useful young men.
The old and weak women and children, he wants to leave them here.


  He himself was equally selfish and cold, but he didn’t have the face to do it openly.
He could only use some insidious methods to cover up and put the blame on others.


  Moreover, he may not want to see Shen Chi’s ability again.
In Zhang Kai’s opinion, it is good that Shen Chi himself is an ability user, but for the sake of his son, he doesn’t show his true ability in case something goes wrong.
It’s not worth the loss.
Zhang Kaiyi likes an expert like Shen Chi.
He has an obvious weakness.
He was easy to control.
The father of a child should be soft-hearted.

” ”


  Sure enough, Zhang Kaiyi was still the same Zhang Kaiyi.


  A large number of zombies rushed over, not just from the house, but also from the front road.


 ”Dad, that man is really bad.” Shen Liu Mu whispered in Shen Chi’s ear.


  Shen Chi chuckled.
Unexpectedly Liu Mu also saw it, so he took the opportunity to educate his son, “This is the apocalypse, people’s hearts are unpredictable.
Liu Mu must remember, do not easily trust anyone.”


 ”En got it, Dad, I only trust Dad.”


  ”Good boy!”


  The white dart light flashed from time to time.
Shen Chi finally took out the Qian Ji Xia.
He was not the Virgin Mary, but since Zhang Kai wanted to see his ability, he would show it to him!


  Zhang Kaiyi was shocked to find that Shen Chi was gone! His figure disappeared from his side in an instant! Then, the nearby zombies suddenly fell to the ground!


  Then Shen Chi’s figure appeared again as if it had never disappeared.


  The light effect of the Qian Ji Xia was too conspicuous when the natural abilities were not yet powerful.
Shen Chi does not want to draw attention to himself for the time being, so he can only hide first, then come with a shot of cracking stones Ballista.
The group damage skill under the heart method of the secret alarming feather technique.
The damage effect was quite good.


  ”Go!” Shen Chi said hurriedly, “There are too many zombies I can’t help it!”


  Zhang Kaiyi sighed with relief and smashed the head of a zombie with one fist.


  There were too many zombies, and they all rushed towards them.
Apart from Shen Liu Mu, who had seen too many these days, as well as Shen Chi and Zhang Kaiyi, others felt that they were done for.


  The ability users were not afraid of the zombie’s attack.
Shen Liu Mu, leaning on Shen Chi’s body, watched on unfeelingly as others were swamped by the zombies, splattered their blood and ate their flesh.


  Shen Chi could not save too many people.
He only saved the small waitress with steady and ruthless hands, she was not slow in running, and the silent tall cook.
The rest of the people did not manage to live.
When the zombies rushed out, the female students who could not do anything except for crying and screaming were the first to suffer.
At this time, no one would want to save the “culprit” Cao Ninghao mother and son.
They were caught by the zombies early and lost their lives.
The remaining middle-aged man ran very fast, waving his stick indiscriminately just darting around, but Shen Chi saw that there were quite a few scratch marks on his body caused by the zombies-


  Even if he doesn’t die, he will soon become a zombie.


  Even those several young men were only half remained.
When they gradually ran near that small door, out of the twenty-three people who were with Zhang Kaiyi, only Shen Chi, Shen Liu Mu, the cook and the three pale male youths were left.
Shen Chi was surprised that the mother and daughter of that family of three also survived.


 ”Mr Shen.” The mother opened her mouth for the first time as she gently put down her daughter in her arms, “I want to make a deal with you.”


  Shen Chi frowned and looked at this mother who had a calm appearance.


  ”I want to talk to you alone.”


  Shen Liu Mu hugged Shen Chi’s neck tightly and did not let go.


    “If you have anything to say, just say it here.
After all, we all escaped together.
” Shen Chi said lightly.


  That mother sighed and patted her daughter’s head, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it.” She rolled up her sleeve, only to see several bone-deep wounds on her white arm.


  Shen Chi was silent.
He can clearly see the direction of the wound.
It should be to protect her daughter.


  ”My family owns a grain and oil store, and there are five grain and oil stores in Shanghai all run by my husband and me.” Her tone was elegant: “At times like this everyone knows that money and everything else turns into waste paper, but grain and oil will never go out of date.
The outside world and the playground are the same.
I’m afraid my store has long been invaded.
However, we have a grain and oil warehouse in a remote location.
My husband just bought the goods a few days ago.
From that day on, I have kept this key carefully.
I dare not say anything else.
The grain and oil in that warehouse at this time can be said to be priceless.”


  Zhang Kaiyi’s eyes lit up.


  Shen Chi found that she was a very smart woman.


 ”Mr Shen, I trust you, I know you are capable, and I am willing to trade this key for a promise.” She said sincerely, “I won’t ask you to protect my daughter for long, just send her to Room 102, Block 3, Chenghui District, near the Bund.”


  However, even if she was smart, Shen Chi still hates women who give him trouble.


 ”Here, Brother Zhang is more capable than me.” Shen Chi suddenly spoke.


  However, this mother looked at him stubbornly.


  Obviously, in these days, she saw the true face of Zhang Kaiyi.


  Shen Chi’s eyes were more cold and calm than hers.


  Her eyes gradually turned red, and she could only say, “Brother Zhang, please, I will only tell you the location of the warehouse.”


  Only then did Zhang Kaiyi stepped forward.


  Shen Chi looked coldly at the three youths exchanging glances with each other and smiled faintly.


  What about grain and oil? There is always one day to finish eating.
Not to mention, since this is on the Bright road, it was too hot.
Shen Chi didn’t plan to go there.


  Zhang Kaiyi has the means and schemes, but in the end, he still has no experience of the end times.
Everyone has to fall a few times to understand.


  It’s a pity that he met Shen Chi in this life, and Shen Chi decided to let him fall and never get up again.


  In his last life, he opened the door to the people of the research institute.
In this life, Shen Chi will always let him taste the betrayal willingly, otherwise, it would be too cheap to kill him like this.


  Holding Shen Liu Mu, he followed Zhang Kaiyi’s ambitious pace with calm steps.


  The bustling Shanghai was filled with endless depression and desolation in just a week.
The voices of the past have all disappeared, leaving only empty streets, broken windows and the zombies roaming in the streets.


  The more densely populated and prosperous the city, the more dangerous it is in the end times.
That was the case in Shanghai.
Looking at the zombies outside the car window, the atmosphere inside the car was dull.
No one dared to speak.


  At this time, the scene outside completely broke their last fantasy.


  Not only the playground, but the whole world was already a real apocalyptic world.




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