out it.
It must have been put by Zhang Kaiyi.
It was a remote place and hard to find.
It was really a good place to hide things.
The game backpack can not hold so many things.
In the end, he just took a large bag of rice noodles and threw them into the backpack.
Then he put two very large oil and soy sauce barrels with faucets in the warehouse into the backpack.
Fortunately, eggs and salted duck eggs are stackable.
However, there were only 200 compartments.
The eggs alone filled seven compartments, a total of 1400 eggs and 400 salted duck eggs.
The things in his game backpack will never break.
Unfortunately, his backpack is only this big.
Instead, all the seasoning in the warehouse was swept away and wrapped into a large piece of canvas.
After the end of the world, in a few years, these things were more expensive than rice and noodles! Most of the land was contaminated.
The limited land was mostly used to grow things like sweet potatoes, peanuts, rice and wheat.
If you can’t eat enough, who still has the heart to grow other things? Of course, the seasoning was sharply reduced.


  After the end of the world, it seems that except for the very first week in the playground; they were being raised by someone.
They simply did not care much about food.
Shen Chi also did not make food for Liu Mu.


 In fact, at this time, he has decided to part ways with Cheng Pei as soon as possible.
If things go smoothly after going to the seaside, he will not go back at all for half a month.
When the day is almost over, he will drive directly to Rugao, which was the location of the B-class zombies.
Getting higher-level crystal nuclei was the most important.
Originally, he and Liu Mu, two people, had been using crystal nuclei in their backpacks to survive.
Later, when hunting, he could only dig crystal nuclei from the zombies he secretly hunted at night.
Now there is one more Ji Jia.
Shen Chi felt it was not enough.
The more powerful the ability user is, the more crystal nuclei they can absorb.
He himself was the same.
When he was someone else’s subordinate, there was no way he could let go of his hand or at least find a new shield after he had stored enough goods.


 As night fell, Ji Jia shrank into the back seat of the car, her stomach rumbling with hunger.



  ”Come on.
Get out of the car.
I’ll go get something to eat.”


  In the woods by the highway, Shen Chi saw two bright eyes flashing by.


  Whether evolved or unevolved animals, they are all edible.
Shen Chi got out of the car with his two children.
But before he could lift his feet, he saw several zombies with glowing green eyes wandering around the edge of the woods.


  This place has been desolate since the end of the world.
The roadside of the highway, which used to be quite clean, was now overgrown with weeds.
These zombies should be people who died in a car accident when the end of the world came.
They were all grotesquely shaped, and quite disgusting.
Shen Chi just wanted to raise his hand to clean up these zombies, but he suddenly looked into the woods.


 ”Hurry, on the law of imperial edict!” A clear voice suddenly cut through the night sky.
A pure qi soars to the sky!


  The few zombies immediately slowed down.
Then, they were split by several lightning bolts into a charred black colour.
They fell down at once, giving off an unpleasant smell.


   A figure much shorter than expected had appeared in Shen Chi’s vision-

  Huh, this looks like just a kid! And his dress gives people a very subtle sense of confusion so that one would never mistake him for a Taoist priest.


  In his previous life, Shen Chi had seen Taoist priests.
The robes of Wudang Taoists were quite fresh and elegant, gracefully fluttering like an immortal.
They looked very valiant and formidable, with a double-edged steel sword.
The young Taoist priest in front of him had his hair tied.
He was wearing a square scarf and a yellow Bagua Taoist robe.
He looked like a weird Taoist priest that ran out of those old Hong Kong horror movies.
However, seeing this little Taoist with a solemn face and his life value longer than ordinary people, he knew that he could not really take him as a small actor who ran on the wrong set, especially after he just showed his skills like that.

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