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Kill (Part 1)


“You want to follow me voluntarily?” Shen Chi narrowed his eyes, “What if I ask you to kill someone?”


Ming Yue did not hesitate, “Until I pay back the kindness of Sir, even if my sins are difficult to get rid of, I will not leave.”


Shen Chi: “……” I quit.
This is simply a small Taoist priest without moral values, OK!


“So, from today on, you are my boss!” The little Taoist took out a peach wood card from his pocket and handed it to Shen Chi respectfully.
“This is the highest token of the Maoshan sect.
It can drive away all evils.
As long as it’s with you, I can’t leave without permission.”


“What do you mean?” Shen Chi raised his eyebrows.


Ming Yue’s long and slender fingers were on the peach wood card.
Shen Chi saw the peach wood card in his hand glowed with a faint and strange red light.
“Ming Yue”, the two words faintly appeared on the peach wood card.


“This master peach wood card hides a drop of my heart’s blood.
It can protect Sir well.
If I do not retrieve the peach wood card/tablet, I will not leave.
Once the wood card/tablet is broken, it will be like a thousand arrows through my heart.
The pain will be unbearable.”


Shen Chi immediately moved to break the wooden card/tablet.
Ming Yue’s face turned white and he reflexively shouted in shock, “Don’t!”




Just a look at his appearance, and Shen Chi knew that this little Taoist priest did not lie.
Even if a person is good at disguising, his split second expression can’t deceive people.
So he threw the peach wood card/tablet into his backpack.
In this life, he is not gonna give it back to Ming Yue.


And the moment the peach wood card entered the backpack, the expression of Ming Yue changed on the spot〗∷… He did not lie.
The peach wood card contained his heart blood, but to tell the truth, he also had a way to get it back.
But what is this? How could he have lost contact with the peach wood card in an instant?


Instantly, Ming Yue felt like he had jumped into a pit he dug himself……


“Well, now that you’ve become our own people, eat ba.” Shen Chi pointed to a few other dishes.


Ming Yue immediately put that hesitation to the back of his mind.
For this food, even selling his life to this person in front of him is worth it ah!


Looking at the three little heads in front of him, Shen Chi sighed.
He really could not understand why after being reborn, he became a professional child collector ……




However, he picked up Ji Jia because he knew that this girl was talented.
This Ming Yue seems to have some little intentions/thoughts, but the intentions/thoughts were not big enough to deceive him.
Even if he pretends to play God, in the end, he was still a little immature and young boy.


After dinner, the three little ones got into the car.
As usual, Liu Mu sat in the passenger seat, while Ming Yue and Ji Jia sat in the back seat.


“Change that Taoist robe of yours.
It’s too eye-catching.” Shen Chi threw over a set of clothes at him.


Ming Yue doesn’t refuse.
He calmly took off his clothes in front of Ji Jia until there was only a small underwear left.
Ji Jia turned her head in embarrassment.
After Ming Yue put on those ordinary clothes, he suddenly shed his sluggish and stupid temperament and turned into a beautiful young man with sword eyebrows and star eyes.


Shen Liu Mu hates it when someone takes away Shen Chi’s attention.
Especially Ming Yue who uses his words as an excuse to follow them.
But to think about it, there is already a Ji Jia.
“This stupid Taoist priest can just let Ji Jia look after him, so that Dad will be mine again!” He was actually better at disguise than Ming Yue.
He has long been used to disguising himself in the orphanage.
This time to think back on it, it seems that recently he was a bit arrogant.
Dad was actually tolerating him, but if this continues, what if Dad started hating him and does not want him anymore, then?


So, to Shen Chi’s surprise Shen Liu Mu’s attitude towards Ming Yue and Ji Jia became somehow mild, mild to the point of making Ji Jia feel creepy.
She could only dare to move farther away from him, and Ming Yue, except when eating, does not like to go near Shen Chi.
In fact, he has realized that he seems to have jumped into a deep hole.
This guy seems to be very powerful ah.
He can not jump out now.
What to do……




So, in this delicate atmosphere, Shen Chi drove the car to Chongming Island.


Ji Jia does have an uncle in Chongming, but this one doesn’t have a good relationship with her father, therefore Shen Chi merely wanted to take a look at him.
If that uncle doesn’t have an accident, Ji Jia was willing to follow him, so Shen Chi was also indifferent.


“Stop the car! Stop the car!”


Not far away, a young woman in a woolen skirt was standing on the side of the road shivering, with a pleading look on her delicate face, waving anxiously towards them.


But Shen Chi did not even slow down.
He directly stepped on the gas pedal and drove past.


As soon as he left behind that woman’s pretty face, several tall and strong men with iron bars in their hands emerged from the woods.
One of them spit on the ground, “Bad luck! It was not easy to wait for one and still let him run away!”


The pitiful woman from before put on her down jacket with displeasure, “Brother! It’s okay.
There are fewer and fewer people who fall for it in this time of the world now.”


“Go, follow up to see!”


“For what?”


“I didn’t see his Land Rover! He must have brought an oil barrel with him when he drove here.
Now, there are very few people going to Chongming Island.
Haven’t you heard that there are sea monsters on the island, which have killed many people? Moreover, there is a new boss Gao, who said that he came from Guangzhou to go up north.
He didn’t go to elder sister Yuan and boss Chen’s territory, and directly passed through Chongming.
There are a group of people under him who are very harsh and unreasonable.
This kid’s Land Rover is very eye-catching.
Going there is self destruction.
We’re running out of gas.
Let’s see if we can get some from him.


Chongming is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River.
It is said to be an island, but the water around it is mostly river water.
When Shen Chi drove to the empty beach, the boundless reeds were swaying gently in the cold wind.
The landscape here became more strange after the end of the world.
In this cold weather, people were almost frozen to death, but the reeds that should have been withered and yellow were more luxuriant and dense than in the full moon.
They presented a strange lime green, which was almost bright green.
Shen Chi knew that these reeds had already mutated.


However, the end of the world did not affect those wooden trestles.
Four people got out of the car and walked towards the beach.
The sky was **fish belly white.

(T/N: Refers to the eastern sky at dawn)


It was a good place to watch the sunrise.
Unfortunately, in the end of the world, no one was interested in traveling any more.
The days when the sun came out were far less than those before the end of the world.
Maybe not a day in the whole month the sun will come out.
The sun may not even rise for a whole month.
The sky was mostly gloomy and gray, just like the depressed mood of human beings.
Occasionally, there will be heavy snow and hail.
It was not just zombies and dangerous evolutionary animals that take away human life, but also the extreme weather.


This day, however, seemed to be a sunny day.


But even if the sun rose in the sky, it seemed to be covered with a layer of gray fog.
There was not much beauty.


Walking along the wooden bridge, Shen Liu Mu and Ji Jia were still yawning.
On the contrary, Ming Yue was in good spirits, but his mouth was chanting.
Don’t know what he was muttering.


“Here, this is for you guys.” Ming Yue, don’t know from where, pulled out three yellow talisman paper, “the wind here is a bit strange.”


Shen Chi took the talisman paper, “What kind of talisman?”


“The wind protection talisman.” Ming Yue spoke, “Not from those zombies, but from people.”


There was something in the wind.
Shen Chi also perceived it.
He felt that he was kinda hit by a **debuff, that is, an unfavorable state, losing only three or two drops of blood per second.
This did not affect him much.

(T/N: Originally in english)



Shen Liu Mu beside him was very special.
As a wood ability user, his own body could adjust and remove the slight toxin.
Only Ji Jia was a little uncomfortable, but the eyes of the puppet in her arms were full of strange fluorescence.
Soon this unfavorable state was absorbed into the puppet.
What kind of vitality can the puppet have?


Although they were not afraid of this kind of strange wind, Shen Chi still pasted this talisman on Shen Liu Mu and Ji Jia.
It’s always good to be careful.


The person who put poison in the wind should also be a poison ability user.
The poison ability is also a rare type.
Shen Chi knows of only one poison ability user, and she has been living in Beijing all along, so this one should not be her.


In fact, the poison ability users were slightly inferior to the natural ability users.
Their ability has little effect on zombies.
With regards to human beings, the resistance to various toxins of human beings who survive in the apocalypse will gradually increase.
In the end they were not stronger than the natural ability users.



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