After the end of the world, Beijing was a besieged city that everyone frantically wanted to squeeze into, because there were a lot of food reserves.
It was also the political centre of the country, with the arch of the army, undoubtedly the safest, and could ensure that you will not starve to death.


Taiyuan was not too far from Beijing, and at that time, this place would certainly also be involved in the whirlpool.
Everyone wanted to go to Beijing, and Beijing City was only this big, so on the way, the degree of difficulty and danger was far more than imagined.
On the contrary, the farther away from Beijing, the better.
There were relatively few experts, those who had the strength would rush to Beijing early.


Shen Chi had the confidence to survive anywhere.
He had adapted to the apocalyptic atmosphere.
He knew how to survive.
At this time, it is safer to stay away from some people.
He was not anxious–not anxious at all to take revenge, that day was still far away, he had enough patience and perseverance.


One day, he would also go to Beijing, but it was best to wait for a few years after the situation had stabilized, and after the circle of power in Beijing had been roughly divided and relatively balanced.


“You-” sitting on the plane, Shen Liu Mu only then opened his mouth.


Shen Chi looked at him with a smile, “I want you to call me dad.”


Shen Liu Mu pursed his lips and went silent.


The air hostess walked over and politely asked what they wanted to drink.
Shen Liu Mu was a little frightened.
His long bangs half covered his eyes.
He was afraid that if they were spotted, they would be thrown off the plane.


He began to wonder if he had made the right decision because this person around him looked so dangerous…


“Give me a glass of orange juice and pour him a glass of milk, thank you,” said Shen Chi politely.
His young and handsome appearance was a bit too lethal, making that air hostess blush and give them a very meticulous service.


After pouring the milk for Shen Liu Mu, she kindly said to him, “Little friend, you can add more after drinking it.”


Shen Liu Mu did not answer.


When that air hostess walked away, he lowered his voice and said, “I know you’re not my father.” 


Shen Chi was surprised, but he looked at Shen Liu Mu.


“I didn’t grow up in an orphanage, I was thrown into an orphanage when I was four.” Shen Liu Mu’s voice was suppressed.


It was the first time Shen Chi heard about this, but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect anything.


“I remember my real father, he was cut into many pieces by my mother with a knife and blood flowed all over the place ……”


Uh, watching a child who was seven years old but looked only five or six years old saying those words in a flat tone, it was really a bit eerie feeling.


“So, what are you going to do with me? I’m not obedient, I can’t work, and I’m bad-tempered,” he paused, pulling his sleeves to reveal his thin arms, which belonged to a child but did not look smooth and tender.
Instead, the skin was somewhat rough, and even on this weak arm, there were several scars, “Look, I’m so thin and bad-looking, even if abducted I can not even be sold for a few dollars.”


Looking at Shen Liu Mu’s serious face with some apprehensions, Shen Chi sighed and tried to soften his tone, “First, I am not trying to abduct you.”


Shen Liu Mu was surprised.


“Liu Mu, no matter what you were like before, no matter who your father is and how your mother is, from today onwards, you will be my son, okay? I’ll take care of you.”


Shen Liu Mu looked at the beautiful long eyebrows and bright eyes of the man in front of him, so beautiful and gentle, his heartbeat sped up a little he didn’t know why, he wondered, “Why me?”


“Because you are Liu Mu!” Shen Chi smiled and stroked his head, “Don’t think too much, I’ll take you to Shanghai’s Happy Valley to play, okay?”


It was 10:40 when they arrived in Shanghai.
Even if they wanted to play, they could only play for less than an hour.


Take it as the last happy memory for Liu Mu.


Shen Chi used the last bit of banknotes on his body to buy two tickets to Happy Valley, Shen Liu Mu is still a child, after all, he quickly forgot his previous suspicions when he arrived at such a place, but Shen Chi can still see the defensiveness in his eyes.


What a clever boy! He didn’t let his guard down completely.


This is Liu mu, who in the future, can make all the bigwigs give him some face! In the orphanage, he was able to survive the end of the world at this age, still walking to that stage alone, he can only say that the former Shen Chi’s those “companions”, are inferior to him, and are far worse than him.


“Do you want it?” Shen Chi pointed to the teddy bear, half a person’s height hanging on the wall.


Shen Liu Mu glanced at him hesitantly before nodding his head.


Shen Chi smiled faintly and let the boss take the air gun to shoot for toys.
If it was him a long time ago, he was afraid that even the smallest doll can not be get.
But he is now a Tang man, Shuzhong’s Tang men, his ¹Qian Ji Xia is not to be looked down upon, the concealed weapons he shot are tricky, not to mention that this is just a simple small air gun.


(T/N: Qian ji xia



 He Stuffed the teddy bear into Shen Liu Mu’s arms, “Take it!”


Shen Liumu hugged the teddy bear that was almost as tall as he was.
The way he looked at Shen Chi became slightly more intimate.


Shen Chi was smiling at him when the sky suddenly clouded over! His smile instantly froze on his face.


He Glanced at his wristwatch, exactly 12 o’clock, here it comes!


In a flash, the snow was falling heavily.
People around them were pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, “…… Ah, it’s snowing!”


It hasn’t snowed in Shanghai for years.


” Wow, such heavy snow… “


” mom mom, it’s snowing it’s snowing ……”




All are sounds of surprise.


Shen Chi raised his head to look at the almost completely darkened sky, looking calm and sad.


Now they don’t know, the next moment, it will be hell.


Fist-sized hailstones fell from the sky.

Shen Chi picked up Shen Liumu and rushed to the underground cinema not far away, leaving all the panic screams and chaotic footsteps behind him.
His steps were steady and fast.
Shen Liumu, who was in his arms, couldn’t describe that degree.
He only felt that it was unbelievably fast.
The embrace of the person in front of him was warm and wide, and it was reassuring. 


He shrank in this brand-new down jacket and hugged the man’s neck in front of him, never wanting to let go.


His toes spun to avoid a large hailstone.
Shen Chi had already seen the blood on the ground begin to spread. 


He knew that in just a few minutes, these people would rise from the ground again, but this time, they would no longer be human, but zombies.


In this amusement park, the moment before it was a sea of joy but now reduced to hell on earth.


The underground cinema was empty ****.
Shen Chi earlier saw a temporarily closed sign at the door of this underground cinema, he selected this location before taking Shen Liu Mu in the vicinity around. 


People’s mentality is always very strange.
It’s obviously a disaster.
When they see such a sign, they will subconsciously choose other places.
There are many buildings around here to hide, not just this one, so there is no one here at all. 



Shen Chi selected one of the smallest screening room, closed the heavy door, and use the chain lock that he just brought along to make many turns, then buckled the latch, he tried to push and only felt relieved when even a hand could not reach out in the gap of the door.


This small screening room, because of the small space, only has this one door and no other exit, indicating that they are safe for the time being.


At this time, Shen Chi needs a space that is not disturbed by people for Shen Liu Mu.


He reached out and touched the forehead of the child in his arms.
Sure enough, he was feverish.


On this day, the end of the world came, and at the same time, some of the human beings began to awaken, Shen Chi guessed that with Shen Liu Mu’s qualifications, he should be in the earliest group of people to awaken, as a result, he was right.


 “Don’t …… go ……” When he put Shen Liumu down, he clutched Shen Chi’s clothes and did not let go, Shen Chi softened his face, grabbed his hand and said, “I am here, I am here with you.”


In the darkness, Shen Chi held Shen Liu Mu tightly, feeling the body of the child in his arms boiling hot.
Soon his head was wet with sweat.


But he knew that Shen Liu Mu would survive.
He has always been a strong child when he was alone; he has survived the most difficult moments, not to mention now, there is still himself.


In the apocalypse, if there is still a person with whom you can depend on each other, it is already a kind of happiness.


Liu Mu, in this life, I only have you.


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