She pulled hard at her skirt and said nervously, “You, are you from outside?”


  ”Yes, I came from outside,” sighed Shen Chi.
He was originally thinking about/planning on turning around and leaving so as not to get involved in the dispute, but he was a step too late. 


  ”Outside, it’s all-it’s all zombies outside, how did you get here?”


  Shen Chi saw that she could not even speak coherently, and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.


  ”Xiao Yun! Who are you talking to!” A rather ordinary looking youth came out of the door and Lin Xiaoyun immediately panicked a little, “Brother Li! No, no, it’s a guy from outside!”


 ”A man from outside?” The youth was suspicious.
He looked at the smiling Shen Chi, and his heart just thumped.


  Those who could maintain such a posture in this environment were probably not ordinary people, “Are you also a survivor in this playground?”


  ”Yes,” Shen Chi nodded, “We father and son previously hid in that small fast-food restaurant not far away.
There were fewer zombies around in the past two days, so we came out for a walk to see if we could find someone else.”


  Shen Liu Mu stared at Shen Chi and twitched his mouth.
Dad really knows how to lie.
They clearly came from the underground theatre at the other end of the playground. 


  The young man was relieved.
If Shen Chi was single, his vigilance might be stronger.
No matter who he was, he would be more cautious of the latter than he who only had a five or six-year-old child with him.
Even if he was a young and strong man, he must be less defensive.
Compared with a single man, such a father and son were more reassuring. 


  ”Come on in, it’s safe here for the time being.” The young man said.


  Shen Chi smiled faintly.
Now people are not aware of the danger of outsiders.
After a while, if an outsider wants to join a group, they must first prove that they are not infected by zombies.
Of course, this verification was only for ordinary people and not for ability users.
At the same time, this verification was very humiliating.
It requires the whole body to be stripped naked in order to prove that there were no wounds.


  However, humans are very adaptable creatures, and soon they will get used to it.


  As soon as he walked in, an unpleasant smell rushed straight to his nose.


  Shen Chi’s face didn’t change colour, but Shen Liu Mu frowned and hugged Shen Chi even more tightly.


  It seemed to be the banquet hall on the third floor of the restaurant.
The space was relatively large.
In addition to this door, the other two doors were stacked with many tables and chairs, apparently to prevent the invasion of zombies.


   Shen Chi swept his gaze through the hall.
The light was dim because the electricity had already been cut off.
There were about thirty people, including four pairs of father and son or mother and son.
Only one family had both parents and children, and also several female students who were wearing school uniforms.
To estimate visually, they were together with Lin Xiaoyun, because they wore exactly the same school uniform.
Without exception, the school uniforms were all very messy.
Four young women wearing waitress clothes, two successful-looking middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes, a chef with a knife,  a group of young people, plus this “Brother Li” next to Shen Chi, altogether there were eight people and one of them holding a cigarette who could not be seen clearly in the cloud of smoke, was the leader.


  It seems that this one should be credited with keeping these people so safe during this time.


  ”Kaiyi, this father and son are also survivors,” that “Brother Li,” came in and said loudly.


  The man extinguished his cigarette and looked at Shen Chi.
The same goes for the drowsy young men around him.


  Shen Chi was very good-looking.
The appearance brought from the game was perfect, no matter from which angle you look at, he was generally pleasing to the eyes.
With long eyebrows, beautiful eyes, and a straight nose, he looked cold when he was not smiling.
However, when he smiles, he looks very lucid and beautiful.
At this time he was wearing a leather jacket and pants, which made his body look slender and perfect.
Every inch of his body line was beautiful.


  Not to mention that the women’s eyes lit up when he walked into the hall, even the eyes of the men were a little different.


  This past week, most of the people here were not very clean.
It was good enough to survive, where could they still pay attention to personal hygiene?


  So Shen Chi and Shen Liu Mu were more eye-catching as if a crane in a flock of chickens.


  ”Brother Zhang, this guy looks really-” a youth leaned over the ear of the one in the lead and said, “Why don’t you let the brothers ……”


  ”Pa!” A big slap sounded across his face.
This brother Zhang did not have any mercy, and coldly said, “You are disgusting yourself, but don’t think that other people are as disgusting as you! If you want to play, I don’t care.
The world has changed, the big fist has the final say.
In any case, you can at least help to kill two zombies, but don’t talk to me about such bad things in the future! ,” This fool does not think.
A pair of father and son at this time, so calm and cleaned up can still be ordinary people?


  He was different from these people.
He thought more.
Since he had changes in his body, maybe there are others.
Well, at least he is also a person who has read several apocalypse novels.
He knows what supernatural powers/abilities are.


  Shen Chi narrowed his eyes.
At the moment when he snuffed out the cigarette, through the hazy smoke, perhaps he still just felt familiar, but when the voice fell into his ears, Shen Chi recognized him.


  Zhang Kaiyi.


    Unexpectedly, at the very beginning, he was in Shanghai.


  What’s more, the first person he met in this life was actually him.


  Shen Chi and Zhang Kaiyi were not that familiar.
In his last life, he and his “friends” were famous and had a lot of power in Beijing.
Zhang Kaiyi was relatively late to join in.
He was just an ordinary strength ability user, but because he awakened early, he was quite strong.
Because strength ability wasn’t rare, they never let him into their centre of the circle.


  But Shen Chi asked himself to be good to him because Zhang Kaiyi’s performance was outstanding on several missions.
He even suggested letting Zhang Kaiyi in.
Moreover, if Shen Chi remembered correctly, he saved Zhang Kai twice.
Once on a certain mission, he (ZK) offended the son of some big shot in Beijing, and he (SC) protected him.
At that time this man’s grateful words he still remembered – “Brother Shen, my life is yours!”


  Shen Chi saved so many people that he never took Zhang Kaiyi’s words to heart.


  But the funny thing is, the day Shen Chi was taken away by the Institute, it was Zhang Kaiyi who opened the door.


  Although he knew that it was their order, this young man who claimed that “my life is yours” opened the door for Dr Yu and the others with a cold and apathetic expression. 


  Then, while watching Shen Chi being taken away, he just stood in place.


  Shen Chi showed a mocking smile, but his heart was calm.


  In fact, he was not at all surprised.
In the apocalypse, there were too many cold and indifferent people.
A lot of gratitude was just flowery words.


  Zhang Kaiyi was just like that.



The author has something to say.

Someone said Shen Chi ended up like that because he was not strong enough in his previous life.

In fact, although he was reborn with game skills in his previous life, he was just an ordinary person who grew up in a peaceful world.

He did not have too much wariness and yet had to handle a powerful gaming ability.

Paying for trust and acting high profile – this is what a lot of apocalyptic novels do, especially those with game skills and game systems ……

Of course, some people say that even if he takes revenge or makes up for Liu Mu in this life, the regrets of the previous life have already been caused.
I want to say that he is reborn, and reborn to when everything hasn’t happened, not some parallel world yo.


So, there is still time.
He starts from scratch.
He will get back what belongs to him.
Ha, although everything hasn’t happened yet, he can find reasons for what he does in the apocalypse.
In the end, there is no Mr Goody-goody, and no one has clean hands.
However, Liu Mu, he won’t let him fall into a miserable situation again.


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