Early morning, Lin Ruo as the only person and family taking care of Lin Lijun arrived at the hospital. Apart from her other visitors were reporters and crime investigators who visited for job motives.

She pushed the door and strode inside and only after she did that her gaze traveled to the bed.

She stared with her dilated eyes in disbelief, after five days in bed her sister woke up. She could say was a miracle. She was told her sister might end up in Vegetative state.

Seeing her opened her eyes without putting many thoughts she called a doctor.

While later, Lijun was brought inside the checking room scanning her whole body and after that, she was supposed to run through other tests. After she going through all processes, Lin Ruo met with a doctor for the results

”Miss Lin Lijun is so Lucky to wake up within five days, for a situation like hers most end up in coma, ” said the doctor ”However, from tests we have done on miss Lijun, there are effects which were caused by both the accident and the poison ”

”Do my sister has a problem? ”

”Because of the poison, your sister will have abnormalities among her five senses touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. It might not show up now but slowly she will start experiencing those problems ”

”I don understand, you mean my sister will turn blind? deaf?… ”

”I am sorry but that is. Another thing from the accident caused her a fuzzy memory. There are few things she will remember but most of them she won remember ” explained the doctor

”Then, what should I do to turn my sister back to normal? ”

”It will take time depending on herself but about her senses …. ”

Lin Ruo sunk into thoughts for seconds. What she will forget? What she will remember?. Officers and reporters waited for a day she woke up, which means she will have to go through difficulties overcoming them. No, I will be the one protecting her.

”Don tell anyone else about my sisters condition. Can I trust you with that? ”

Inside the VIP ward, Lijun stood near the window staring outside. She watched people moving around and most of them are patient with their loved ones.

At that time teenage girl walked inside carrying gloomy facade but after her eyes meet her, she smiled. Lijun did not smile back but stared at her with questions.

”Sister ” Lin Ruo staggered toward Lin Lijun and held her one hand

Lijun narrowed her eyes in confusion but she knows better than anyone that whenever she tries to recall anything about a girl in front of her is a futile thing.

Lin Ruo proves the doctors words just for the way her sister acts. She knows her sister hates having weakness even if she has one won dare admit it.

Her sister forgetting about her, her only family then … what she remembers?

Lijun sat in bed, food before her a time Lin Ruo prepared fruits. Lin Ruo noticed her sisters eyes fixed on her and not the food but pretended not to see it and continued cutting fruit.

”I wasn a good sister ” said Lijun suddenly

Lin Ruo immediately turns and replies ”No, you were a good sister to me ”

”You… fear me ”

”I.. I don fear you. Its because… ”

”Then I will believe you ” she hold a spoon and starts eating.

She ate few spoons and stops ”This food… taste awful ”

”I cooked myself. Is it that bad? ” Lin Ruo meeting with her sisters sharp gaze she stopped defending. ”Maybe wasn cooked well ”

”I feel uncomfortable. we have our home don we? ” asked sounding like an ancient Queen

Lin Ruo widened her eyes ”y _ y_ yes ” she stammered from unexpected words ”we have our home and we will go home together ” Her smile widened but inwardly she was thinking Forgive me Lijun, I can control thinking for you losing memories isn a bad thing

Lijun bites the apple. She chew a few times then she stopped.

”isn sweet ”

She kept complaining about everything being tasteless to her. Lin Ruo didn take into consideration what might be the problem but then she recalled doctors words.

It made her heart ache, trying so hard to stop her tears but failed. She couldn even bring herself to tell her sister about her results.

”Lijun!! ” she run toward her and hug her ”Lijun!! ” she kept calling as she cry ”Why they are so cruel to you when they don know anything ”

Lijun was found off guard, not even knowing what to do in that situation This proves… I was a bad sister

While later Lijun was left alone and only after she saw her out, she rushed to the washing room and started throwing up. She was feeling nauseous for some reason. Maybe because she was not perfectly fine.

After few moments she got out of the washroom returning to the room. To her surprise, she saw a girl around her age sat on a bed comfortably.

Her long legs with shoes on, straightened on the bed, and her hand held an apple.When the woman saw Lijun, her lips curled up, and waved her hand to give hi.

”Waylayer ” called the girl having red hair then bites the apple. She put her legs on the floor and made her steps toward Lijun

”Boss sent me to take you to him doesn matter how ”

She grabs her bag and opened pulling out a short black jumpsuit ” Since you are somehow famous I have also prepared this ” Taking out a cape and a mask.

Lijun raced her mind if she know that woman, no she doesn know her. She played attention to how she talked and behave, she wasn a threat same time not a friend.

”Many of your enemies know you have already woken up, remaining here is your death. I can say they crazy waited for a day like this ” said the red hair girl

”And what about you? ”

”Of course am the same with them but I don have any intention of killing you. So, will you go with me or I should find another way. Your younger sister, maybe ” she plainly said then smiled

She didn know the girl before her but thinking about Lin Ruo, underestimating the strange girl might put the only family she knows in danger.

”Scared? ” Red hair girl asked staring at reluctant Lijun ”We don have a time, many others are on their way here… ”

She makes more steps to stand an inch from Lijun and put her face near her ear with a whisper tone uttered ”He… might know whos behind your accident ”

Lijuns eyes deepened from the unexpected information from her. Since the day she woke up for some reason she never asked what happened. Maybe she thought wasn ready for it or she felt scared to face them or maybe both but then the first thing someone told her is the accident was caused by someone.

Her mind went widely with questions. She couldn comprehend why someone would want her dead. Who exactly she was? but then should she believes them just because they remember what she don ?

I want to remember that one thing. why… she said inwardly

The sky was filled with darkness when they were on the road both sitting in front seats and a red hair girl the one driving.

Red hair girl glanced at Lijun to find she closed her eyes. She turns on the music

”Is he your alley? ” asked Lijun

”You also know how to joke hah. Asking an idol to be my alley? and I thought you would be sleeping all the way ”

She opened her eyes and glance at a rearview mirror.

Red hair girl noticing Lijuns attention did the same and saw a motorbike behind the car. Not only that more motorbikes increased becoming four of them. So these are alley she ment. When did she notice them?

She asked herself because If she remembers correctly Lijun eyes were closed. She wasn sure what they were after, Is it her or Lijun.

”You won like getting into another accident so hold yourself ”

She stepped into gear changing the car direction at a high-speed. motorbikes did the same.

She wanted to confront them after running becomes impossible so she lead them to a tunnel, and turned the direction toward the motorbikes, whoever thought was a big mistake for her.

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