A week after Legolas reincarnated, he already got used to his new world.

As an avid gamer of Dominator and a co-producer of the game, Legolas knew the game in and out, all he did in the previous week was actually confirming that this was the Dominator that he was familiar with.

Once he confirmed, everything else became easy.

With his game interface, Legolas was no longer the same horny kid that he was. Within just a week, he already experienced a great change.

For the first time in 2 years, he was no longer the main target of bullying at the Summoner Academy in the 3-Peat Shelter.

The 3-Peat Shelter had 3 main power organizations like in almost every other shelter in Planet Narvis, the Summoner, Elementalist, and Pugilist Academies.

After reading for hours in the academy library, Legolas learned a lot. In the 3-Peat Shelter, the Pugilist Academy was the weaker force while the 2 others were superior and were the main rivals in the shelter.

The warriors that were sent to assassinate his twin brother were from the Elementalist Academy. Apart from the beasts that roamed outside the walls of the shelter, the Elementalists were the main enemies of the Summoners here.

In his previous life, Legolass main game character was a Summoner which was another reason for his quick adaptation to this world and its rules.

After knowing that the best way to satisfy his curiosity was to become stronger, he did not hesitate to invest all his time in leveling up.

He didn even bother to hide his glaring personality change; it was not worth his effort. He broke relationships with the previous Legolass friends, chased all his previous girlfriends, and gave full focus to self-development.

In just one week, by completing missions that were triggered through his game interface, he was able to level up 10 times, becoming a Grade F superhuman in the process which shocked the whole Academy.

The genius students of the Academy were already Grade F superhumans, Legolas climbing into their ranks suddenly completely changed his life.

After becoming a Grade F superhuman, Legolas finally joined the category of students that were ready to finally choose their main class as a Summoner.

Schooling in the Summoner Academy lasted 5 years.

The 5 years were training for the students to become Grade F superhumans, choose their main class, awaken their beast affinity, and bond with their first beast which would open the doors ahead to them.

Though with his game interface, Legolas could achieve a lot, he was still realistic enough to acknowledge the fact that he was still just a 12-year-old kid.

His main plans now were preparations for his 15th birthday when he would graduate from the academy, Legolas intended to take full advantage of his future knowledge and make himself the Greatest Summoner ever if possible.

He reasoned that this was the only way to satisfy his curiosity about this world.

”Hi, big brother Legolas ”.

Legolas simply nodded at the students who were shameless enough to greet him after his recent exploits as he made his way to the training chamber.

On entering inside, he locked himself up as another round of training began.

Inside a room at the higher levels of the massive tower of the Summoner Academy, a tall man stood as a student kneeled before him, Quinn Baron.

”I heard your brother became a Grade F superhuman ”.

”Yes, Lecturer Gob ”.

”Hmph…, I wonder who aided him? ” The middle-aged man snorted.

”Ignore him and focus on your training, you are the talented one, he is just a piece of sh*t. I already told you, the choice is with you, to become a truly great and ruthless superhuman, kill your brother to eliminate all sentiments and emotions ”.

”You have 3 years to do this, another opportunity is the beast contract trial ”.

”I can help you, all you need to do is say yes ”.

Quinn hesitated a bit before replying. ”Yes, Master ”.

”Good ”. The middle-aged man nodded with a smile.

Legolas returned to his dormitory after a day of hard work.

On falling down on his bed, Legolass brain wandered. Like every other day of the past week, he started thinking of a lot of things. He thought of earth and he also thought of the previous Legolass life.

Though Legolas already discovered that getting stronger was the way to satisfy his curiosity about reincarnation, he never stopped thinking to try to deduce the catalyst that made him the target of reincarnation.

Was he the only one that was reincarnated? Were other game producers reincarnated? Was every human on earth reincarnated?

Legolas could still remember that day vividly. The investors and higher executives behind Dominator invited all the producers for another game update.

He remembered being extremely busy, engrossed in expanding the world of Dominator and all. Till the explosion that destroyed everything, he still could not find the catalyst that made his reincarnation possible.

”I thought truck-kun was responsible for reincarnations, did it change? ”

After getting stuck here, Legolas deviated to his bodys life story. After searching his memory for over one week, he finally remembered that in Planet Darvis, one of the main characters was called Quinn Baron.

Through this, he also remembered that Legolas lived. His question was how did Legolas live if his death was what resulted in his reincarnation?

Before, Legolas would fall asleep after his thought process got stuck again due to a lack of clues to investigate but today was different.

All of a sudden, his game interface lit up.


[Special Developer Package has been delivered: ???]

[Click to unlock package]


”Huh? What is this? ”

Legolas was surprised, he was not new to developer packages. These were pecks that he and his fellow game developers gave themselves to have advantages over other gamers who enjoyed the expansive world of Dominator.

How did he get a special developer package here?

Legolas was curious as he instantly clicked on the blinking apple package.

Once he clicked it, before Legolas could understand what was going on, his dormitory faded into the shadows as he was dragged into an unfamiliar world filled with shadows. In here, Legolas was able to barely see through the shadows.

Though he could barely see, he was still able to see different dark orb-shaped objects and a cluster of sinister grey energy that was hidden amid the shadows.

Legolas was surprised. ”Is that what I think it is? ”

Before Legolas could react, the evil Elementalist spirit erupted from the shadows to attack him but the spirit was firmly suppressed by the shadows, leaving him helpless and vulnerable before him.

Legolas was surprised. As one of the game developers, he recognized what this sinister grey energy was, this was the evil spirit left by a dead Elementalist.

And this was no mere evil Elementalist, from the weakened aura that the evil spirit emanated, Legolas guessed that he must have been at least a Grade A powerhouse, he was stunned.

His eyes widened as he finally understood why Legolas survived in his previous life. Legolas actually died but this evil Elementalist took over his body.

In this timeline though, this evil Elementalists plan could not work as a reincarnator came to take his place. After understanding the truth, Legolas was left speechless as he bent back before erupting in a loud fit of laughter.

”Muahahahaha! ”

”How dare you laugh? Do you know who I am? ”

Legolas completely ignored the helpless Elementalist as he wondered. ”So, is this grey world of shadows like the cheat that I reincarnated with? ”

”What is its cheat ability then? Kidnapping evil Elementalists? ”

Almost instantly after Legolas asked, he saw one of the dark orb-shaped objects glow. Filled with curiosity, Legolas touched the glowing object.


Legolas was shocked by what followed, while the recipient was spooked.

”W-What? Who are you…? ”

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