Inside one of the rooms of the massive tower of the Summoner Academy, 2 middle-aged men one with grey hair and another with red hair stood in the shadows discussing.

”You know its a taboo to sabotage our own students, I won do it ”.

”2 years ago, have you forgotten the crime that you committed? No one else stood by you, everyone abandoned you including your friends, I was the only one who stood by your side and saved you from being executed ”.

”Im not here to pressure you, I just want a favor from you, thats all ”.

The middle-aged man with red hair sighed. ”Ill do this only this once and we are settled, you can pressure me again next time, agreed? ”

”Agreed ”.

The middle-aged man with red hair heaved a sigh of relief after that and touched his bald head. ”I can pull some strings, sabotage Legolas, and make sure that his punishment is to be sent to the Nightmare beast island for his trial ”.

”I hear that some Ancient Nightmare Beasts live there, I just hope he is as useless as you say and hell surely die there ”.

”Don worry ”. The middle-aged man with grey hair smiled. ”Legolas is a good for nothing, just a distraction to his twin brother, hell definitely die there ”.

”Good ”.

In the blink of an eye, 3 years already passed and Legolas was 15 years old.

After spending 3 years in this world, Legolas already changed a lot. During this period, apart from training daily with the other students, he also went to the gathering in his grey world with his 2 members every 1 month.

As the training in the academy intensified, he lessened the time for the gatherings to once a month which became more beneficial in the end.

After 5 years in the Summoner Academy, he was now a final-year student who was ready for graduation. The graduation rite of the Summoner Academy to becoming a real summoner was acquiring a real contracted beast.

The contract beast trial of the Summoner Academy took place on an island that was owned by the Academy, the Greenland Island.

Before the final year students could participate in the contract beast trial, they needed to have a main class already which they already did.

Legolas acquired his main class 3 months ago.


Main Class: Summoner


– +10 Strength, +8 Dexterity, +5 Vitality, +15 Intelligence, +12 Mystery, +6 Charm

– You gained +200 Health Points

– You unlocked the Mana Points attribute

[Passive Abilities:]

– Beast Synergy: When fighting alongside your contracted beast, you both receive a +10% bonus to effective fighting power.

– Friend of Beasts: Unlike supers of other main classes, wild beasts have less hostility towards you.

[Active Abilities:]

– Beast Contract: When activated, you can connect your soul with that of a beast of your choosing where the contract process takes place. Once successful, you get a contracted beast.

– Beast Plane Summoning: With enough mana, you can project your soul into the beast plane where you can contract beasts randomly.

[NOTE: Beast Contract limitations are based on your soul power.]

[NOTE: Beast Plane Summoning limitations are based on your mana and soul power and it is only available for Grade E and above superhumans.]


After 3 years of hard work despite the numerous limitations that prevented him from taking full advantage of his advantages, within a period of 3 years, he was still able to develop a lot while making the best use of what he could.

His game interface status now looked entirely different from before.


Name: Legolas Baron

Age: 15

Race: Human/Carbon-based

Main Class: Summoner

Sub Class: Beast Tamer

Level: 13

Grade: F

Experience: 700/1600


Strength: 28

Dexterity: 17

Vitality: 14

Intelligence: 21

Mystery: 18

Charm: 20

Luck: 1

Health Points [HP]: 420/445

Mana Points [MP]: 350/350

[Passive Abilities:]

– Beast Synergy

– Friend of Beasts

– Call of the Wild

– Jungle Cruise

[Active Abilities:]

– Beast Tamer

– Beast Contract

– Beast Plane Summoning

[Equipment: Basic Alloy Sword]

[Remark: Still a Grade F Superhuman…, Pathetic!]


Strength, vitality, and dexterity were the main attributes of Pugilists. Elementalists have mystery and charm as their 2 main attributes.

As for Summoners, like Mechanics, Intelligence was their core attribute. High Intelligence did not necessarily mean genius-level thinking faculty.

Intelligence rather affected resistance against soul and mental attacks, the ability to create machines, and the ability to summon and control contracted beasts.

Apart from intelligence, the other attribute needed by Summoners was charm and mystery. Despite all these, Legolass strength stat was the highest and this was because strength was the easiest to train in the early stages.

After another day of intense training, like the other students, Legolas returned to his dormitory to sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

On getting to his dormitory though, he saw a carton box on his bed. On picking and opening it, he saw a letter which he read.

”You have been accused of attempted **** ”.

”According to the rules and conducts of the Summoner Academy, you have been condemned to suffering in the Nightmare Beast Island ”.

Legolas was confused. ”What the heck? ”


The next moment, 2 guards barged into the dormitory, startling the other students as Legolas was grabbed. ”Master Legolas, you are under arrest ”.

On seeing the 2 guards, Legolass eyes shone in realization. He chuckled bitterly, the loose ends that he found too lazy to clean up finally came back to haunt him, he thought he would not experience this for at least 5 years.

”Well, life is unpredictable ”.

That night, Legolas was arrested and placed among the batch of criminals that were about to be sent to the Nightmare Beast Island to serve their sentence.

He was framed unjustly, and there was little that he could do.

Legolas sighed because this just ruined all his plans, the next grey world gathering was supposed to be in 2 days. Amid his frustration, he was surprised as his game interface suddenly lit up again.


[Special Developer Package has been delivered: Nightmare Beast Gene Limit Remover!]

[Click to unlock package]


Legolas was shocked. ”Another one? ”

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