t world.
Julian is a failed product, not entirely human, but not a god either.
He is a tainted soul, an evil spirit that walks among humans.”

“It’s like Jason in the horror movie ‘Black Friday the 13th’ in your world,” System eleven felt that language alone was not enough to describe it, so it gave an example to Zheng Wei.

“Mm, I understand.
But speaking of which, Julian looks much better if he looked like Jason, maybe I could have taken action earlier,” Zheng Wei joked with System eleven, now that his emotions had calmed down.

However, he suddenly realized that if it were Jason, the small surgical knife he was carrying wouldn’t be of much use.
Thinking about this, he remembered the unexpected kiss and his expression became somewhat awkward.

System eleven didn’t know what Zheng Wei had done in that world.
If he knew, he would probably short-circuit immediately.

“Okay, next question,” Zheng Wei shook his head and shook off those random thoughts.
“Will every task I encounter in the future be like Julian, an evil spirit?”

“Not necessarily, there are all kinds of things in horror stories, evil spirits, ghosts, monsters, and even humans are possible,” System eleven thought for a moment and said.

“I’ll remember to remind you in every world from now on.
This time was my mistake, I’m sorry,” he apologized to Zheng Wei again sincerely.

Now Zheng Wei understood.
He nodded and compared the movie’s masked killer, Jason, to Julian.

“No, there won’t be a next time,” interrupted Zheng Wei.
“Even if you didn’t make a mistake, I wouldn’t have succeeded.”

System eleven was confused and didn’t understand what he meant.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you,” Zheng Wei’s expression turned serious.
“Why did the system choose me?”

“I’m not smart, not strong, and don’t have any special abilities.
Even if you put me in that world with a system, I wouldn’t be able to become a hero and save the world.”

“You’re supposed to protect cannon fodder, right? Then why did you choose me? I can’t even protect myself, let alone them.”

Zheng Wei became somewhat emotional.
He had thought things were so simple, but the fact proved otherwise. 

He was still the ordinary Zheng Wei, and just because he had been sent to another world with a system didn’t mean he could become a hero, protect the world, and slaughter enemies.

“I can’t protect them, so sending me to that world was useless.
It just gave the devil’s son one more head to collect.
What’s the point of that?”

The blue light soothed Zheng Wei’s emotions, but couldn’t heal the scars in his heart.
Everything he had experienced at St.
Philip’s Hospital had filled him with fear and self-blame.
He had lost the courage to undertake the next mission.

“Choose someone stronger, I cannot complete the mission nor save them,” Zheng Wei said, his throat tight as he buried his head in his knees.

“We have already signed a contract.
If you give up now, you will die,” System Eleven said to Zheng Wei after a moment of silence.

“I don’t care,” Zheng Wei said, trying to sound nonchalant.
“I was already dead in the real world anyway, wasn’t I?” He remembered the System telling him that his body had died in a car accident.

System Eleven fell silent, and the space grew quiet for a while.

“We didn’t choose you,” System Eleven spoke up again after a long pause.

“The world you are assigned to execute the mission in chose you, not us.
We are merely executors and do not have the right to choose the mission’s performer.”

“What do you mean?” Zheng Wei furrowed his brows.

“The mission worlds have their own protective mechanisms.
Anything that does not belong to their world will be rejected.”

“Only souls that match with these worlds can travel through them to perform the mission.
But such souls are very rare.
For example, in the Horror world sector where you are, we searched for a long time in all the worlds before finally finding you as a suitable candidate.”

“If we had the authority to select taskers, we would certainly want to choose someone who can solve all of this, rather than an ordinary person like you.”

“Wait a minute.” Zheng Wei suddenly remembered something: “You told me before that I could switch to a different section? If soul compatibility is necessary, then how does switching sections work?”

“Oh, that.” System Eleven hesitated for a moment, and then began to speak evasively, “That was just a lie~”

“If you request to switch sections, we’ll change the name of the horror section to something you can accept, but in the end, you still have to go into these horror worlds to perform the tasks.”

Zheng Wei was shocked by the shamelessness of the system and forgot to criticize it.

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