“Are you all ready, boys?” As soon as Allen finished speaking, a blonde beauty wearing a white embroidered crop top that exposed her midriff and light blue denim shorts got off the car and walked towards them.

[Diane, female, 20 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 130 pounds, a freshman in the photography department at K University, Martin’s girlfriend.]

Diane was a typical blonde beauty with long legs, a slim waist, a hot figure, and a great personality.

“Need me to arrange a tea party for you guys?” Diane stood in front of the three of them and exaggeratedly spoke.
Obviously, she was very dissatisfied with Zheng Wei and his friends’ procrastination.

“Let me remind you that we need to get there before it gets dark,” Diane frowned her slender eyebrows and pursed her lips, which were even more charming than the red roses on her clothes.
Her tight outfit showcased her body’s advantages perfectly, and she stood there so casually, just like a model on the runway.

“Oh, sorry, honey.” Martin let go of Zheng Wei and walked to his girlfriend’s side, took her hand, and kissed it.

“But you look so beautiful when you’re angry,” Martin whispered softly in diane’s ear.

“Don’t even try to sweet-talk me,” Diane pushed Martin’s face away with a slap, but there was a hint of a smile on her face.

Allen and Zheng looked at the lovebirds and then laughed together, looking like good friends.

The four of them arrived at a small camper van parked by the roadside.
There were already two people inside.

“Good morning, Zheng,” the female among the two greeted Zheng Wei first.
“Good morning, Ellie,” Zheng Wei also greeted her with a smile.

[Ellie, female, 20 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing 128 pounds, K University computer science major top student]

Ellie is a quiet girl with fluffy red long hair, pale skin, and some small freckles on her face with a soft smile.

After greeting Ellie, Zheng Wei looked at the sleepy long-haired man with glasses next to her and said, “Good morning, Jin.”

“Well, I think I might not be feeling so good,” Jin grumbled, then lay back and closed his eyes.

[Jin, male, 20 years old, 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 180 pounds, K University design major student.]

“Don’t mind him, let him sleep a little longer.
He went to the bar yesterday night and we just picked him up at the door this morning,” Allen explained as he followed Zheng Wei onto the van.

“Okay.” Zheng Wei nodded and walked into the car to put his luggage away. 

“Alright, everyone’s here.” Martin was the last one to get in the car, and he was the driver.

Martin jumped onto the driver’s seat and turned around to look at the people in the car.
He said, “Now I announce! The 11th collective trip of Cherry Tree Team officially begins.”

Cherry Tree is the name of their community.
Allen, Martin, Diane, Ellie, Jin, and Zheng’s homes are all in this community.
They grew up together since they were kids, from kindergarten to middle school, high school, and even college.
Although they were not always in the same class, they were still very close.

The relationship between the few people who grew up together is very intimate, and the annual collective trip is their traditional program.

This year, they are going to a farm that Martin’s late grandmother left to his mother.
It is located in a remote countryside, close to the western mountains, with beautiful scenery.

With two loud honks, the car slowly started.
There was a burst of cheers in the car, and even Jin, who was lying on the chair, raised his arm in cooperation.

A blonde beauty, a handsome athletic man, an African-American man, a straight-A student girl, and a drunkard, a college student combination, on a trip far away from the city.
Is there a more standard horror movie setup than this?

【After a long month of exams, the Cherry Tree Team, consisting of Allen, Martin, Diane, Ellie, and Jin, decided to embark on a spring break trip to Martin’s grandma’s scenic farm.
However, little did they know that buried beneath the farm was a terrifying evil spirit.
This spirit had gradually awakened with the death of Martin’s grandma and was now thirsting for the blood of young people.
Come on, Zheng Wei, the task of killing the evil spirit and saving the lives of the five people is in your hands!】

Zheng Wei watched the people immersed in the joy of the trip and involuntarily grasped the whistle hanging around his neck.
The metal whistle had already warmed up from the heat of his body.

This mission was different from the last one.
Zheng Wei not only had to protect the people but also had to kill the evil spirit.
If it were only to save the lives of the five people, it wouldn’t be difficult; all he had to do was not go.
However, the difficulty lay in having to kill the evil spirit.

An evil spirit, it was another evil spirit.
Zheng Wei rubbed the whistle on his chest through the fabric and couldn’t help but think of Julian.
Whenever he thought of that person, who looked like an angel but wielded an axe, he couldn’t help but tremble.

It’s already in the past, it’s already in the past.
Zheng Wei comforted himself in his heart, trying to push aside the memory of those beautiful yet cold blue eyes.

“If they don’t go, what will happen?” Zheng Wei asked the system.
“If they don’t go, will the evil spirit still awaken?”

Zheng Wei had watched some horror movies, and evil spirits usually didn’t leave their territory.
If the five people didn’t go, they wouldn’t die.
He didn’t have much confidence in himself, and if possible, he would rather fail the mission than let the five risk their lives.

[The mission will be automatically abandoned by the mission taker, and the mission will be deemed a failure.
After the mission fails, the mission taker will be forcibly sent out of this world, and the world will return to its normal trajectory.
The evil spirit will appear, and the five people will die.]

If they didn’t go, the mission would be deemed a failure, and these people could only follow the predetermined route, which meant they could not avoid their fate of death no matter what.
Faced with such a result, Zheng Wei had to accept the mission, at least there was some hope that way.

“How can I kill the evil spirit?” Zheng Wei learned from the last lesson that the evil spirit cannot be killed by ordinary means, so he must be prepared before facing it.

[The thing that can kill the evil spirit is the thing that created it.
The tasker needs to find the weapon to kill it.]

This sounds easy, but it’s actually not that simple.
Zheng Wei frowned.
The range of weapons was too wide.
Anything in life could be a weapon if someone wanted to kill someone.

“How would I know what can kill it?”

[When the tasker comes into contact with the task-related items, the system will give prompts.]

Does he have to touch everything in that farm to find the weapon? Zheng Wei recalled the information he received from the system yesterday and felt a little headache.

“Hey.” Someone walked up to Zheng Wei and interrupted his thoughts.

Zheng Wei looked up and found it was Allen.
He was holding two bottles of beer and standing in front of Zheng Wei.

“Want one?” Allen handed a bottle of beer to Zheng Wei.

“Um, thank you.” Zheng Wei took the beer and thanked Allen.

“Don’t mention it.” Allen smiled and revealed his white and neat teeth.

The two of them clinked their beers together and started drinking silently.
Zheng Wei observed Allen and felt like he had something to say to him.

Sure enough, after drinking a few sips of beer, Allen hesitated before speaking, “You don’t seem very happy.
Do you not like this trip?” 

“No,” Zheng Wei quickly denied, “I’m looking forward to it.” Of course, that wasn’t the truth.

“I thought so.
I remember you love the countryside and the mountains.” Allen nodded.
In his memory, Zheng Wei was someone who loved nature.

“Yes, I do.” Zheng Wei took a sip of beer and forced a smile.

After that, the two of them didn’t know what else to say, and the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

“Zheng, is something bothering you?” After some thought, Allen put down his beer and asked Zheng Wei, “I’ve noticed that you seem to be lost in thought since earlier.
Are you troubled by something?”

Upon hearing his question, Zheng Wei paused in his drinking.
He knew he had been too cold and distant, which was not what a good friend should do.

“I didn’t mean to pry into your privacy.
I’m just…” Seeing that Zheng Wei didn’t answer, Allen explained, “I’m a bit worried about you.
If you encounter any bad situations, you can always talk to me.
I believe that both Martin and I would be happy to help you.”

Allen looked at Zheng Wei, speaking earnestly with a hint of concern in his coffee-colored eyes.

“Um…” Zheng Wei scratched his head, not knowing how to respond to Allen’s words.
He wasn’t very good at facing others’ goodwill, especially in the current situation.

“Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.” Allen smiled at him, “Everyone has things they don’t want to say, and I understand.”

“I just want to tell you that if you need someone to talk to in the future, you can always come to me.” Allen patted Zheng Wei’s shoulder, his smile sincere.

“I’m not just your friend, I’m also your family.
If you really encounter any trouble or have any worries, I would be happy to help you,” said Allen, sincerely.

Allen’s words came from the heart and Zheng Wei could feel it, but he didn’t know how to respond.
He looked at Allen, who was unaware of the danger they were about to face, and lowered his head to take a sip of beer.

“Thank you, I will,” Zheng Wei finally replied.

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