System space? Protecting cannon fodder? Zheng Wei was completely confused.
He tried to recall what had happened before he lost consciousness and struggled to understand what was going on now.

“Am I dead?” He remembered being hit by a car before losing consciousness.
Was this situation a dream or a hallucination before dying?

“Your physical body in the real world has been severely damaged, strictly speaking, you are already dead.”

“I see…” Hearing someone telling him that he was already dead, Zheng Wei didn’t know how to react.

“But…” The mechanical voice continued, “Because you are the lucky one chosen by the 72nd system, you are fortunate enough to continue living.”

“What do you mean?”

“As long as you accept the mission of the 72nd system and become a task taker, the system will help you repair your physical body in real life and allow you to continue living.”

“What is a tasker?” Zheng Wei was confused.

“Shuttle through various worlds to complete the system’s tasks is what a tasker does.
So, are you willing to accept the mission and become a tasker?”

“What task?” Zheng Wei certainly didn’t want to die, although his life in the real world was a mess, he never thought about dying.

“System 72, also known as the Cannon Fodder Protection System, as the name suggests, is to protect those cannon fodders who died, calm their resentment, and rewrite their lives.”

Zheng Wei finally understood it now.
He had read a few online novels before and had a general idea of what a system and a task were.

“Why should I believe that you can make me live?” Although he understood, Zheng Wei was still skeptical in his heart.

“You can only trust us in your current state,” the robotic voice said coldly.

The system’s words left Zheng Wei speechless.
After a moment of silence, he asked, “What kind of worlds do I have to travel through? Is there any danger?”

The system assumed that he had come around to the idea and explained, “The 72nd system is divided into 3000 sections.
For human Zheng Wei with serial number 1024, you will be assigned to the horror story world.”

Little eleven added, “But don’t worry, although it’s the horror section, the system will ensure your safety.
No matter what, you won’t be in danger.”

“Serial number 1024, human Zheng Wei, do you accept the task?”

Zheng Wei looked quietly at the white space in front of him and did not speak.
The silence dragged on so long that the system thought Zheng Wei wouldn’t agree.


“Of course, if you don’t like this section, we can help you switch to another section…” Two voices spoke at the same time.

“Did you agree?” After a pause, the system’s voice sounded again.
Although it was still a flat electronic sound, it could be heard that it was a bit cautious.

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Zheng Wei lay there and tilted his head.
He could now only understand with his IQ, “You just said that I can switch sections, right? Even with switching, I don’t have any problem.”

“Good, Tasker of the Horror Section, Human Zheng Wei, No.
1024, please confirm again that you accept the mission.” Little Eleven automatically ignored the latter half of Zheng Wei’s words.

“Yes, I have thought it through.” Zheng Wei was quite calm.
If he could live better in the end, it wouldn’t be bad to experience a different kind of life if he couldn’t survive.
Moreover, he urgently needed a place to escape the pressure of the real world, and this system came at just the right time.

“If you confirm, you cannot change it, so I’ll ask you again, have you thought it through?”

Thinking of the real world, Zheng Wei couldn’t help but sigh.
He didn’t want to die, but his own life was really too exhausting for him.

“Okay, the mission is in progress.”

“One minute until the mission starts.” little eleven whispered in Zheng Wei’s ear, “We will give you an auxiliary system that will assign tasks to you and help you complete them.”

As soon as it finished speaking, Zheng Wei noticed a page flashing with blue light in his mind.

“This is an intelligent control system that you can access at any time in your mind.
You can ask it any questions you have.”

“Okay.” Zheng Wei nodded.
He followed the operating guide on the screen and tried it out.
He felt that this thing was just like the voice control system on his phone, except he didn’t have to speak.

He was having fun playing with it in his mind, when suddenly he heard a clicking sound, like the sound of something being knocked over.

“*!” He heard the guy who called himself little Eleven let out a scream.
Although the voice sounded mechanical, the content was very human.


“Coordinates confirmed.
Countdown starting now, 3, 2, 1.” Along with some electric buzzing sounds, a more flat mechanical voice started counting down.

Accompanying this voice was also the voice of little eleven, “Wait, it’s wrong! Stop it quickly!”

Just as Zheng Wei was about to ask little eleven what was wrong, he lost consciousness.

When Zheng Wei woke up again, he had become Dr.
Zheng, wearing a white coat and sitting in a clean office by the window.

Having suddenly come from an unknown space to the normal human world, Zheng Wei was stunned for a few seconds.
After realizing his current situation, he called up the task assistant system that little eleven had given him in his mind.

He read the text on it carefully and was stunned for a few seconds.


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