p>“On the 18th floor, turn left at the third room,” the screen in his mind displayed a three-dimensional map with labels in text.

Philip’s Psychiatric Hospital was an 18-story high-rise building.
And Julian Cole, the most vicious prisoner, was housed on the 18th floor.

“18th floor.” Zheng Wei felt slightly relieved when he realized the screen was somewhat useful.
He put his right hand in the pocket of his white coat, tightly gripping the handle of the cold surgical knife, and walked quickly towards the elevator.

Zheng Wei is currently on the 13th floor, only five floors away from the 18th floor.
He arrived at the elevator and pressed the button to go up.

“Ding.” The elevator quickly arrived at Zheng Wei’s floor.
He took a deep breath and stepped in.

There were two people in the elevator, a man and a woman, both wearing white coats, and they were both doctors at St.
Philip’s Hospital.
The man looked about forty or fifty years old, with a big belly, messy reddish-brown hair, and a red nose.
The woman was a typical blonde beauty, around 30 years old, with a beautiful face and a tall figure.
With high heels on, she was even taller than Zheng Wei.

“Oh, you must be the new guy Zheng, ah, your surname is really difficult to pronounce.” The red-haired male doctor, Andrew Thompson, was the first to greet Zheng Wei.
“I work on the eleventh floor, you can call me Andrew.”

The doctor named Andrew’s personality was as enthusiastic as his hair.

“Hello, Andrew.” Zheng Wei nervously shook the hand that Andrew extended to him.
He rarely interacted with foreigners before, so his movements were somewhat stiff and unnatural.

Maybe because of the system, Zheng Wei found that there was no language barrier between him and the other doctors.
But after all, it wasn’t his native language, and he still felt awkward speaking.

“Don’t be so shy, Zheng,” Andrew attributed Zheng Wei’s awkwardness to the shyness of Asians.
“The people at St.
Philip’s Hospital are all very friendly.”

“Isn’t it right, what do you say, Dr.
Garcia?” Andrew laughed loudly and turned to the blonde standing next to him.

“Andrew is right,” Dr.
Garcia, wearing glasses and with her hair loosely tied back, exuded a mature and intellectual beauty.

“Hello, Mr.
Zheng, I’m Rosie Garcia from the 17th floor.
Nice to meet you.” Garcia’s voice was slightly hoarse, and her shallow blue eyes gave people a gentle and reliable feeling.

“Nice to meet you, Dr.
Garcia,” Zheng Wei lightly shook Garcia’s extended hand.

“I really can’t understand, Zheng, why are you so restrained in front of a beauty? Is it the modesty of Asians?” Andrew patted Zheng Wei’s shoulder and chuckled.

Andrew’s enthusiasm made Zheng Wei feel a little uncomfortable.
He awkwardly smiled and didn’t know what to talk about.

“Andrew, you’re being too enthusiastic,” thoughtful Garcia noticed Zheng Wei’s discomfort and reminded him, “I think Zheng is just new here and still adjusting, right, Zheng?”

Zheng Wei nodded and smiled awkwardly, “Yes, I don’t know most of the people here.
The people whose names I know include only you two, and I can count them on one hand.”

That was true.
He only knew these two people in the entire hospital.

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