Scaling The Realms

Quest: {Ascend}


Level: 1

Strength:1 Agility:1 Health:1 Magic:1

Class: N/A

Passive Skills:{Divine Concealment.lvl:N/A}

Active Skills: N/A]

”…haha… ”

Nico could only laugh at the sight of all of his stats and skills being reset. All of the hard work he had previously put into raising his stats and developing his skills, just to find that they were all reset. Nico wasn even mad, just depressed.

”Haa… Whatever, Ill just think of it as a second chance, thats right! Ill be even stronger than I was in the Obelisk, I know more things now than I did back then. ” Nico quickly broke out of his depression and replaced it with determination.

If his will was weak enough to stay upset about his progress being reset, then he wouldn have had the will to complete the Obelisk.


”Holy shit! How long is this **ing road! ” Yelled Nico.

It has been 2 hours since he had started walking on the road and he still hasn seen even the slightest sign of life. He could feel his irritation growing by the second before he felt a presence in the woods beside him.

In the Obelisk, Nico was forced into many situations where he couldn use some of his detection skills, so he had to develop a natural sense of detection for cases like that. He was confident that even if someone used a low level skill to hide their presence, he could still feel them.

”Theres no point in hiding, what do you want? ” Nico said indifferently, letting the person know that he knows they are there.

Nico didn bother with a polite tone. In his eyes, anybody who was hiding themselves was most likely up to no good. And he was right.

Hearing Nicos words, a man with his face covered by a bandanna walked out of the woods that he was using as cover, holding a short sword that one could tell was cheap at a glance.

Wow… He looks like a classic bandit. Nico couldn help but think this.

The mans next words confirmed Nicos suspicion.

”I want your money, not your life, but I won hesitate to kill you. ”

”Hehe, I was right. ” Nico couldn help but chuckle.

Seeing as Nico was mumbling to himself and not responding to him, the Bandit raised his voice a level.

”Oi! I said, “Give me your money! ” Spoke the bandit irritatingly.

At first Nico didn see a reason to fight the bandit but then he remembered that he didn have any money and this was a great chance to get some. So, instead of deescalating, he decided to antagonize the man.

”Oh no! Are you perhaps going to…s-s-stab me! ” Nico spoke in a mocking tone.

The bandit noticed Nicos tone and decided to just kill him then take his money.

The bandit dashed at Nico, trying to make Nico regret his mockery. But, to his surprise, instead of running away he saw Nico dropping his legs into a stance, ready to receive his strike.

The bandit wasn a complete idiot, only a small one, so the second he saw Nico fall into a stance he knew that the man in front of him was a trained fighter.

Seeing as his opponent was a trained fighter, the bandit was about to stop his dash towards him.

Nico noticed this and dashed at the bandit, instead of waiting to receive him.

Sorry man, I need your money. He thought.

If anybody was around and was able to hear his thoughts they would have been confused as to who the
eal bandit was.

Reaching the bandit who was in the midst of stopping, he swept his legs and stomped his head into the ground. This would have normally killed the individual, but Nicos strength stat was 1, so it was no big deal.

”Now, give me everything you have. ” Nico spoke, reversing the roles of bandit and victim.

”W-wait, are you a bandit too! ”

”No! ”

Unconvinced by Nicos rejection the bandit recommended something.

”Then why don you give me to the guards for a reward! ” He knew that he would be a prisoner, but he also knew the guards would at least treat him well.

Nico took a second to consider the bandits words before speaking.

”No, just give me your money. You probably have more than what the guards would give me as a reward. ” Nico reasoned.

Hearing Nicos shameless but truthful reply, the bandit couldn help but shout.

”You really are a bandit! ”

Not being able to deny the bandits words, Nico raised his voice and responded like a true bandit.

”N-whatever! Just give me your damn stuff! ” He said while putting more pressure onto the mans head.

”Fine, fine, here take it. ” The bandit said, as he threw out his sac of coins.

”I said stuff, not just coins. ”

”Really… ”

”Yes, really… ”

The bandit started to tear up at his misfortune. But this didn stop him from throwing his bag and weapons to the side.

”I can keep my clothes right… ”

”Fine, I guess. ”

Nico already had a pretty good set of clothes on from the Obelisk, so he had no need for the bandits, but the bandit noticed that Nico even seemed hesitant to leave him that.

What is he, a bandit king! Thought the bandit.

Picking up the belongings of the bandit, he began looking through them. Satisfied with his… earnings… Nico turned his attention back to the man, with his bandit persona.

”This is good enough I guess, now get the hell out of my face before I change my mind. ” He said, taking his foot off of the bandits head.

The bandit didn say goodbye or anything, he just got up and ran, praying to the gods that he doesn meet this man, who he thought was a bandit king, again.

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