After finishing the baptism ceremony, we quickly returned home by carriage.
There, my family, including my grandfather and grandmother, my brothers Tauro and Jiro, my sister Hannah, our butler Sebastian, the captain of the territory’s soldiers Sugo, as well as our servants such as the cook, had gathered to celebrate and were waiting for us.

“Ryu, congratulations on your baptism!” they all exclaimed in unison.

“Congratulations, Lord Ryu!” The butler and maid also congratulated me.

As soon as I entered the room, I was greeted with these congratulatory messages.
It was the first time in my past life or present life that I had experienced such a thing, and I was so surprised and happy that I felt like crying.

“…Thank you, everyone!”

I was afraid that I might cry if I said anything more.
Of course, I was happy, but thinking about the disappointing skill that even the priest had regretted, I felt like crying for a different reason.
What if I was thought to be useless? Would they be disappointed in me? Ryu’s expression was also clouded with such anxiety.

After being congratulated and having a meal, the family gathered and Ryu opened up about his skill.

“Jack of all trades, master of none?”

The family was not surprised at all that Ryu had apologetically disclosed his skill.
Father, representing the family, said so.

“What’s wrong? Did you think everyone would be disappointed to hear that? Hahaha, Ryu is Ryu, able to read and write at his age, and with skills like ‘Appraisal’ and ‘Gokudo.’ There’s nothing to be pessimistic about.
And with ‘Jack of all trades,’ you should have been able to use the valuable magic storage, even though it’s small,” Father said reassuringly.

Now that he thought about it, Ryu remembered that the priest had said something similar.
However, he was confused by the unfamiliar words.

Father realized this and said, “Ryu, you still don’t know? Then try to store this Rigo fruit.”

Father handed Ryu a fruit that looked like an apple from his previous life.


As Ryu muttered, the Rigo fruit seemed to be absorbed into his palm and disappeared.

“That’s ‘Magic Storage’.
The fruit is now stored in your personal space-time.
Since time is stopped in that space, even perishable items won’t spoil.
The storage capacity may be small because it’s a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ ability, but it’s still very useful.”


Ryu’s expression brightened.

Seeing this, the family also smiled.

“Besides, the ‘Appraisal’ skill is valuable as well.
It’s hard to say how much more you’ll be able to appraise depending on your talent, but unlike the abilities of a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, since it’s a bestowed skill, your talent should grow to some extent.”


Ryu obediently responded to his father’s advice.

“I’ve never heard of a skill called ‘Rogue’ before… Sebastian, do you know anything about it?”

Faza asked the white-haired butler Sebastian, who had served the family since his grandfather’s time.

“It’s a skill I’ve never heard of either.
It might be one of the so-called special skills in the world.”

“Ah, the priest also said he didn’t know.”

Ryu remembered and answered.

“Well, let’s ask someone who might know next time.
Is Professor Saiten still in the territory?”

Faza asked the butler Sebastian.

“Yes, Professor Saiten is planning to leave for the royal capital next month, but until then, he should be at his home.”

Ryu recalled hearing the same thing from the priest while listening to the conversation between the two.

“Alright, then arrange an appointment with Professor Saiten for me.”

Faza instructed Sebastian.


Sebastian nodded.

“Well then, Ryu.
Starting tomorrow, you’ll study with Tauro and Jiro.
Your mother will teach you academics, and Sugo and I will teach you martial arts.
Even though you’re a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, you still have room to grow, so let’s push those limits as far as we can.”


Until now, Ryu had only watched his two older brothers practice, so he was genuinely happy to be able to join them.

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