What’s Up with Collections?

A few days after Saiten’s visit to the Landmark family.


There was a change in Ryu’s “Appraisal” skill.

Previously, his ability only displayed the names of all objects, but now a description was available.


This was quite convenient.


Until now, when he knew the name of an object, he had to go to his father’s study and look it up to see what it was, but that was no longer necessary.


When he went to the forest to try it out, he “saw” plants, which of course were not displayed because they were not objects, but this was an easy problem to clear up.


Once picked, he could check it out as an object.

This way, he could check the name and description of the plant.

This backdoor way of doing things allowed him to determine whether a plant was edible or inedible, medicinal or poisonous.

The drawback was that he had to pick them one by one, but he was able to kill two birds with one stone by memorizing their appearance in the process.


In this way, he was able to make another significant contribution to the Landmark family’s food situation.


Ryu’s daily routine consisted of studying in the morning, sword practice at noon, then a trip to the forest to check traps and gather food, after which he was free until dinner.

Sugo, the captain of the Territorial Guards, was also free during this time, so he asked him to come along.

They had come to the town, which was the territorial capital located at the foot of the Landmark family lord’s house on a small hill.

Even though it was a territorial capital, the size of the Knight Baron’s town was similar to that of a village.
Still, it had branches of the Commerce Guild and the Adventurers’ Guild, which was a good thing.

Thanks to this, the main street was lined with stores and taverns.


“It’s this tavern you frequent, isn’t it?”


Ryu checked with Sugo, who was accompanying him.


“Yeah, that’s right.
Little Ryu, you sure you’re okay with this, I’ll go, okay?”


He was a little hesitant to bring a child to the tavern, yet he was sure that bringing Ryu would be troublesome later on.


“No, please do as we discussed.”


“I understand.”


Sugo reluctantly agreed.


They went into the tavern.

Inside there were several people drinking, even though it was not yet evening.

There was also a farmer among the adventurers.


“That’s him.”


Sugo pointed at the farmer.

Ryu nodded and spoke to the farmer.


“Hi, you must be Misoku-san? I’m here for your cut.”


“Oh? What’s up, kid? What… a cut?”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I just had to use a Gokudo term… Oh, I’m here to collect.”


“Gokudo? Collect?”


” Yes, it’s about the money Misoku-san borrowed from my father a few years ago.”


“Your father?”


Farza, the feudal lord.”


“Ryu, the lord’s child!?”


Farmer Misoku hurriedly straightened his posture.

Looking closely, he saw a stern man standing behind the child.

At that moment, even his drunken head understood that he was in trouble.


“W- What do you want from me!?”


” So, you borrowed money, didn’t you?”


“I-I wonder if I did…”


“The IOU… is here.”


Ryu took a piece of paper from Sugo and showed it to Misoku.


He said he would return the IOU to Sugo immediately.


“In the last few years, you must have been exceptionally well off with a good harvest, but you haven’t paid a single copper coin of interest, have you? Why is that? As far as I can see, you are not in need of money.”


“What is owed should be paid back!”


Sugo shrugged from behind Ryu.


Misoku screamed and flinched at the intensity of the situation.


“Stop it, Sugo! Misoku-san is frightened.
I’m sorry, Sugo has a temper.
…Let’s talk about repayment, yes?””


“…Yes! I will pay you back!”


Misoku, more frightened of Sugo than a six-year-old child, answered without pause.


Ryu smiled at him.


“Then let’s discuss a reasonable payment plan.”


From that point on, it was Ryu’s solo show.

Since Misoku also had a family, he proposed a repayment plan that was reasonable.

Misoku was taken aback by the content of the proposal, but unlike the scary Sugo, the son of the lord was understanding and signed the paper that Ryu pointed to, a contract that called for a small payment each month.


“Then, please pay it properly month by month from now on.”


Ryu smiled and Misoku nodded.


Thus, the financial situation of the Landmark family was improved one step further.

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