Jack arrived at 10:35AM, when he entered the building, he took the stairs to his office, staffs and workers passed him by.

”Good morning, Good morning Sir ”, responded a dozen of people, taking the escalator, passing him by.

Jack didn respond, he walked quietly into his office, he sat down, opened the drawer and brought out a document. After going through it, he put it back into the drawer.

”I don know what really went wrong, but I know my game proposal was the best, those scumbags shouldn have won ” he said, going through the newspaper. ”This isn over yet, Im not done ”.

He dropped the newspaper on the desk and stood up, he touched the collar of his suit and ran his hands down to his pant suit. He opened the door looking sideways and went down stairs.

”Everybody listen up, I need your attention ”.

Everyone stopped and turned their gaze to him.

”I just want to talk about the contest, we didn win, edge games won ”.

There was a lot of whisperings and dull faces from the crowd.

”But I know, believe me we as a team, we can do better, I myself loved the game which is why I want all of us to work together and develop the game ”.

There was cheers and laughter from the crowd.

”That won be a problem ” Said Steven.

”yes, sure because the proposal was perfect, we did everything, put in the requirements, so I don know what went wrong ” said Julia.

”So I believe this game is going to the best, because judging from the genre, the themes, animation, sound and the rest, its great ”. Said Jack, putting his hands in his pocket. ” So lets work on it and finally the game animators and game programmers should work more on the characters appearance, themes, visual effects and the rest, you know what to do ”.

”Yes we know,my team will work on it boss ”. Said Robin, shouting at a distance.

”Then the audio engineers and software developers, focus more on the sound, mood and music score of the game, let it match with every storylines and episodes ”.

”We will do that sir ”. Said Robin and the senior engineers in unison.

”To the game testers ”. Said Jack, looking sideways.

”We are here ”

”Good, when the game is done, test the games as many times as possible, run checks to see if there are bugs or crashes in the game, so that it can be quickly fixed ”

”Yes Sir ”. Said the team at the left wing side.

”Now everyone, get to work ”.


”Mr. jack, we are pleased to announce that the game is ready ”. Said Tina, smiling.

OK just give me a moment, Ill be downstairs with you all ”. Said Jack, dropping his phone on the desk. ”Finally, I cannot wait to see this game ”.

He looked at the mirror hanged at the right side of the wall and ran his hands through the collar of his suits to his pants. He opened the door walked downstairs through the stairs.

Everyone was waiting for him, standing in groups

”Mr. Jack, finally this is it ”, Said Michael, holding the tablet. ”Endless play an action and adventure fantasy which ranges from episodes to episodes ”.

”More like different story lines and episodes, when a player finishes the episodes, theres a quest or puzzle in different themes waiting to be solved at the end of every episode ”. Said Julia.

”For instance, episode one is a girl looking for her bag, then after that you solve a quest, taking you to another episode ”. Said Michael.

”Well Im impressed, let me hear from someone else ”. Said Jack, looking sideways. ”James, continue from where he stopped ”.

”Yes boss ”. Said James dressed in a yellow polo and black trousers, he came out from the crowd and faced the team.

”So from where he stopped, the more the player evolve to other episodes, the more it becomes tedious, for instance a teenage boy lost in a witchs house trying to escape, a lady waking up in a strange realm of spirits trying to get back to her world. The quest or puzzle has a timer which is set and counting like 30seconds,60 seconds and so on ”

”Are there chances for multiple players? ” said Jack.

”Yes there are, in the settings youll see multiple player, just click on it, it will allow the player to play with the number of players they want, any amount, you name it and the game also allows the player to connect to their social sites like twitter, google, Facebook to the game ”. Said James, looking at his iPad.

”thats wonderful, its enough James, you can go ”. Said Jack, looking sideways. ”let me hear from you Robin ”. He said, pointing his finger to the crowd ”.

Robin came out of the crowd dressed in white long sleeve and blue pants.

”So if the player looses his or her phone, when they get a new one and login using the same social sites, the game is saved and restored into their phone, theres also reward for players like when they login to google, twitter and Facebook, for the first time, they get 45 to 50 stars and then there is a reward login everyday for players, when they play the game, they get 5 stars instantly ”.

”Sounds good, is Stella here ” said Jack looking sideways.

”Yes Im here ”, shouted a female voice from the crowd. A tall female with blonde hair came out from the crowd, wearing a long sleeve top and a black trousers.

”I want to hear from you, continue from where Robin stopped ”.

”We also programmed in video rewards whereby every player that finishes a quest or episode watches a video and gets 6 stars ”. Said Stella, clicking on the tablet. ”Since the quest is timed, should a player fail to complete the quest, he or she or they can get into the next episode so theres an option like buy 2 stars for 15 seconds, 3 stars for 25 seconds and so on, it also has a profile for players to sign in their username, then theres the store where players connect their credit or debit card to the game by tapping purchase ”.

”Fantastic, Sophie let me hear from you too ”. Said Jack, pointing at the crowd.

A tall female emerged from the crowd dressed in a blue gown, holding an iPad.

”So in the purchase section, the players buy time, stars, tools and other resources in the game, then finally the music scores, mood, themes and color of the game is so fantastic ”. Said Sophie, clicking on her iPad. ”For each puzzles, some of them consist of matching the right candies, man jong, cooking quests, Halloween, movie parts, sea animals and so much more, I think the public is going to love our game ”.

”Yes the public is going to love our game ”. Said Jack, smiling. ”Julia and Simeon ”. He said, looking towards the crowd.

”We are here ”, said the both of them, raising their hands in the crowd.

”Crosscheck the game and make sure it doesn have any bugs or crashes ”.

”Yes sir, well do that ”.

”And I hope there is an email or customer service where the players can log in complaints ”.

”Yes, we did that, theres a section where players can reach out to us, the email is there ” said Simeon, collecting an iPad from a young average guy. ”let me use Patricks iPad for an example, Patrick may I ”.

”Sure, go ahead ”. Said Patrick dressed in a black top and red pants.

”This is the game, Im logged in right now, putting up my username ”. Said Simeon, taping and clicking the iPad. ”Sorry its taking time, now we are here, in the right hand corner, click on the 3 dots and the email box will appear along with other options, thats how the players can write to us expressing their comments, feedbacks and so on ”.

”And what email did you use? ”

”The second companys email, [email protected]

”Right, I just wanted to know ”. Said Jack, putting his hands into his pocket.

”And I forgot, Theres a review display whereby if players submit their feedbacks and review about the game, they get 9 stars for that ”. Said Julia.

”What can I say, nice work team Im impressed, now everyone dismiss, go back to your various work ”.

”Yes Sir ”. Shouted the crowd in unison

The crowd dismissed in pairs, a lot of discussions, cheers and movement from the team all day long.

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