”Welcome to Portland state university ”. Said a man, dressed in a mascot costume, playing a trombone.

”Here at Portland state university, we welcome all our freshers, making them feel welcome and familiar with campus, academics and social activities ”. Said a lady dressed in a black gown. ”Let me introduce my self, my name is Miss Clara and Im part of the admin staff here on campus, so with time you will be meeting the other staffs, please feel free and interact with one another ”.

A bunch of crowd rallied around the campus, groups of students emerged in numbers, giggling and chattering with one another. Mark leaped his way through the crowd, suddenly his foot stepped on a an average ladys leg.

”Ow, my God that hurts ”.

”Ohh, Im so sorry, I was just trying to make my way through in the crowd ”.

”Apology accepted then ”. She said, lifting her hand up for a shake.

”Yeah, right, haven we met, your face looks familiar ”.

”I don know or wait, are you that guy at the convocation event ”.

”Yeah, the guy you gave your phone to take a picture of you and your mum ”.

”Oh, I remember, Mark right ”

”Yeah, you
e right, so how are you? ”

”Im good ”.

”Sorry, whats your name again? ”

”Kelly ”.

”How forgetful of me ”

”Nah, its fine, so hope you are not bored ”.

”No Im not ”.

”Hows your mum? ”.

”Shes good, shes flown back to New York, thats where we live ”.

”Oh that cool ”.

”Im my mummys pet, she just couldn miss the convocation service ”. She said, giggling.

”So how did you see the event?, it was dull right ”.

”No, not really, just pretty interesting and lively ”.

”Well to me, I was kind of bored until I started interacting with other freshmen, making new friends with them ”.

”Yeah me too, Ive already made like five friends already, two from my faculty, the other three are from different departments ”.

”What course are you studying? ”.

”Accounting ”.

”Thats cool, Im studying theatre ”.

”Wow, thats nice ”

”Yeah, so its good to see you again ”.

”Yeah, see you later ”. She said, shaking his hands and walking towards another direction.

”Everyone may I have your attention please ”. Said a lady and a man in unison.

Soon the crowd stopped mumming and chattering, the atmosphere was calm and quiet.

”My name is Mr. kelvin, a non academic staff, we are thrilled to tell you how happy we are to have you at Portland State University, you coming to this institution is not a mistake. Many celebrities, great people have passed through here. Alumnis like Margaret Carter, Travis Knight, Courtney Love, Barba Roberts, Nancy Wilson and many others, so just keep your head high and be focused through your stay here and you won regret coming here, so in time you will know more, so thats all for now, my colleague will address you ”. He said, walking away from the crowd.

”So my name is Miss Donna, Im also part of the staff, Im here to announce that next week Thursday is going to be our orientation exercise, we will all be taking a tour from one building to another. The idea is for all freshers to know and be familiar with each faculties, departments, fraternity houses and halls here, other of my colleagues will be present with me at this exercise, so we will be meeting here at this very spot, the time is 10:AM, Ill be looking forward ”. She said, walking away from the crowd.

The crowd let out loud chatterings and murmurings, students start to format in groups, mingling and interacting with each other. Soon the crowd became silent as their voices began to fade slowly as two ladies dressed in pink jacket and white pants walked towards the crowd.

”Hello freshers ”. They said, smiling.

”Oh, hello ”. Said and responded the crowd as different voices spoke in unison.

”Let me introduce myself, Im Lara, a final year student and the president of the kappa kappa fraternity club, here is my colleague Stella, a member of the kappa house too ”. She said, pointing at the lady. ”So Im pleased to announce that we will be hosting a big welcome party for all freshmans, this is to say that you are welcome to Portland State University ”. She said, smiling and waving to the crowd.

There was a big applause and excitement from the crowd as they let out a loud cheers.

”So for every fresher that comes for the orientation next week will be given a free pass on drinks and foods, attendance will be taken after the tour exercise and finally we have other sorority clubs and fraternity houses like phi delta theta, epsilon, kappa Delta chi, Delta gamma and others, I cannot wait to see you guys, so for those of you interested in joining Kappa kappa or any other fraternity clubs should see me personally or come directly to the kappa kappa clubhouse ”. Said Stella, smiling

”So thats all the announcement for today ”. Said Lara, waving at the crowd.

”Have a great day and see you till next week ”. Said Lara, smiling at the crowd.

There were lots of giggling and discussions from the crowd, soon after they dismissed and dispersed in groups


Patrick stood across the hallway relaxed, reading a newspaper. Then he heard a eerie voice out of thin air.

”Hello ”.

”Whos there ”. He said, looking confused.

”Hello my friend, how are you? ”. Said the eerie voice.

”What tha–, I don know who the hell is talking ”.

”Im here, Patrick ”. It said.

”But I don understand ”.

”Look around you, Im he— ”.

”Patrick, Ive been looking over for you ”. Said James.

”Jesus, James you scared the hell out of me ”.

”Scared as how, Mr jack needs you in his office, like ASAP ”.

”Okay but where you here before ”.

”No I just came now, you were standing with this magazine in your hands ”.

”I know but there was a voice ”.

”What voice ”. Said James, looking perplexed.

”A strange one, someone was here calling me ”.

”Well I didn see anyone as I was coming to meet you ”.

”The voice, it came from here ”.

”Come on, Patrick, stop messing around like that, its not funny ”.

”Im not messing around, the voice called my name, it said Patrick ”.

”Stop it Patrick, quit the act and stop joking ”

”But Im not, someone else was here ”.

”Look I think youve been over working yourself lately, try to get some rest ”.

”I know but ”.

”No buts, Patrick go take some rest, try as much as possible to relax yourself, its probably just stress ”.

”Okay, I guess so ”, Said Patrick, letting out a sigh.

”So you do that for me but please go and attend to Mr. Jack ”.

”Sure Mr. James, no problem ”.

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