Chapter 12: Family

The lighting in the house was never great, whether day or night.
Though the house was shown to be a little bit cozier with the lights on during the night, it was still quite dull during the day. 

Nevertheless, Lu Xin was still in a good mood.

The breakfast prepared by his elegant mother contained a bowl of rice porridge with a sliced salted egg.
His mother left the delicious egg yolk for Lu Xin and his sister while she herself ate the leftover egg white.
Lu Xin quickly crammed down a little of the food and left most of it for his sister.

His father didn’t join them as he rarely left his place in the kitchen and there’d be chaos and fighting in the house every time he tried to join them.

“You going to your new job?”

His mother asked meekly, “Are you prepared for it?”

Though he never talked about his new job after coming back with his sister the other day, his mother seemed to know everything.

“Yeah, I’m ready mom.”

“Xiao Lu has really grown up!”

She gave Lu Xin a gratified look and handed him a piece of egg white,

“Having to work two jobs will be difficult, eat up!”

“Damn it, garbage, trash, you’re excited even though you know you are being used! Trash…”

Everyone ignored his father’s angry scolding from the kitchen.

“You’re the most useless out of all of us! You don’t even realise after being deceived by them!”

His increasing aggression and louder voice could be heard clearly throughout the house but they continued to ignore him.

“Listen to me! You should cut them all!”


The door was slammed open and his father stared at Lu Xin with his blood clotted eyes,

“Do you understand that they almost killed you yesterday!? They don’t value your life, do you not see that from yesterday? They were even prepared to get rid of you! You’d be dead without this brat by your side! Obviously they tried to kill you, why did you still decide to work for them!?”

His anger can be clearly seen in his eyes which were painted in bright blood-red.

“They did me dirty in the café,” He said timidly while eating his porridge, “But I mean… they pay a lot…”

The answer didn’t satisfy or calm his anger in the slightest, “Trash, why would there be such trash like you?”

Exasperated by the answer, he extended his arm to try to reach Lu Xin,


A bowl of porridge was thrown on his face right before he could reach his son’s shoulders,

“You what?”

He turned to his wife menacingly and wiped the porridge off his face, “The real garbage is you in the end!”

She elegantly sat on her chair while emanating a calm atmosphere, and said with little concern in her eyes, “If you weren’t all useless and rageful, we wouldn’t be trapped in here.”


“You shrew!”

He screamed as though he had been stabbed in the sore spot and attempted to stretch out his hand to attack her, who reacted coldly at the fierce confrontation.
She gently raised up two fingers and like a tamed beast, the father stopped his actions at once.

“What do you mean? Why are you making this gesture?”

The lowered voice and screams indicate that he became fearful.

“You understand what this means.
If you’re scared, back off.”

She gently laughed.

“Trash, trash, damn trash…”

His anger was not getting poured down and he was on the verge of completely breaking down.
The mother, on the other hand, looked at him easily with the same gesture.

Eventually, he kept it in and only cursed wildly, ripped through the table sheets, destroyed the drawers, and broke the kitchenware to vent his excessive anger.


She stood up in the same elegant manner and fixed Lu Xin’s collar,

“Do what you want, it’s the most important thing!”

“I know!”

He said and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Oh son, we’re a family, you don’t have to say thank you!”

She bumped him lightly and chuckled, “But remember, you must greet everyone you meet politely and treat them nicely.”

Fixing his slightly messy hair, she continued,

“Of course, while you need to treat everyone reasonably and nicely, they must treat you the same.
I know you’re a good child and never try to hurt anyone, but if anyone dares to hurt a strand of your hair….”

He looked up cautiously at his elegant mother who still had a warm smile on her face.

“Then we shall find him while bringing everyone…”

He can only sigh faintly at the passive aggressiveness coming from his mom that made his hair stand.

Considering the safety of others, I really can’t let anyone bully me eh?

Getting to work on time as usual, he finished everything on his work list more quickly than normal unconsciously and without even eating his lunch, he left the workplace.

He read the information given to him thoroughly and understood his new job to a certain degree.
Especially the wages and the bonuses. 

Now, with notifications or calls from Chen Jing, he was expected to go to the designated place, listen to orders and complete the mission accordingly.
Even if no missions were required of him during work, he would still get paid at the end of each month.
Most importantly though, he gets a bonus every time he finishes a mission successfully.

He even began to have targets.
He was determined to work diligently with the hope of actually getting the job.

With his ID, satellite phone, and gun stored in the bag, he started to patrol the streets with his sister.

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