Chapter 18: D Class: C-041

Over the phone, her response was both concise and efficient.
“From this point onward, address me as Captain, okay? Also, what have you uncovered?”

Lu Xin, with a demeanor of solemnity, carefully imparted all that he had learned from Qin Ran, meticulously selecting his words to craft a vivid and comprehensive account for his superior.

Impressed by the expediency of his findings, she couldn’t resist acknowledging his diligence with a nod.
“You’ve done remarkably well,” she praised, her voice resonating with sincere admiration.
“Without a doubt, this is yet another instance of psionic corruption.”

She committed herself to immediate action, vowing to assemble a team of seasoned operatives and investigators to promptly aid him in this crucial endeavor.

Amidst the gravity of the situation, curiosity ignited within her.
“By the way, could you reveal your current station?” she inquired, eager to discern his location.

“In the rear courtyard of Square Transportation Company,” Lu Xin responded, his mind burdened by the prospect of potential wage deductions owing to rookie mistakes.

“Maintain your position,” Chen Jing commanded, her voice resolute and authoritative.
“A triumvirate of seasoned veterans will imminently rendezvous with you.
While they possess extensive experience, do not underestimate the value of your intuition as a psionic mutant.
There will be moments when your instincts shall surpass their expertise.
Henceforth, you will spearhead the investigation, and they shall acquiesce to your command.

“However, for now, given your inexperience, I will assume the vanguard role for this investigation.
Our communication will be upheld via the radio.”

In the profound silence that followed, Lu Xin acknowledged the conclusion of the phone call, his thoughts entwined with contemplation of his compensation.

Amidst the interlude, his sister’s restlessness impelled her to ascend the nearby garage, seeking solace in the moon’s celestial radiance.

Fear and curiosity intermingled in Qin Ran’s heart, prompting him to approach Lu Xin cautiously, skillfully concealing his concern.
Standing at a measured distance, he endeavored to maintain an outward calmness, inquiring, “What are you up to?”

Lu Xin responded with unruffled composure, “Awaiting further instructions.”

Thus, an excruciating ten minutes of oppressive silence seemed to stretch endlessly, with each passing second intensifying the discomfort that hung in the air like an impenetrable haze.
The desperate quest for a means to shatter the tension was palpable.

And then, abruptly, the tranquility disintegrated into a cacophony of sound when the jarring screech of brakes reverberated through the premises.
A formidable black jeep stormed into the scene, its engine roaring like a ferocious beast unleashed.
The ground trembled beneath its commanding presence, as if acknowledging its dominion.

With precise military-like execution, the vehicle executed a swift half-circle as its door swung open, and three imposing figures emerged, their silhouettes accentuated by the fading sunlight.
Armed to the hilt, they exuded an aura of seasoned operatives, compelling the surrounding employees to instinctively blend into the crowd, heeding the unspoken command emanating from the newcomers.

Approaching Lu Xin with synchronized strides, the three individuals stood at attention, their weapons held firmly but not overtly threatening.
Among them, one advanced, his gaze penetrating, as if he could discern the underlying tension enveloping the area.

Lu Xin,” he addressed with a voice resonating authority, “the Neutralization brigade from satellite city #2, dispatched by Major Chen, is here to meet you!”

With a poised demeanor, Lu Xin instinctively mirrored their posture, standing tall in the face of their formidable presence.
Internally musing, ‘He addressed me as “mister”…’

With a gentle smile, Lu Xin interjected, “You can simply call me Xiao Lu…”

Yet, the other party remained stoic and unmoved.
“Yes, Mr.
Lu Xin!”

The armed men dispatched by Chen Jing embodied both a fierce appearance and an equally formidable demeanor.
After the meeting with Lu Xin, two of them returned to the car, skillfully inspecting and installing an array of sophisticated instruments atop the vehicle.
These intricate devices, with their myriad tentacles and complex locks, left everyone in awe.

Subsequently, Cheng Hui, the leader of the armed personnel, handed Lu Xin a sleek black box.

Maintaining an air of expertise, Lu Xin made sure not to betray any sign of inexperience as he deftly opened the box and retrieved a set of earphones, adorned with spongy ear buckles.
Observing that all the armed men had similar earphones adorning each ear, Lu Xin instinctively put them on without requiring any instruction.

Then, he waited, uncertain of what to do next.

Without uttering a single word, one of the armed men stepped forward, assisting Lu Xin in pressing a discreet button on the earpiece before silently retreating.

A female electronic voice resonated from the earphones.

“Investigation team line access…”

“Information analysis team line access…”

“Coordinators line access…”


With a glance of appreciation towards the armed officer, Lu Xin acknowledged their support without a need for words.

In the earpiece, Chen Jing’s direct and unyielding voice demanded, “Lu Xin, the supernumerary member of the Division of Advanced Special operatives, repeat your findings from the investigation!”

Following three consecutive sets of signal access, Lu Xin understood the gravity of the moment.
He carefully reiterated the details he had earlier conveyed to Chen Jing, who listened calmly without interruption.
After hearing his account, she spoke in a composed manner, “Information Analysis Team!”

“Hello, Mr.
Lu Xin.
I’m Corporal Han Bing from the Tactical Data Reconnaissance Battalion.
I shall be providing you with information on behalf of our team.”

Her voice exuded a delicate blend of sweetness and softness, yet it carried an unmistakable air of meticulous organization in its delivery.

“First, information on this incident:

Tentative number: D Class: C-041

Target level: Unknown

Corruption level: Presumed Minimal

Threat level: Presumed Minimal

Person of interest: Qin Ran, Qinggang Satellite City#2 Square Transportation Company”


“After carefully evaluating Mr.
Lu Xin’s report, it becomes evident that this is an unprecedented form of corruption, uncharted in our records.
Our recommended targeted measures entail an immediate initiation of investigative operations to identify the origin of corruption and promptly engage in cleanup procedures.”

“Second, directly detain the relevant individual, Qin Ran, and await the emergence of entities.
Observe the subsequent changes and gather essential clues.

“If deemed necessary, you may opt to terminate Qin Ran on the other side, thereby severing the logic chain of the corrupted.”



Lu Xin found himself momentarily taken aback by the audacity of the proposal.
It marked his inaugural encounter with such a high-stakes operation, resulting in a fleeting hesitation before he could respond.

Never before had he envisioned confronting such weighty decisions, contemplating the unsettling prospect of terminating individuals.

“This marks your first engagement in an official investigation, a pivotal moment that presents a rare opportunity for learning,” Chen Jing’s authoritative voice resounded through the earpiece.
“From this point onward, you will be accompanied by a designated Information Analysis Team on every field assignment, providing crucial technical support, facilitating information analysis, and offering valuable suggestions.
Adapt swiftly to this mode of operation.”

Lu Xin nodded, keenly aware of the wisdom in Chen Jing’s guidance.

Chen Jing pressed on, her words exuding experience, “At times, addressing the specific needs of the contamination source can weaken the intensity of the psionic fluctuations arising from it.
Such a tactic could yield vital clues or lead to an effective resolution.
There have been instances where the source of corruption vanishes on its own accord after its characteristic needs have been satisfied.
However, due to the limited information concerning C-041, we shall refrain from employing this approach for now.

“My recommendation is to proceed immediately with the investigation, focusing on the location of Qin Ran’s initial murder and the site of corpse disposal!”

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