The Red Moon Appeared 



3 B.C., during the period of Emperor of the Han Dynasty, there was a great drought that affected everywhere.
There were mysterious incidents occurring in the area east of Hangu Pass, peasants were in great panic, they abandoned their fields and hoes, armed with straw stalks, they claimed it was the plan of the queen mother of the west and that the stalks must be delivered to the palace.
There were also some who were running in the plains and roads bare-footed, passing the stalks to each other, night and day.
Officials around the country arrested and beat those who were confused by the weird phenomenon with the intent of stopping them, however there was no use.
Eventually, the stalks, after going through 26 counties and countries, were presented in front of the Emperor.

The people sang and danced in alleys and fields, they worshipped the queen mother of the west, until autumn when they finally awoke from their deep collective dreams.

“Zizhi Tongjian”, 34th scroll.

1518 AD, a “dancing plague” broke out in Strasbourg, France.
A woman suddenly started dancing madly on the streets, attracting people’s attention.
Soon, many joined in and started dancing with her without stopping.
A day later, the number of dancers reached 34.
Three days later, the number reached up to more than 400 dancers.
Local authorities sought out the doctors, but nothing could be done.
Even the doctors and soldiers joined in the madness.
After days of dancing, many died of exhaustion.
After one month, in a city full of people, nearly half died from dancing.

1960, the scarecrow incident that happened in the state of Massachusetts.
A scarecrow appeared in the wheatfields in the Highlands of New England, the creator of which was unknown.
Anyone who met the eyes of the scarecrow were dazed, their expressions were stiff and their movements were paused.
Those who saw the people who met the gaze of the scarecrow also experienced similar symptoms.
Eventually it spread to the surrounding area and within a day, the whole state was affected.
The army and state police were later dispatched.
Results: Unknown.

2005, all the middle school students in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo had a common dream of red-eyed spiders, the dream caused a dismay around the area.
Students start showing symptoms such as limb distortion, slanted eyebrows, and entanglement of hands and feet.
Experts referred to the situation as mass symptoms of muscle spasms caused by the hysteria.
The following day, a gas explosion took place at the same school, destroying many of the school buildings.
Casualties: Unknown.
Survivors: Unknown!

2030, the Red Moon Event takes place!


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