Are you and Lian Xuan old acquaintances?

If, many years later, you meet again the person you secretly loved years ago, what expression would you have, and how would you behave?

Would you smile and exchange greetings with her, or pretend to be a stranger you’ve never met?

The person you loved deeply in your heart years ago has become a sharp needle buried in the depths of your soul over the years.
When you least expect it, it will always sting you fiercely.
How much preparation do you need to face this meeting with calmness?

Luzi Zheng’s experience revealed the answer.

No matter how much preparation you make, all your defenses will still collapse in an instant when you meet again.

She remembered that she had just smiled and reached out her hand, saying, “Ms.
Lian, please take care of me in the future.” A flawless smile, polite and courteous, seemed impeccable.

However, Lian Xuan didn’t extend her hand for a handshake.
Instead, she opened her arms and gently embraced her, warmly and naturally saying, “Zizheng, we’ve been classmates for many years.
Although we haven’t seen each other in a long time, there’s no need for such formality, right?”

Luzi Zheng fiercely pressed her thumbnail against the pad of her index finger, barely managing to control herself from pushing Lian Xuan away and fleeing.
She took a deep breath, feigning composure, acknowledging Lian Xuan’s words with a passing smile.

Just like many years ago, till this day, she still couldn’t see through Lian Xuan.

She had never been able to see through Lian Xuan’s smile, unsure of how much sincerity it held and how much was mere pretense.

Temporarily reassigned to be Lian Xuan’s personal translator at Fengshang, she had already anticipated that her immediate superior would be Lian Xuan.
However, to her surprise, she had overestimated herself.
At the moment she saw Lian Xuan, she realized with a jolt that her composure had crumbled.

With her neatly tied up black hair, exquisite makeup, and sweet polite smile, Lian Xuan couldn’t conceal the faint sense of distance in her eyes.
Eight years later, Lian Xuan still radiated beauty, elegance, and captivated everyone’s attention.
But through the facade, Luzi Zheng saw the Lian Xuan who wore a white school uniform, tied her hair in a ponytail, and waved goodbye to her.

She was no longer the naive high school student who pursed her lips and endured silence, and Lian Xuan was no longer the pretty girl who smiled and treated others with gentleness.
She bitterly smiled, realizing that time was a passage, while emotions were something that couldn’t be overcome.

Sitting in the temporary office arranged by Lian Xuan, Luzi Zheng couldn’t focus all afternoon.
Her temples throbbed, and her thoughts were scattered.

Finally, as the end of the workday arrived, Luzi Zheng rubbed her temples, tidied up her desk, and walked out of the office with a sense of relief, carrying her bag.

During the rush hour of leaving work, the elevator was packed with people.
She barely squeezed in, holding her breath and tightening her stomach, standing upright.
However, the physical discomfort she experienced was clearly overshadowed by the pain in her mind.
Standing by the elevator door, lost in thought, she contemplated whether she should resign early if she wasn’t as carefree as she had initially imagined and wait for another employer at the company.

Just as she reached the ground floor, still lost in her thoughts, the crowd behind her pushed her out of the elevator.
She stumbled and almost fell.

Suddenly, a slender white hand reached out and grabbed her arm, a gentle voice asking, “Are you okay?”

Luzi Zheng lifted her head and saw Lian Xuan’s beautiful face looking directly at her, a gentle smile filled with concern.

Luzi Zheng quickly straightened her body, breaking free from Lian Xuan’s grip, and said, “I’m fine, thank you, Ms.

The two of them walked side by side, neither too close nor too far apart.
Lian Xuan glanced at Luzi Zheng and smiled, saying, “Why are you always so distant and polite? I can overlook it during work hours, but during our free time, you can at least call me by my name.”

Luzi Zheng glanced at her, gave a faint smile, and remained silent, continuing to walk towards the exit.

Why is it that she can pretend as if nothing happened, while she, after all these years, still couldn’t forget, becoming a lingering dream?

Luzi Zheng, perhaps your understanding is too shallow.

As they reached the doorway, Luzi Zheng was about to bid farewell to Lian Xuan, but Lian Xuan p

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