blins were surprised.

“And keep leading the wolves to the other passage by running away!”

[Clang! Clang!]

There was no time to catch each wolf to save the people.

The shadow goblins yelled and started luring the wolves.

In the process, they were constantly thrown and torn apart, but they kept getting up and weakening the wolves.



Eventually, most of the wolves became frenzied chasing after the three shadow goblins.

And when they all went into the passage that was in the corner.

“Quick, block the hole!”

At the shout of Suho, the miners who were sitting on the ground, covered in wounds, quickly stood up.
They brought all the wagons of gathered magic stones and piled them up in front of the passage where the wolves had entered.

“Huff, huff.”

Once they had blocked the passage to some extent, the miners collapsed on the ground, exhausted.

“What the hell? How did the monsters get here?”

“What happened to the attack team in front of us?”

Anxiety showed on their faces.

Monsters had never approached the mining site that was far behind the attack team before.
There was only one case where it had happened.

“Could it be that the attack team was wiped out?”

“No, when we went in, there were only wolves, so we were confident.”

“After all, this is only a D-rank dungeon.”

Just then, the sound of wolves growling was heard from behind the blocked passage.

“Now what do we do?”

There was no guarantee that the way out would be safe.


Suho called Ver, who had been staring deep into the dungeon.

Ver had a serious expression.

“My lord, something big seems to have happened.
This must be the energy of the Fang Lord.”

“The Fang Lord?”

“He is the king of beasts that were killed by your hand.
There seems to be someone controlling the wolves from behind.”

“Did the dead come back to life?”

“I don’t know for sure.
The ability to revive from death is a power that only the Shadow Lord can possess in this universe.
However, even with the power of the Shadow Lord, it was impossible to resurrect a lord-level existence.
They didn’t just die, their very existence disappeared.”

“So it was absurd to think that the vanished lord would come back to life.”

“So, at best, it’s highly likely that this energy is the remnant of the fang lord flowing through a dimensional crevice.”

Having finished his explanation, Ber looked firmly at Suho.

“My lord, let’s run away from here.”

“Run away?”

Suho looked confused.

Ber, who had always shouted to fight and kill at the drop of a hat, was now showing the opposite attitude.

“As I’ve said before, your power is weaker than that of an ant larva now.
You’re too weak and if a lord-class enemy appears, you’ll die instantly.
We need to get out of here as quickly as possible.”

“…Are you still upset because I gave you some mana crystals to eat earlier?”

Suho remembered it clearly.

Until this morning, he was just an ant larva, but now he was even weaker than that.

But that’s when it happened.


The hole they had been struggling to block suddenly exploded.

“Ah! The passage is open!”

The miners, who had been relieved that they had barely managed to isolate the wolves, grabbed their pickaxes again.

But instead of wolves pouring out as expected, a familiar face emerged from the hole.

Kim Cheol-ho!”

One of the miners recognized him and called out with a bright expression.

He turned out to be an acquaintance who was part of the attack force.

“What happened in there? We almost died!”


He approached with a smile, but Kim Cheol-ho just stared back at him with a blank expression.

And then the sword in his hand moved.


“It’s dangerous!”


At that moment, the power of the Guardian’s dominion grabbed the miner’s back.

Then, by a hair’s breadth, Kim Cheol-ho’s sword grazed past his neck.


A shallow red line appeared on his neck, and his complexion turned pale as he stumbled backwards.


Red eyes looked down on him arrogantly.

Kim Cheol-ho opened his mouth.

“Who dares to invade the domain of the Fang Lord? This is a fortress where the great beasts once lived.”



At that moment, a terrible aura exploded from his entire body.


An ominous energy so overwhelming that he couldn’t even breathe filled the room.

[The effect ‘Fear’ has been triggered.]

[The player’s stats will decrease by 50% for 1 minute.]

At that moment, the Guardian felt his body become heavy.

“You need to run now.”

Verga whispered urgently.

If only I had my full power, this wouldn’t have been a problem….”

It wasn’t an exaggeration; Verga’s power was completely drained from unlocking the Guardian’s seal.

Muttering with frustration, Verga looked at the Guardian’s face and suddenly stopped.

The look in Suho’s eyes as he gazed at Kim Cheol-ho was burning hot.

That was when it happened.

[A quest has arrived.]

A quest window opened in front of Suho.

[Emergency Quest: Defeat the Enemy!]

There is a creature with flesh near the ‘Player’.
Eliminate him to secure safety.

Number of enemies to be eliminated: 1

Number of enemies eliminated: 0

Beru urgently spoke.

[My lord! Please ignore this quest.
There is a way for the weak to fight among themselves.
Let’s use the goblin shadows as shields and escape like before.]

“I got it.”

Suho whispered quietly.

Beru’s eyes brightened.

[I will guide you to the escape route!]

“…… We’ll fight.”

[What? Why!]

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