solo leveling: ragnarok Chapter 14



Field dungeons were polluted areas that were created because dungeon breaks couldn’t be completely blocked.

This was mainly due to the unique terrain rather than the strength of the monsters that often appeared, and China and Russia were typical examples.

Because the ground was so vast, when the gate was opened, it was difficult for hunters to find each monster one by one, so they were eventually abandoned and left to die.

In addition, it was often much more difficult to locate the gate that had started to erode, so it took several times longer to attack the dungeon.

For a similar reason, Korea, which had many rough mountains instead of vast lands, often had field dungeons.

[Field of Gwanaksan]

※ No entry except for the Hyena Guild

Gwanaksan is the first entrance to the dungeon, strictly blocked from outside by a fence.

The Gwanaksan field was a field dungeon that the Hyena Guild had occupied for a year.

The guardian was watching Gwanaksan from afar, wearing a hood and mask to cover their face.

[This is it.]

Berger, perched on the guardian’s shoulder, greedily licked his lips.

This was the place where the energy of the stronghold that Rakkan’s Fang had revealed could be felt.

However, Rakkan’s Fang didn’t know what was inside the stronghold.

[You don’t know even though we’ve come this far?]

“No matter how many times you ask, my answer is the same.
I’m just a sword that was stuck in the ground at best.
I can sense the energy of the stronghold, but I can’t accurately know its true form.”

Rakkan’s Fang protested as if feeling unjustly accused.

Berger chewed on a piece of candy and threatened him with a bad expression.

“I hope you’re not lying.
If you are, I’ll start eating you from the handle, very slowly and painfully…”

“Can you stop threatening me like that?”

“What if I don’t?”

“It’s scary.”


Rakkan’s Fang was honest.
Perhaps because it was a sword, there was no pretense.

The sun was setting.

The guardian, who had been waiting for this moment, looked up at the sky with bright eyes.

Let’s go in now,” said Suho, walking slowly towards the iron fence with his hood pulled deeper.

His sensory stats had improved, allowing him to see reasonably well in the darkness.
This should not pose a significant obstacle to combat.

“No, it’s better this way.
We don’t want to get caught by the Hyena Guild,” he thought to himself.

It was illegal for a hunter without permission to enter a dungeon occupied by another guild.
However, he wasn’t there to make money at someone else’s workplace.
He planned to quietly take only the fangs of the Lord of Fangs’ relics, as long as he didn’t get caught, there would be no problem.

If the Lord of Fangs’ relics fell into the hands of an ordinary awakened person, the hunter might be stripped of his body and become a berserker, like what had happened to Rakan’s fangs.

“Is that a CCTV and an iron fence?” Suho’s eyes calmly surveyed the surroundings.

It was impossible for people to individually guard a large field-type dungeon like this.
The only things guarding it were the iron fence and CCTV cameras installed at intervals.

“The power of domination,” he murmured.

Suho lifted the black vinyl bag he had brought with his telekinetic powers and moved it to cover the camera entirely, as if it was being carried by the wind.

“Now is the time,” he thought.

In one leap, Suho jumped over the iron fence.
It was the moment when his strength stat shone.

With a light landing, Suho immediately scanned the area.
A blue mist hung heavily over the entire mountain range of Gwanak.

In fact, the iron fence did not distinguish the dungeon’s boundaries; it was this blue mist that separated the field’s area.

“This blue mist is the power of extradimensional magic.
It’s meant to forcibly break through the dimensional walls and create fissures in the world,” said a voice.

“That’s right.
The Outsiders want to spread this mist throughout the world to create a large fissure that their army can use to cross dimensions,” Suho thought.

“Shh!” Suho held his breath and narrowed his eyes.

He had only been in the field for less than a minute, but the number of red pupils watching him was increasing.

[Blade Claw Briga]

[Blade Claw Briga]

[Blade Claw Briga]

Under the cold moonlight, the monster monkeys reveal themselves one by one.

Now, they even know how to protect themselves.

The level-up system shows different colored names above their heads according to their strength.

White is relatively weak.

Orange is equal or strong.

Red is much stronger.

And those monkeys were “orange”.

“The weakened monkeys have surrounded us.
But since our lord is weaker, please be careful.”

“Your cheering is so useless.”

Suho smiled faintly at Ber’s cheering(?) and clenched Lakan’s fangs.

It might be somewhat dangerous considering the difficulty and number of those guys.

“But this should be enough.”

No, it’s actually good.

If they only catch easy guys, they will gain less experience.

Suho moved his eyes quickly.

Now it was time to level up.


At that moment, monkeys fell from the trees all at once.

Their blade-like long claws flew towards Suho’s body.

And Lakan’s fangs in Suho’s hand cut through the cold night air.

Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash!

[You have defeated Blade Claw Briga.]

[You have defeated Blade Claw Briga.]


“Eek! Eek-eek-khek!”

Thus, Suho continued to move forward, trampling on the corpses of never-ending monsters.

Of course, they had no intention of wandering aimlessly on this wild night.

“Guide us.
Which direction is the gate?”

Are you naturally accustomed to this kind of skirmish?

Lakan’s fangs were truly bewildered.

The situation was clearly the worst.

When one was killed, two more rushed in.

When two were killed, five more fell from above their heads.

Those despicable monkeys rode darkness and trees, causing confusion in their guardianship.
Some even threw rocks while laughing on top of trees.
However, the guardians showed no signs of being flustered, despite jumping around in the chaotic melee.

“You seem too skilled in combat compared to your power as the Shadow Lord’s successor.
What kind of battles have you faced until now?” someone asked the guardians.

“Can you guide us?” the guardians replied with a wry smile.
They had experienced a tough time surviving until they reached the final boss in their dreams as teenagers.
If they died in the middle, they had to start over from the beginning.

The memories of those difficult experiences were deeply ingrained in their body.
Even though the current situation was terrible, it was heaven compared to those times.
However, they didn’t like the proud expression that Beruga kept showing while shrugging his shoulders beside them.

The tip of the fang sword, Lakhan’s fang, held by the guardians’ hand, moved automatically in one direction.
“This way for now.
But the path to the sanctuary will be hellish.
You seem to be quite familiar with these chaotic battles, but even so, it will be hard for you to reach there alone…”

“Who said I’ll go alone?”

“What?” the guardians replied, chuckling and looking around.
Just then, black smoke rose slowly from the corpses of the monkeys lying miserably on the ground.

“Target is extractable.”

“Target is extractable.”

The guardians reached out their hand towards the shadows.


Creepy laughter echoed through the chilly night air, as black hands began to emerge from the shadows of the dead monkeys lying on the ground.

Those hands touched the ground, crawled out of the shadows, and stood up on their own.

[Successfully extracted shadows.]



A total of five black monkeys with black smoke emanating from their bodies appeared in front of the guardians.

[Shadow Monkey Lv.1]

Normal grade

[Shadow Monkey Lv.1]

Normal grade

Berga clapped at the sight.

Five of them! As the intelligence stat has increased, the number of shadow soldiers has also increased! But compared to the millions of Lord’s great army, it’s too pathetic… huh?]

“It’s too noisy.”

Suho grabbed Berga and threw him to the monsters.

I’m not surprised by this much.]

Berga flew and spread his sharp claws.

And with one strike, he tore all the monsters apart…!



He bounced off.


The monkeys, who kicked Berga, attacked Suho again.

But in the meantime, the shadow monkeys that had approached from behind thrust their sharp claws into their necks.


[Defeated Blade Claw Briga.]

[Defeated Blade Claw Briga.]

[Your level has increased!]

Suho’s body was filled with energy.


The shadow monkeys trampled on the bodies of their enemies and giggled maliciously.

But now that we thought they were on our side, they seemed somewhat cute.

“Let’s keep going.”

But it was a farewell before we got attached.

As the mountainous terrain became steeper, stronger monsters blocked the way.

[Black Shadow Raja]

[Black Shadow Raja]


A secret assassin approaches, hiding in the darkness.

Red-eyed beasts resembling black panthers ruthlessly tore apart the necks of shadow monkeys.


The shadow monkeys surrendered their necks without hesitation.

The difference in their strength was clear.


But Suho’s eyes shone brighter.

“These guys are mine too.”


At that moment, the fangs of Rakan burst forth.

[“Skill: Contempt for the Weak” is used.]


The body of Black Shadow Raja suddenly became heavy.

[“Effect: Fear” is activated.]

[All target abilities are reduced by 50% for 1 minute.]

However, “Contempt for the Weak” was a skill that worked better against weaker opponents than Suho.


[“Effect: Fear” is released.]

The name of Black Shadow Raja is orange.

Since they were equal to or slightly stronger than Suho, just roaring powerfully was enough to dispel the fear effect.

But that brief moment was enough.

In an instant, Suho disappeared from their sight.

And then.



One black panther had its neck cut, spraying black blood.

[Black Shadow Raja has been defeated.]


At that moment, the other creatures quickly hid in the darkness, but one was enough.


Suho reached out his hand towards the corpse and said, “Get up!”


[Shadow Extraction Successful.]


At that moment, a shadow monkey disappeared, and in its place, the shadow of a black jaguar rose up.




[Shadow Leopard Level 1]


Common Grade


Suho smiled contentedly and said, “Good.
A new family member.”




The creature that had just tried to bite Suho’s neck a moment ago now wagged its tail and crawled onto Suho’s leg.


Then it turned its head and revealed itself to its fellow creatures lurking in the darkness of the forest.


Suho also smiled and said, “Feeling lonely? Go and invite your friends.”




At those words, the shadow leopard ran out to hunt its fellow creatures.


Suho continued to upgrade the shadow soldiers one by one and moved forward.


-…That’s why we lost the war.
Because of these dangerous creatures.


Lakan’s fangs muttered in frustration.


* * *


A while later.


“Everyone, stop.”




At Suho’s command, the shadow leopards held their breath and flattened themselves in place.


That’s it ahead.


Lakan’s fangs didn’t need to say anything.


There was a hyena guild outpost there.

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