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“A quest has arrived.

At that moment, a message window appeared before the guardian.

[Quest: Trial of the Shadow]

Guardian, you are the son of the great Shadow Lord.

However, at this moment, all of your innate talents have been sealed.

To bear that great power, you must prove your own qualification.

Enter the Shadow Dungeon and prove yourself.

“Shadow Dungeon?”

The quest window unfolded before him.

Upon seeing it, the key to the ‘Shadow Dungeon’ that Beruga had given him in his dream came to mind.

[The Shadow Dungeon is the ‘Domain of Rest’ given to Lord Baron.
It is a land of the dead where no one can set foot without the owner’s permission.
Please open your ‘inventory.’]

When the guardian concentrated his mind on the words, a translucent window appeared before him.


Key to the Shadow Dungeon (unconfirmed)

“Do I even have an inventory? This is really like a game.”

He was amazed.

As if the dream from his adolescence was a tutorial, now all the features of a real game had been added.

The guardian reached out and took out the key.

Then an information window appeared above the key.

[Item: Key to the Shadow Dungeon]

Acquisition difficulty: ??

Type: Key

This is a key that can be used to move to the Shadow Dungeon.

It can be used on the Guardian’s shadow.

“I can use it on my shadow?”

Following the explanation, the guardian’s gaze went down to his feet.

He knelt down and lightly held the key over his shadow.


Surprisingly, the key went into his shadow.

Beruga’s eyes widened.

[Now, go in and take all the power that should have belonged to Lord Baron.]

“Wait a minute.”

Suho pulled out the key and quickly changed into his own clothes, tying his shoelaces tightly after taking off the loose patient gown and slippers.

As Suho looked down at his shadow again, a determined light shone in his eyes.

Shall we go?”

[“Kkiaek! Let’s go! I’ll assist you by your side! Of course, I’m out of energy, but still!”]

He didn’t expect much.

Suho pushed the key back into the shadow.


[“Would you like to enter the Shadow Dungeon?”] (Y/N)

“…I will enter.”


At the same time as his answer, Suho’s shadow spread out in all directions and began to swallow up everything in sight – the walls, the ceiling, and even the entire hospital building.

[“You have entered the Shadow Dungeon.”]

Before he knew it, Suho had arrived in a black-and-white world covered in shadow.

“Where is this?”

A silent, stillness where all signs of life were missing.
A dense forest, colored in black and white, was waiting for Suho.

No, it was a ruined city that had turned into a forest.

The high-rise buildings were covered with moss and vines.

Suho suddenly remembered a book he had read when he was young.

“It was probably called… Earth Without Humans?”

The book was a documentary about the effects of the Earth’s midnight phenomenon.
In summary, it explained that cities left unattended for a long time would eventually collapse and become a forest, with grass and trees growing everywhere.

Just like this place.

“It feels like a field contaminated with magic.”

In the quiet surroundings, Berva, who had followed Suho, flew up and saluted.

“Welcome to the Shadow Dungeon!”

“Is this the Shadow Dungeon?”

As Suho looked around, he felt a strange familiarity.

It felt like he had entered an old horror movie.

“…But why does it feel so familiar?”

As everyone does, Suho vividly remembered the memories of his infancy it is possible

However, the emotions and atmosphere that I felt at that time remained deep in my heart even after becoming an adult.

To some, this black and white world may feel very ominous, but to Suho, it felt as warm as his mother’s embrace.

Then, suddenly,



Suho’s sensory stat sent a warning.


At that moment, an axe flew from behind him.

[Hick! The trial has begun! Dodge!]

Hearing Berg’s urgent shout, Suho immediately turned his body.

And then he kicked!



The monster was hit by Suho’s kick and rolled on the ground.

There was a name tag floating above its head, just like Berg’s.

[Goblin Scout]


It was an ugly monster with green skin that was about one meter tall.


As soon as Suho confirmed its name, he became alert.

“If it’s a scout, there might be other monsters nearby!”

Suho had already fought many battles in his dream when he was in his teens.

The survival instinct engraved in his body at that time moved Suho’s body.

“I have to kill it before calling for other allies!”


Before the monster could get up, Suho threw himself at it.

[Kkiyaak! It’s dangerous to fight with bare hands! Goblins are weak and cowardly, but now the Lord is weaker!]

“I know!”


Receiving Berg’s warning, Suho struck the back of the goblin scout’s hand, causing the axe it held to fall from its grip.

[Kyaah! Well done! Very well done!]

Berg applauded vigorously, flying above him.

“Man, he’s noisy.”


[You have acquired the item: Imp’s Stone Axe.]

As soon as Suho gripped the axe handle, he swung it.



[You have defeated the goblin scout.]

Suho swiftly cut off the goblin’s neck.
But he had no time to catch his breath.


He heard a chilling sound of wind behind his back.

“I knew there was a comrade after all!”

An arrow flew through the air, splitting the wind!

Instinctively, Suho reached out his hand.

“The power of the master!”


At that moment, a transparent hand reached out from Suho’s hand and caught the flying arrow.

“What power is this!”

Beru was amazed, looking at the arrow stuck in mid-air.

“Indeed, our Lord has finally awakened the power of a newborn baby!”

Beru thought of Suho’s childhood when he walked through the air as a newborn baby.

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