Soul Contractor

Chapter 3 The orb that started it all

After What Happened

Suzuya:Im Ok Hikari its just like electricity flows in my body but its nothing really

Hikari:Ok. Thats weird.

Yamiyo:Looks Like theres another one that needs to be taken care of Ahmya Take care of it.

Ahmya:Yes Yamiyo-Sama

Suzuya:Im Home!

Mom: Oh Welcome back hows your school today?

Suzuya:The Usual Boring

Mom: Don say that thats because you have no friends in class

Suzuya:Ive got a friend

Mom:Who is it?


Mom:Hikari? Thats your only friend around your age

Suzuya:Whatever Im going back to my room call me when the dinner is ready


After talking to my Mom I walk to my room and get changed after getting changed I open my laptop and start watching my favorite anime series

Im watching anime when something catches my eyes oh thats the orb I pick up today why is shining? Before I know it Im approaching the orb and then Huh?? What happened Is this heaven its so white

Girl:This is not heaven and why do you die if this is heaven?

Suzuya:Oh Right I remember now Im watching anime when the orb started to shine

Girl:Thats not an orb

Suzuya:Then What is it? And who exactly are you why are you dressed like you are some kind of anime character are you a cosplayer?

Girl:I don know what anime is but the way you talk about its sounds rude and The orb thing that you
e talking about is yours now.

Suzuya:What do you mean? Mine??

Girl:Duh its yours now did you not get it jeez you are such an idiot

Suzuya:Idiot!? Im not an idiot you know! Explained this to me so I can understand what exactly this orb is.

Girl:Fine. The Orb you
e talking about is an orb that has the power to connect the spirit to your soul so you and I are connected now.

Suzuya: What!? What do you mean connected?

Next time What will happen to Suzuya now that he is connected to some kind of spirit and what exactly is the meaning of connected?

Chapter 2 END

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