Sovereign of Illusions

Boredom, I\'m empty and do not want to fill it.


Adams body was thrown away from the second teleportation array.

Usually, such a magical formation came in pairs. Making it possible for cultivators of high ranking to travel immense distances.

Unknown to him, Adam only survived the travel in the harsh environment of the spatial crack due to the precious cloak he previously stole.

This was, in fact, a rank 5 piece of magical equipment. Even though Adam had not actually used it since his nonexistent magical energy was not enough to start it, just from its well-built materials and engravings, it bore all the damage from the space travel.

This impressive cloak started crumbling away into nothingness. A powerful rank 5 magical armor was utterly disintegrated, making Adam, spatially lost, start shuddering as a gale penetrated his body.

It seemed to be autumn, and the temperature inside the cave where he was currently was dropping. Added to the cold wind and Adam losing all his clothing, he was thoroughly naked amidst the wilderness.

The only things successfully transported with him were the book and the strange ring he had unconsciously put on his finger.

Besides the dizziness, he was in a perfect state. Looking at the book he had dearly held during the travel, a sense of fulfillment invaded his mind. This was the guide that he was lacking! His knowledge about cultivating and other things acquired at the library would pale compared to this book.

As if tailor-made for him, perhaps it was really tailor-made for him. This high-level meditation technique would allow a cultivator to join the Adepts rank and, if followed correctly, enter the realm of magicians and ascend to rank 7.

This should be the thousandth time Im asking myself this question, but where am I?

He only knew a few things about this place and the previous laboratory. Yet, in the desperate situation he was in a couple minutes ago, he had no other option than to leave everything in that laboratory and risk using the formation.

Adam would now need to explore the outer world and find a civilization where he could find food, clothes, and weapons. Besides this, joining a faction in his early stages of cultivation was a must-do thing, as alone his resources were laughable, and a wandering beast or magician would kill him hundreds of times over.

All the information about beasts and rankings was obtained from the library. Since that organization was actually a powerful one, having a leader that carried a rank 7 meditation technique, this information could be trusted.

Naked, holding a book in his left hand and wearing a ring in his right hand, Adam left the cave to explore the world for the first time in his lifetime.

. . . . .

After going out of the cave to explore for a while, he fearfully decided to return to the shelter as he wasn hungry or thirsty. Opening his newly acquired High-Grade Meditation technique called [Seven Illusions Technique], he tried learning and decided to cultivate it.

On the first page, it was portrayed that it would be unviable for people with a low affinity toward the dream elemental particles to even start utilizing this meditation technique.

In the aspect of lacking the talent to use dream elemental particles, he felt that his body was the most appropriate. In fact, after learning about elementary particles in the library, Adam had tried absorbing and interacting with them, only to be wholly rejected by these elements. At that time, he started linking the fact that he was, in fact, a laboratory-modified species. And since the majority of the elements that could be found at that laboratory were that of darkness, death, and other chaotic mixtures of elemental particles in the places where battles had previously occurred, he didn make any progress in all the time he had stayed there. Adding the fact that at the time he learned about cultivating and the basics of elemental particles, he had no meditation technique.

Doing it without a meditation technique was possible. The only problem is that by doing so, people would only be able to achieve, at best, the pinnacle of Adept rankings, whereas to be a real magician, this method wouldn work.

But having an artificially created affinity to a specific element would be the same as having someone with a natural affinity to others or changing their body constitution through special meditation techniques. But training didn involve only the affinity toward a particular element and depended on the talent of absorbing mana.

In Adams case, the situation was more difficult. To train on the [Seven Illusions Technique], he couldn use normal mana because the dream elemental particles were linked to things that, with his shallow knowledge and experiences, would be impossible to understand.

He only understood that he needed to refine something different from other regular cultivators. This thing was called Dream Essence.

Unknowingly to him, Adam entered an ancient subpath of magicians. The same could be applied to crazy fellows that found incomplete inheritances and decided to walk the path of the mysterious and antique way of Spirit Magus.

Two weeks passed extremely fast. Adam still had no idea where he was, nor did he find any civilization around him. Only wilderness, sometimes terrifying roars could be heard, and with his weak constitution, Adam decided not to explore the forest for too long. Going back and forth, he found a small lake where he could drink fresh water. In regards to food, he found small fruits that he thought of them as not poisonous.

Making sure that his point was valid, he tested it on some small animals he rarely saw hiding or running away. As these animals didn die after ingesting the fruits, Adam assumed it was safe to eat them.

”Hahaha, this is it! Im finally able to gather these elemental particles. ” Adam heartily laughed after gathering some dream elemental particles in his left hand.

Using his hand as a focal point of this energy, he soonly started transforming it into Dream Essence that would be absorbed in some unique part of his body.

Most people choose the heart to be the place where they keep their magical essence. Some others chose their dominant arm, and others picked their brain. Everyone had a reason to do it. Generally speaking, cultivators who also liked wielding swords and other artifacts chose their dominant arm, as this would facilitate and shorten the pathway of the magical energy to the blade or artifact.

Choosing the heart was the most common situation, as it would help in peoples lifespan, and it was guaranteed for the body to receive almost equal amounts of mana.

As for the brain, the ones who usually selected this place as their focal point of energy would usually be scholars who actually thought before doing rash actions and didn act on impulse for the majority of the time.

Before choosing where to place his focal energy point, Adam thoroughly read the [Seven Illusions Technique] book.

Some specific spells would work better according to where their energy was gathered. As this High-Grade Meditation Technique was heavily focused on illusions, the book suggested that cultivators choose sites like their vocal chords to manipulate others through sound waves or the tip of their fingers to increase the chance of successfully casting an illusion upon contact.

”Heck, even places like this can become the focal energy point? ” exclaimed Adam as he continued reading the [Seven Illusions Technique]. As it was considered a High-Grade meditation technique, the number of possibilities and examples was spectacular. And each path significantly differed from the other, showing almost no signs of relations besides that all courses touch upon the Dream Realm.

Adam started considering all the possibilities, but two of them were vastly preferable in Adams opinion.

He was going to choose between placing it in his vocal cords or in one of his eyes.

The noteworthy difference between these two paths, in the earlier ranks, was that: if he placed it in his vocal cords, his attacks would affect a more extensive area. Since everyone who hears may become his prey under any type o illusion, he creates. Instead, if he chose to use one of his eyes as the focal point, his illusions would be much more effective against one particular opponent. Maintaining eye contact with the victim was necessary to use the signature illusion of cultivators who choose their eyes as energy points.

”This choice… I don know which one to choose. ”

In late ranks, after he became more experienced, using his vocal cords to perform an attack on a singular enemy or using his eyes to cast an illusion in enormous areas was not a problem. Their only difference was their starting strengths and weaknesses. For the rest, in the end, they would all work perfectly.

”Ive really got to choose my eyes as the energy focal point. Such a method of applying illusions is much more discreet than having to out loud burst or even have to recite some poems… ” Not considering the possibility of him creating subsonic or supersonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans, Adam chose to use his left eye as the place where he would store and use all his Dream Essence.

. . . . .

With the answer to his first cultivating question, Adam finally decided to implement it. It had been hours after he finished reading the [Seven Illusions Technique] book. The only thing left for him to start his cultivating journey was a place to store and use his different Magical Energy, the Dream Essence.

Adam closed both his eyes and started concentrating. He emptied his mind of useless thoughts and absorbed dream elemental particles. Every type of elemental energy exists in the world, and only some places have a higher density of some particles than others. Take a cemetery, for example; there, the particles to death and darkness would be incredibly high. On the other hand, meditating close to a volcano would be the perfect place for those who wish to follow the path of fire.

Gathering and concentrating all the dream elemental particles around his left eye was incredibly fluid as if his body was already accustomed to doing it daily.

But for its amount, Adam felt like, for every ten particles he absorbed, six would dissipate and be lost in the process.

Five hours passed, and Adam was still sitting in a lotus position. His efforts could be considered working as the energy accumulated was almost enough to call it the focal point of energy of a rank 1 adept.

When the energy had reached almost the minimal requirement to join the adept rankings, Adam actually fell asleep.

. . . . .

Inside his Dream.

Adam was floating below him, a strange lake. He could clearly see his reflection. He was holding a book and had a ring in his hand. Besides this, he was completely naked.

”Im already tired of asking this, but… Where am I? ”

”Wait, whats with this reflection? My left eye is purple… ”

”That is right, my left eye… I was creating my focal point of energy before coming to this place. What is with this feeling? I feel like I can manipulate this place to my liking. ”

Before anything, Adam extended his arms, trying to touch his reflection, ensuring it was not some type of illusion. A loud scream escaped Adams mouth when his hand reached the lake.

”Aagh. what the hell is wrong with this lake? Why does it hurt so much? Even my memories are getting fuzzy. I felt that if I were to fall in this lake, I might never return… ”

Imagining a place where he could sit, preventing him from touching the strange lake, a long table with 12 seats appeared floating amongst him. All of its chairs were magically floating as well.

He decided to sit on one of the tables edges, and with this thought in mind, the table and its chairs came floating to him.

Leaving the ring and the book on the table, his consciousness became blurry every second until he closed his eyes.

Blinking awake, Adam harshly looked at his surroundings. Nothing seemed to have happened. He only found it strange that he was drooling, and besides being completely naked, his ring and book had disappeared.

”What!? How could this be? It was with me just a while ago… ”

He also didn notice that he successfully entered the adept rank and could be considered a rank 1 adept, nor did he see that his left eye became purple after his advancement.

He who had chosen to cultivate energy in his left eye for it to be discrete would have to do something else for it to become genuinely untraceable and concealed.

. . . . .

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