Sovereign of Illusions

Different Meditation Techniques

”Beep ”

”You can go. Don keep the elder waiting. ”

Adam entered an ordinary-looking door, leaving the receptionist alone, only to be mystified by the interior. There was nothing wrong with it, but there was a feeling that made him shiver all along the path, and as if seeing things, some heads would appear out of nowhere, silently observing him.

”Here, little guy. Sit by this table. ”

A genderless voice reverberated, making all the mysterious heads disappear. Adam looked up, and his slight movement shocked the Magician sitting on the other side of the table.

”Hahaha, you can see them? ”

Adam felt that the first laugh was strange, but the question created tremendous pressure in him. Adam didn know what to answer. If only he had not looked up and faked his feelings.

”I asked. Can. You. See. Them? ”

”Yes, ” Adam answered, looking to the ground, not even daring to look at the Magicians eyes. Such pressure was horrifying.

Raising an eyebrow, the man suddenly dispelled all the previous pressure. As if his personality had changed entirely, he said, ”Sit by the table, and I will test your talents. But don worry, already being able to see them makes you eligible to enter our sect. ”

”Give me your hand. ”

Adam removed his hand from the daggers grip and placed it above the Magician, whose eyes were staring at his other arm, and then said: ”Give me your other hand. ”

With no choice left, Adam retreated his left hand, placing it above his dagger, and put his right hand above the table.

With a grin, the Magician slowly removed the robes sleeve. ”Hehehe. Look at what we have here. Looks like someone has been cursed. ”

Adams look was that of stoicism. He couldn do anything, not even treat this curse, so his only way of surviving was by entering a sect. Choosing one was also an arduous quest since he had to search for the history of the sects and find one with at least some animosity, not caring if their participants killed their enemies. In fact, sometimes, they would actually reward him for such acts.

”Hmm, interesting. This is the Bitelly familys curse. Looks like you killed someone important, didn you? ”

”Yes. I killed the father of their most precious cultivator of the younger generation. ”

”You what? ”

”I killed Mary Bitellys Father. ”

”Pft, Hahahaha. That is a great kid. That is wonderful. Hahaha. Even if you hadn done such a thing, I would invite you to join our sect. Now I will even invite you to become my personal disciple. Do you accept me as your master? ” The Magicians words reverberated with pleasure and glory. But in his last sentence, an immeasurable pressure covered Adam, making him fall to his knees. Not even breathing was possible.

Shit, what option do I have? If I reject, I feel this pressure will instantly devour me.

”Y-Yes. I accept you as my master. ”

Saying this, the pressure instantly lessened. Adam could now get back to his feet.

”Good, Good. Now I understand why the Bitelly family desperately sought clues about the murderer. It wasn because a trash rank 3 Adept was killed. Hahaha ”

”Give me your hand. I will test your talent. ”

Sitting once again and putting his right hand above the table, Adams hand was grabbed and set over a crystal orb.

Energy started entering his body through it; when it all ended, a long sigh was heard.

”Sigh, I thought you would be something good after killing someone important. It looks like I was wrong this time. Doesn matter, and Ive already made you my disciple. ”

Adam was puzzled and yet didn dare to speak anything. What if this crazy fellow simply killed him outright?

”You have a D-ranked talent. Trash! But at least let me reward you for killing Marys father. Hmm, the cost of this exchange will be this necklace that you carry. It should be enough. Even though I will not completely destroy this curse, I will lessen its effects and hinder the tracking spell for 5 years. After this, you will have to deal with it yourself as you won be my problem anymore. Hahahaha ”

Woosh, a magical dark light entered Adams wrist and enveloped Marys face. The already ugly green face was now surrounded by a black cage. Seconds later, the cell and the face reduced in size, becoming the size of a thumbnail, and before returning, the remaining dark energy swept into his inner pocket, grabbing the bronze necklace.

”Shoo, leave to the waiting dormitory. We will go to the academy in two days. ”

Leaving this place, Adam sighed in his heart. Sigh, at least he didn see my elemental affinity. Even he would find it strange.

After Adam left, the Magician had a perplexed look on his face.

”Agh, he was so trash that I even forgot to test his elemental affinity. ”

”Hahaha. I told you I should be the one talking, not you. Hahaha ”

”Stop both of you. I am your leader and will do the talking for now. ”

”Humph. ”

”Humph. ”

. . . . .

Adam was now in a small bedroom. Only a bed could be seen, and everything else was cast away by someone who had entered here previously.

I don know why, but that man creeps me out. It seems he has multiple personalities, sometimes like a mischievous kid, others an uncaring elder, and worst of all, a prideful emperor. I didn know that crazy fellow would want me as a disciple. Sigh, I am still trying to figure out what to do once I get to the academy. Perhaps he will use me as an experimental lab rat after all… ”

Two days quickly passed, and Adam hadn left his bedroom once. Every 12 hours, food would magically appear in his bedroom, and after eating, it would disappear. With this, Adam didn have to worry and simply cultivated for a while and thought about his plans. He had to distance himself from that crazy fellow, but not in a way to instigate the mans wrath.

”This surely is complicated… ”

”Beep, Beep, Beep ”

A continuous beeping sound reverberated through the dormitories and reception. All the disciples who wished to join the sect soonly listened to a proud voice.

”Everyone who still wants to come to my Academy of Fallen Tears has exactly 20 minutes to come to the reception. Be late, and you will never have a chance to get there again, being treated as a fugitive and hunted by our disciples. ”

This man surely is crazy. Im afraid of my future. Hopefully, he won bother with me once we get to the academy.

Adam opened the door unhurriedly and walked toward the reception where he previously came from. While walking, he met with two other girls and one boy. They all had ages between 14 and 17. Their presence here meant they would be his fellow classmates and companions. He needed to gain profound knowledge about the techniques and the place where The Academy of Fallen Tears was situated. As of now, his expertise regarding the academy itself could have been deeper. He only knew they were a dark organization, meaning the disciples could be used as lab rats or thrown into impossible missions just to act as scouts or cannon fodder.

Its still better than being on the run from a powerful family that I didn even want to offend. If only they hadn captured me…

Adam was still wearing his robes, and both his hands were covered by them. His left hand rested by the dagger grip, and his right hand was always ready for a punch or being used as a shield. Both his ears were covered by a gown linked to the same robe he stole from the Bitelly family.

Nobody besides the elder noticed Adams status as an elf. Once in the reception, he waited for 5 more minutes before all the doors closed.

”Humph seems everybody came. ”

”I still remember 27 years ago when a couple was late, and I tortured them for the whole month of our trip and then made the students kill them. Hahahaha ”

This fellow is definitely crazy!

Perhaps all the 11 students shared this opinion, but none dared to say it out loud.

20 minutes passed after the first beeping sounds, and every student who wished to join the academy was already there.

”We will leave the lightless city via an airship. Beware that we will also have some friends of the Ghost Finger Sect and the Misty Mountain Tower. ” Said the only Magician as he grinned and looked at Adam, and his face was that of schadenfreude.

Everybody noticed the Magicians look. Following his gaze, they were perplexed as to why the Magician said that while looking at Adam; nonetheless, they didn care nor had the guts to ask anything.

Following the Magician, who still didn say his name, the 11 students crossed the slums and finally reached the end of the city. After carefully inspecting it, Adam didn find any traces of the dark energy that filled every other edge of the town. Here, it seemed that only Wind elemental particles gathered.

This should be due to the airships. Adam thought about the possibility of the lack of any other elemental particles because there were airships that needed only wind elemental particles to keep traveling through the air.

This guess was correct, but nobody would tell him that since only a few Magicians could directly see elemental particles. Even the most proficient ones would only be able to feel their presence.

. . . . .

Thirty minutes passed, and both the Ghost Finger Sect and the Misty Mountain Tower Magicians, followed by some Adepts and their newly acquired students, reached the same place. They were also joining the airship.

”Noah, are these 11 the only things that you could recruit? Look at their faces. They all look stupid! ” The little girl that shouted this was a Magician from the Ghost Finger Sect. She wore their classical robes, but since her height was not so favorable, all the remaining cloth was ruined and dirty by constant contact with the ground.

”Hahaha, you don know anything, you fake dwarf. I even accepted a disciple this time! And what are you even talking about? Looking at these recruiters of yours makes me puke, and their lack of talent is clearly outstanding! ”

The little girl, who was clearly older than 100 years despite her appearance, was ready to talk back. She had a peculiar look when she heard about Noah accepting someone as a disciple.

”Say what!? You accepted someone as a disciple? Let me have a look. I can still remember the look of your last disciple 2 years ago. Unfortunately, he died at our Ghost Finger Sect laboratory. Too bad him. ”

”Hahaha, ” Noah carefully laughed for half a second. After his carefree laugh, the pressure around him intensified thousands of times. Even though the energy waves weren directed at any recruit and focused solely on the little girl, many recruits fainted instantly, and others fell and started shivering.

Even the Magician from Ghost Finger Sect had a pale look on her face. She didn think the other party was so strong. ”Y-Y-You broke through? Are you already at peak rank!? ”

”Stop it. ” A harsh voice traveled through the air. Even though the person who said such words hadn , in fact, opened his mouth. Only by using the high wind elemental particles and his cultivation centered around it, with his thoughts, were these words scattered through the air, and everybody could now listen to them.

The disciples who hadn fainted and were shivering had now fainted. Some lucky ones, perhaps more resistant to such elemental influences, were still standing.

From the Academy of Fallen Tears, only Adam and the previous receptionist were still standing, and from the Ghost Finger Sect, not even their 2 rank 5 Adepts were standing since they clearly felt the bloodlust from Noah. Besides these two academies and sects, no disciple from the Misty Mountain Tower fell since their elder had protected them.

”Humph, with only this strength and still courting death. If not for my respect for the Misty Mountain Tower, I would have killed you and all this trash behind you. ”

”Adam, Von, wake up the others. The airship is already here. ”

Said the elder as he ignored all the other people around him.

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