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HOME Part 2

”Zoey get up ” I heard my mom screaming and it woke me up immediately

”Mom Im up ”I said running to the kitchen.

”Is that what you are wearing ” she asked waving her fingers at my pyjamas

”No mom I was just about to take a bath ” I told her

”Well hurry up and get ready cause your dad has already gone to the airport to pick your brother up so you better hurry up and get ready before he gets here ”

”Ok mom ” I said running towards my room excitedly. I couldn believe that my brother was on his way home so I went to the bathroom to put the tap on I then ran to my wardrobe to search for what to wear. I finally decided to choose my black studded leather jacket, my pink crop top that says Im not mean but don cross me and my black leggings so once I choose what Id wear I went to the bathroom but I knew I couldn take that long since my brother was on his way so I just took a 12 minute shower and came out to blow dry my hair as I was blow drying my hair my phone started to ring so I ran to answer the call forgetting that I was still wet so I slipped and fell to the ground swearing I stood up saying to my self that the person calling better be **ing Harry styles from one direction or someone important or else Ill cut the call immediately. I reached my phone and saw it was Jen so I picked up.

”Hey bestie whats up ” Jen said

”Not much just that you nearly took my life ” I said exaggerating a bit

”Why what happened ” she said sounding worried

”Nothing just that I was blow drying my hair and you called but I was still wet since I just took a bath so I slipped and fell on my ass ”

”Oh well I hope your all right ”

”Well yes thanks for asking ”

”Yeah yeah no probs but what time should I come over ”

”Why are you asking ” I asked a tad bit confused

”You are literally not serious right now are you ”

”What? ” I was really confused right now

”Oh nothing. Its just that my future husband is coming today ” she basically yelled through the phone and made me deaf

”Well he is on his way so you can come if you want ”

”He is on his way and you didn care to call and tell me that he was on his way ”

”Well i am sorry ok but I need to get ready so if you want to come over you can I am not stopping you. So now can I dress up ”

”Yeah alright I am coming and you should thank God that I just live eight blocks down so I can walk over or else I would have killed you and accused you of trying to ruin a prospering relationship ”

”Oh God Jen you
e really crazy I don know how I am friends with you ”

”Well its easy its cause Im awesome ”.

We both laughed

”Well bye and hurry up ok ”

”Ok bye ”

”Bye bestie ” I cut the call and went to quickly get ready I put my clothes on then I checked myself in the mirror and I looked pleasant enough so I decided to let my hair down as I was brushing my hair I heard the door bell ring so I ran as fast as I could yelling at my mom saying that I would get it I just couldn believe it my brother was here he was finally here I ran so fast that I skipped a step and slipped down the remaining steps mom probably heard or saw me so she ran towards me screaming at me asking if I was alright and she helped me get up I told her that I was fine and that she shouldn worry then the bell rang again making me remember that my brother was here I ran to the door and was immediately disappointed.

”Hey bestest bestie ” Jen said smiling at me happily.

”I hate you ” I said really annoyed cause because of her I had fallen and injured myself twice today.

”What the ** have I done now ” she said sounding confused and mad at the same time.

”Nothing ” I said not wanting her to know about my fall cause I knew that she would just make fun of me.

”Hello Jennifer how are you dear ” mom said smiling

”Im fine miss Daisy and how is mister Roberts ” Jen said acting polite like she always does.

”He is fine he went to pick up Landon ” mom said

”Ok ma ” she said still sounding a bit sad and mad.

”Jennifer dear don mind Zoey ok she is just sour after she fell from the stairs ”.

I could see that Jennifer wanted to laugh at me so I just turned my face.

”Well Jennifer if you excuse me Ill be heading to the kitchen to prepare some things ” mom said. As soon as mom walked away Jennifer began laughing and making fun of me just like I knew she would.

”I can believe you fell ” Jen said still laughing as we walked to the living room.

”Its your fault you know ”

”How is it my fault that you have two left feets ” she said laughing and pretending to be innocent.

”Whatever ”. I said as I rolled my eyes.

”I can believe after the happiest day of my life will be the worst ”. She said sounding sad.

”What do you mean Jen ” I asked curious

”Don tell me you forgot school is starting tomorrow ”. She said as she looked at me with utter confusion.

”Omg I actually forgot ”. I said worried about the situation.

”Well what ever. Oh yh I saw youve reached 25k followers on Instagram, you are really lucky. I am still suffering at 5k ”

”Well thanks. And don worry you will soon reach 10k its just a working process so don worry about it ”

”Kk Mrs popular ”. We laughed and talked for around an hour then we heard the door open and we both looked at each other confused and wondering who was at the door.

”Zoey ” a familiar but strange voice called out to me as I looked I saw my brother.

”Landon ” I said as I ran over to him.

”I missed you so much little tiger ”.He said as he carried me up and I smiled immediately remembering the nickname he used to call me.

”Hello Landon do you still remember me ” Jen said looking at him innocently with puppy dog eyes.

”Well how could I forget my wife ” Landon said laughing at his little joke. ”Come here Jennifer and give me a hug too ” he said still laughing.

”You see Zoey you are basically the only one that doesn accept our love ” Jen said as she walked over laughing so we all just started laughing and hugged one another

”Landon ” mom said as she walked into the living room.

”Mom ” Landon said running to give mom a hug as he was still hugging mom someone else walked in .

”Yo Landon where should I keep all these stuff ”.

As i turned to the voice i saw a really handsome guy. He was tall, but not too tall he was around 7 0 feet tall, he had the most beautifully sexy eyes I had ever seen it was coral blue, he was tanned but not too tanned, he had dark curly locks that fell just above his shoulders, his lips were as sexy as his eyes making me wonder how it would feel against mine, he was buff not body builder buff but trimmed he looked like he had a really sexy six pack underneath his clothes, he was wearing a denim jacket, denim jeans and a light blue shirt with white Nike sneakers.

”Oh yeah don worry about those well settle it later let me just introduce you to everyone here ”. Landon said. ”Mom this is my friend Zachary, Zachary this is my mom ”.

”Nice to meet you young man ” mom said heading to the really handsome guy.

”The pleasure is all mine ma ” Zachary said

”Oh no just call me Daisy ma is too formal ” mom said

”Ok miss Daisy ” Zachary said with the most handsome smile I had ever seen.

”Much better ” mom said laughing

”Zach this is Jennifer my wife ” Landon said laughing again. It felt good hearing my brother laugh its been so long

”Hi Jennifer its nice to meet you ” Zachary said laughing

”You to Zachary ” Jennifer said still blushing at how Landon introduced her

”And last but definitely not the least this is my younger sister Zoey ”. Landon said pointing at me as he was smiling

”Its nice to meet you Zoey ” Zach said as he walked towards me. Immediately I looked into his eyes I got lost in them, it was like time was frozen when i looked at him, it felt like we were the only people in the world.

”Its nice to meet you too Zachary ” I said not sure if what I said was an actual sentence but I was sure I formed something, well at least I think I did.

”Where is your father son ” mom asked making us all turn our attention towards her.

”Well he was called to work for some reason so he sent us in a taxi ” Landon said

”Ok son but you boys should keep your things and get ready for lunch. Oh and Zoey help show them their rooms sweetheart ” mom said as she went back to the kitchen.

”Um so let me help you with your bags bro and we can head to your rooms ” I said

”Its ok Zozo Ill carry it ” he said smiling as he messed my hair up.

We all headed upstairs Zachary, Jennifer, Landon and I, then I showed them their rooms. Landons room was his old room while handsomes, i mean Zachs room was the guest room beside my room. Jen and I later left them to freshen up as we headed to my room.

”Omg did you see Zach he is seriously hot ” I said literally blushing

”Omg don tell me you finally like a guy ” she said excitedly

”Maybe ” I said still blushing

”Yes finally. I thought you were a lesbian or just were a sad hopeless case since you literally showed no interest in guys but now Im over the moon cause my bestie likes a guy ” she said singing and dancing.

”Shut up he might hear you ” I said shyly

”Ok fine ” she said laughing.

A few minutes later mom called us all downstairs to have lunch.

”Landon ” I called my brother as we headed downstairs.

”Yeah Zozo ” he said

”Um how old is Zachary and what does he do ”. I asked blushing a little thinking about Zach.

”Well Zozo he is 21 and he is a chef too, we work at the same restaurant ”. He said. ”Why do you ask though little sis ” he said a bit curious.

”Oh nothing I was just wondering about it ” I said

”Ok ”. Landon said.

We went downstairs to the dining room and I saw that Zach was already there and looking mighty sexy if I might add. He wore a black shirt and matching shorts and he packed his hair up making him more handsome, so I went to sit beside him.

”Hi ” I said.

”Hi ” he replied

”So um Landon told me you guys work together ”.

”Yeah we do ” he said

”Well thats nice do you…. ” As I was about to say more mom walked in and put the remaining food on the table.

”Lunch is served ” mom said smiling.

We all ate happily talking about life , Paris, etc. And it just felt right being like this.

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